1-Arm, 1-Leg Kettlebell Swing with Rack Assistance

Exercise of the Week: 1-Arm, 1-Leg Kettlebell Swing with Rack Assistance

Written on December 20, 2021 at 7:42 pm, by Eric Cressey

Today’s visitor put up comes from Cressey Sports Performance – Florida coach, Josh Kuester.

In some circumstances, baseball gamers (particularly pitchers) are instructed that they’re fragile, and consequently a heavy dose of “corrective exercises” are handed out. But throwing a baseball is the quickest movement in sports activities, and hitting a baseball may be probably the most difficult activity in all of sports activities. Baseball gamers usually are not merely finesse athletes; they’re energy athletes. I really like integrating workout routines that problem each of those ends of the spectrum to a point, and the 1-arm, 1-leg Kettlebell Swing with Rack Assistance is an ideal instance.

Here are 4 explanation why I like this workout routines with a few of my ideas as to how I’d implement this variation with athletes:

1. Beauty in Simplicity

For coaches who practice giant teams of athletes with restricted time (and/or assets), you perceive that there’s magnificence in simplicity. Additionally, for baseball gamers, I believe simplicity within the weight room is absolutely vital as a result of their sport is very complicated. For a very long time, CSP has been implementing medication ball coaching as a staple for energy growth. There are quite a few advantages to medication ball coaching: aircraft particular energy, fascial system growth, decrease and higher half connection. However, one ingredient that may be ignored is that throwing a drugs ball is comparatively easy, and easy workout routines have larger intent. The studying curve on the 1-Arm, 1-Leg KB Swing with Rack Assistance could be very low and permits athletes to maneuver a reasonable load on a single leg with excessive depth.

2. Unilateral and Sagittal Power Development

While the 1-Arm, 1-Leg KB Swing with Rack Assistance is extra of a sagittal aircraft train, it’s a unilateral variation and baseball is a unilateral sport. Additionally, within the early to mid-off season, we’re not aggressively going after giant volumes of transverse aircraft energy growth. In many circumstances, we’re re-establishing sagittal aircraft mechanics earlier than progressing to extra frontal and transverse aircraft energy workout routines later within the low season.

3. Contrast CoachingContrast coaching is one thing that we use at CSP occasionally. In quick, distinction coaching is utilizing quite a lot of workout routines (anyplace from 2-4) that hit completely different factors on the pressure/velocity curve to potentiate the neuromuscular system to supply extra pressure. I like this variation as a result of it matches within the quite giant hole between absolute power and absolute velocity on the force-velocity remedy.

This variation will match properly in a distinction coaching cluster of:

1. Safety Squat Bar Split-Squat from Pins2. 1-Arm, 1-Leg KB Swing with Rack Assistance3. Split-Squat Cycle Jumps4. Band-Assisted Split Squat Cycle Jumps


1. 1-Arm, 1-Leg KB Swing with Rack Assistance2. 1-Leg Broad Jump with 2-Leg Stick

4. Heel Connection

Pitchers and hitters alike usually talk about the idea of “heel connection” and desirous to really feel the bottom. Staying linked within the again hip permits for higher sequencing of hip and thoracic rotation when throwing/hitting, which ends up in extra environment friendly switch of power from back-side to front-side. If an athlete will get into the ball of their foot too early, it could affect the magnitude and route through which they apply pressure. I really like this variation as a result of it forces the athlete to really feel the bottom, and since the load is reasonable, it forces the athlete to have heel reference; in any other case they’ll lose stability.

Final Thoughts on Performing and Implementing this Exercise

1. This is an train that I’d solely use for an athlete with a reasonable to excessive trainingage.2. Pick a weight that you’d use for a single leg RDL.3. The added stability of holding the rack permits for prime intent/velocity with a reasonable load.4. The stabilizing hand ought to be simply above hip peak.5. I desire to have athletes carry out this barefoot or in minimalist sneakers in order that the athlete can really feel the bottom.

About the Author

Josh Kuester serves as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at CSP-FL. He started his collegiate profession taking part in baseball at DIII UW-Whitewater the place he performed center infield. After an damage plagued freshman and sophomore season, he ended up pursuing his bachelors from the University of Wisconsin and his masters from UW-Stevens Point. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a board-certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). He has been a power coach at the highschool and collegiate stage. In addition, he has coached varied ages of journey baseball for Impact Sports Academy, a membership baseball program out of De Pere, Wisconsin. From the autumn of 2020 to the spring 2021 he served as a Sports Medicine intern at Northwestern University the place he primarily labored with the soccer workforce. You can observe him on Instagram at @JoshKuester.

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