11 Landmine Exercises For Core, Shoulders, Chest, Back & Legs

September 07, 2021

If you need to add some freshness and selection to your exercises and provides your self a brand new problem, give these barbell landmine workouts a attempt. It could look intimidating at first, however you’ll be grateful you discovered them as a result of the landmine is extraordinarily versatile and efficient for constructing useful power by all planes of movement in addition to packing on some severe muscle mass.

In this submit, we cowl every part you have to learn about landmine workouts, together with the advantages of utilizing a landmine and how one can set it up. We will offer you 11 of the perfect landmine workouts that you are able to do, that are based mostly on essentially the most elementary motion patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, and rotation), so you possibly can goal your shoulders, chest, again, legs, and core. For every train, we offer step-by-step directions and knowledge on the advantages and muscle tissue labored. At the tip of all that, we are going to train you how one can incorporate landmine coaching into your exercises and we actually have a couple complete physique landmine exercises for days once you need to do one thing fully new.


If you’ve ever seen somebody on the health club holding onto one finish of a barbell at a diagonal angle with the opposite finish caught right into a nook or slid into some contraption, then you realize what a landmine train is even when you didn’t know you realize it.

But right here’s the factor, technically a landmine is simply an attachment to insert one finish of a barbell’s sleeve into (which is the contraption we have been referring to). It is principally a brief tube mounted to a swivel joint that permits a barbell to have 360 levels of motion so you possibly can apply drive each vertically and horizontally on the similar time.

The level is, a landmine is an equipment that requires a barbell to be used, however in effort to maintain issues brief and candy, when folks point out a landmine train, it refers to the barbell landmine arrange. You may also load plates on the free finish of the barbell for many workouts.

Note: While the landmine attachment is finest, you don’t really want it to do landmine workouts. You can get an analogous impact by simply sticking one finish of a barbell into the nook of a wall to stabilize it. For all intents and functions, it is the identical factor and is named a landmine train (despite the fact that it does not use the precise landmine attachment).


If we’re getting specific, once you deliver a deal with attachment into the combination for the free facet of the barbell, then there are different names for the workouts, such because the t-bar row, which includes a landmine arrange with a T-Bar deal with attachment positioned just below the sleeve of the barbell.

The T-Bar Row was the precursor to the landmine attachment. Basically bodybuilders got here up with the thought to stay a barbell right into a nook to show a barbell right into a lever to do rows with, doubtless as a result of they didn’t have entry to a T-Bar machine. This dates again to the 60s and 70s. It wasn’t till the late 90s and even early 2000s (not fairly certain) that the landmine attachment was invented. It ended up being an athletes dream…

The landmine attachment makes a barbell much more versatile. It’s an incredible piece of apparatus for constructing muscle and power. There are so many landmine workouts that you are able to do to hit each single muscle in your physique and thru a number of planes of movement. You can use the landmine to coach by a very powerful elementary motion patterns, that are squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, and rotation, as you will note additional under.

Why is named a landmine?

For these of you who’re curious to the identify itself. The identify “landmine” is smart, contemplating a landmine is a mine dug right into a gap in a floor. Essentially you’re shoving a barbell right into a gap. 

exercises with barbell landmine


There are varied sorts of landmine attachments.

You have ones which might be made to arrange on the bottom of a squat rack…

landmine exercise set up

You have “floating” landmine stations which might be set into Olympic plates…

landmine lift

You have set ups that may be bolted into the ground…

landmine exercise

How do you make a landmine with out an attachment?

…and, after all, you could have the makeshift choices of simply shoving the barbell right into a nook, whether or not that be a wall or a squat rack, or in-between two stacks of plates or two rubber hex dumbbells. 

Whatever arrange you could have or make, simply ensure the barbell is safe on the backside finish and you may transfer it vertically and horizontally 360˚.

Obviously a landmine attachment is the most suitable choice. You can get them on Amazon for as little as $30. 

How heavy is a landmine bar? 

A landmine bar is a barbell. Most landmines are made for Olympic barbells, which weigh 20kg (or ~45lbs) and are 7 toes lengthy. However, there are landmines for normal 1” barbells, which might differ in size and sometimes weighs 20lbs. Some landmine attachments supply each an Olympic dimension steel tube (for two” barbell sleeves) in addition to a tube for a 1” barbell.

So, in case you are doing a landmine train with simply an Olympic barbell, you’re working with 45lbs. However, you possibly can clearly load the barbell sleeves with plates as nicely to extend the burden load. 

Does landmine smash barbell? 

Landmine workouts should not more likely to fully smash your barbell, however they will chip the ending and beat it up, which might finally expose it to rust. This applies to barbells being positioned each in landmines and easily up in a nook wall. 

The finest guess is to have a devoted barbell to your landmine train. You can use an previous barbell. If you don’t have an additional barbell, you will discover one on Craigslist for reasonable and think about it your beater bar. Or, when you don’t actually care both manner, you possibly can simply use your common squatting, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press barbell. Most industrial gyms goers simply use no matter barbell the health club has and the health club by no means cares. After all, a barbell is a bit of apparatus that’s meant for use and abused, not stored fairly.

Additional attachments for landmines 

Although “landmine exercises” typically refers to train finished with simply the barbell and the landmine, it’s common to make use of the landmine arrange with deal with attachments for again rows (aka T-Bar Rows), which come in numerous kinds (completely different grip choices): 

V Shape Handle:

landmine attachments

Straight Bar Handle:

t bar workouts

Multi-Grip Handle (Neutral-Grip + Wide Grip):

t bar exercises

Single Bar Handle:

landmine training

You can get these landmine handles on Amazon for fairly low-cost.


You could be questioning what landmine workouts are good for and if they’re value doing. The brief reply is sure landmine workouts are actually efficient and value incorporating into your exercise routine. But, to present you extra element, right here’s why…

1. Transverse Plane (Core Training for Rotation & Anti-Rotation) 

First of all, rotational power doesn’t simply relate to the flexibility to provide drive by rotation, it additionally pertains to the flexibility to withstand drive that’s making an attempt to make you rotate. This is what the transverse aircraft is all about. The landmine is nice at coaching you for each. This is as a result of the landmine is on a swivel that may transfer 360˚ in any path. Thus, if you find yourself utilizing it for unilateral workouts, like lunges or presses, you’re resisting rotation and lateral flexion by merely shifting and holding the bar, and conversely, once you need to rotate, there are many workouts designed to create drive in rotation due to the best way the bar is ready to transfer. This makes the barbell landmine top-of-the-line items of apparatus for coaching by the transverse aircraft. If you need a robust core, the landmine will assist your in large methods. This will translate to severe enhancements in the best way you progress and your resilience to damage, which is nice for athletes and your common Joe alike.

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2. Grip Strength 

This one is easy. Many workouts utilizing a landmine can have you holding onto the sleeve of your barbell, which is 2” thick. That’s like utilizing a fats grip. It’s double the scale of a barbell deal with or dumbbell deal with. This is nice for constructing a powerful grip, and a powerful grip typical means a powerful human.

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3. “Functional” Exercises & Multiple Planes of Motion 

Back to the swivel. Because you possibly can transfer the barbell in any path, horizontally and vertically, you possibly can practice by all elementary motion patterns (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, rotate) and thru all planes of movement (sagittal, frontal, transverse). It doesn’t get extra versatile than this.

4. Stability

It’s not simply your core that should work to stabilize in opposition to rotation, your shoulders and different joints do too. This is as a result of nature of the landmine’s design. You are working with a protracted lever that has a single pivot level 7 toes away. Needless to say, that requires your stabilizer muscle tissue and joint complexes to work time beyond regulation it doesn’t matter what train you’re doing, particularly unilateral ones (of which is the landmine’s speciality).

5. Half-Kneeling Position

The landmine is ideal for half-kneeling workouts as you’re about to see. Lots of people underestimate the half-kneeling stance and don’t incorporate it into their coaching (normally it’s both seated or standing). This is a disgrace because the half-kneeling place is incredible for build up pelvic and spinal stability and the muscle tissue surrounding these joints (muscle tissue of the anterior core, posterior core, lumbar, glutes, and even the lats). You are going to like the half-kneeling workouts now we have for you as a result of you possibly can fill two wants with one deed – stronger hips and backbone and no matter muscle tissue you’re concentrating on for power and dimension.

Plus, the nearer the bar is to the bottom with a landmine arrange, the tougher the train can be. 

6. Safer Overhead Presses

One of the preferred workouts for landmines is the overhead press. This is as a result of it’s simply accessible and its manner simpler on the shoulder joint than the usual barbell or dumbbell overhead press. It’s simpler on the shoulder joint as a result of path of movement. It is at an angle fairly than straight up overhead, shifting you thru the scapular aircraft, which is much much less more likely to trigger shoulder impingement and it doesn’t naturally result in frequent type points like jerky actions with elbow and rib flaring such as you see with conventional overhead presses. 

What’s extra, it brings different muscle tissue just like the lats and scapular stabilizers into play extra, permitting you to get a good better bang to your buck, and it does so with out sacrificing activation of the deltoids. 

While we spotlight the overhead press, this similar side of minimal threat, working round mobility restrictions, and avoiding sketchy motion patterns applies to many various landmine workouts, which is why sensible trainers use this as a development instrument for his or her purchasers as nicely.

7. Loading & Activation 

Put merely, the landmine is straightforward to load and you are able to do so in any increment you need because it’s plate loaded. You can add or take off plates in seconds, permitting you to get the suitable load for the focused muscle group. This makes it one of many extra environment friendly instruments within the health club. If all you had entry to was a barbell landmine, you’d be capable to get into incredible form. 

All in all, you could possibly ask any professional coach or lifter what they consider landmine workouts and we assure they may give it props. The purpose you gained’t see many individuals at your health club utilizing one just isn’t as a result of it will get a nasty wrap (like smith machine workouts usually does), however fairly they simply don’t know how one can implement it successfully on account of a lack of know-how and concepts for workouts. We are right here to assist with that. Below you’ll study a few of the finest workouts, how one can program it into your routine, and even a full physique exercise that you are able to do with simply landmine workouts to get you into the behavior and apply of utilizing this really underutilized instrument that’s incredible at constructing power, dimension and energy in a secure method.

landmine workouts


Because you are able to do squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, and rotation actions with a landmine, you possibly can goal each muscle in your complete physique. However, landmine workouts and exercises are particularly efficient at concentrating on your main muscle teams: deltoids, again, chest, legs, glutes and core. 

We are going to point out you 11 completely different landmine workouts that focus on particular muscle teams, in addition to just a few full physique, multiplanar workouts. That manner you possibly can isolate muscle tissue for hypertrophy and carry out huge compound actions for androgen hormonal boosts, power positive factors, and fats loss.

How to make use of a landmine? 

You can use a barbell landmine for squat, lunge, hip hinge (i.e. deadlifts), push, pull, and rotational/anti-rotational workouts.

There are additionally methods to mess around with coaching variables like load place and physique positioning to create completely different variations for every aforementioned motion teams. For instance, you could possibly do a squat with the landmine held up at your chest and your toes hip-to-shoulder width aside (i.e. entrance squat) or you could possibly do a squat with the landmine held low close to your legs and your toes unfold additional aside together with your toes pointing barely outward (sumo squat).

You even have the flexibility to create complexes with landmines, which is principally simply combining workouts right into a sequence of actions.

The 11 landmine workouts under embody squats, lunges, hinges, pushes, pulls and rotational workouts. Together, they may let you goal your chest, again, shoulders, legs, glutes, core and arms with a landmine. 

For every train, we’re going to cowl the muscle tissue labored and offer you step-by-step directions on how one can carry out the motion. After we run by the workouts, we are going to focus on incorporating landmine workouts into your exercise and how one can create a landmine-only exercise for power, hypertrophy and fats loss. 


We will set up the workouts by muscle tissue focused, however first, we need to present you a killer complete physique motion.

1. Landmine Squat to Press (aka Thruster)


The landmine squat to press is an enormous multi-joint train that targets just about each single muscle in your physique. Your complete kinetic chain out of your ankles up can be engaged on this one because it includes a squat and a press. The foremost movers of this train are your quads, glutes, core, triceps, shoulders, chest, serratus anterior and even lats, however all of your different muscle tissue can be concerned as nicely to assist stabilize. All in all, if you’d like a landmine train that’s going burn plenty of energy, construct complete physique power, and get these good muscle constructing hormones flowing, that is the one.

While this train may be finished in a unilateral method, utilizing only one arm at a time, we’re simply going to point out you the 2 handed bilateral squat to press. The advantage of utilizing two arms is you possibly can carry out the train with a heavier load, permitting your leg muscle tissue to get extra activation, whereas with one arm, you get extra core, anti-flexion work and you may hone in on one arm at a time. Both are good, however for the aim of actually constructing energy and power, we selected the 2 handed landmine squat to press.

How to do a Landmine Squat to Press:

Load the landmine and decide it up utilizing deadlift type (bending down on the knees and never rounding your again). When you get to a standing place, rotate the bar as much as the entrance load place.

Hold the bar with each arms at about mid-chest stage and together with your elbows tucked to your sides for assist and stability.

From a squat stance, decrease your hips down as deep as you possibly can go (don’t let your knees push out in entrance of your toes and preserve weight in your heels.

When you attain the underside of your squat, explode up. As you come up, concurrently press the bar up till your arms are absolutely prolonged.

Lower the bar again right down to your chest slowly and managed, then repeat. 

Landmine Exercise for Shoulders

2. Half-Kneeling Landmine Shoulder Press

landmine press

The landmine half-kneeling shoulder press targets your deltoids, higher chest, triceps, serratus anterior, core, glutes, lats, and scapular stabilizer muscle tissue.

This train may be finished from a standing place, however it’s tougher from a half-kneeling place as a landmine will at all times really feel heaver the nearer it’s to the bottom as a result of lengthy lever and gravity. It’s additionally good so as to add within the half-kneeling place for core and glute work.

Another beauty of this train, evaluating to your typical overhead press with dumbbells and a barbell is the bar path is up at an angle fairly than straight overhead, which is rather a lot simpler on the shoulder joint. Moreover, it brings your scapula stabilizer muscle tissue into the image to a a lot increased diploma in addition to your higher chest. This landmine shoulder press is a bonafide full physique train with emphasis on the delts.

How to do a Half-Kneeling Landmine Shoulder Press:

Get right into a half-kneeling place proper in entrance of the bar.

Lift up the bar with each arms after which place it in a single hand instantly consistent with your shoulder. If your left leg is ahead within the half-kneeling place, you’ll be urgent together with your proper arm.

Contract your core and glutes and press the bar up at an angle. Press all the best way as much as full elbow extension.

Slowly decrease the bar again down whereas conserving your elbows tucked. Don’t allow them to flare.

When your elbow is again down at your facet, repeat.

3. Landmine Lateral Raise 

landmine shoulder exercises

With the landmine shoulder press, you’re emphasizing your entrance delt and higher chest as a result of urgent movement performing on shoulder flexion and your arms being in a impartial grip. With a normal barbell overhead press, you could have a level of shoulder abduction, which implies your center delts can be extra lively. That’s to not say your center delts aren’t activated nicely with the landmine press, however it’s possible you’ll need to hone in on them a bit of extra, particularly when you really feel they’re lagging behind when it comes to improvement, which is the case for many individuals…and that’s the place the lateral elevate is available in. 

The lateral elevate is a extra remoted motion to your center delts. However, as a result of bar path of the landmine, issues are a bit of completely different with this lateral elevate than it’s with a dumbbell. With a landmine lateral elevate, the bar path is up and out from the within, so that you get shoulder abduction and shoulder flexion on the concentric section, and a few shoulder abduction on the eccentric. As such, your whole deltoids are going to be firing off considerably with this train. Nevertheless, your center delts would be the foremost emphasis, together with your entrance delts, rear delts, and serratus anterior an in depth, tied second. 

You’ll need to keep mild with this train.

How to do a Landmine Lateral Raise:

Stand perpendicular to the landmine with the tip of the bar in a single hand and down at your arms contralateral facet (so in case you are holding it in your proper hand, the beginning place can have your hand down by your left hip).

While conserving your arm straight, carry out a lateral elevate movement bringing your arm up at a diagonal angle throughout your physique. At the highest, your arm can be held out laterally and your hand can be a bit of over head stage together with your palm going through ahead. 

Landmine Exercises for Chest

4. Landmine Press 

landmine chest exercises

This is a incredible train to your chest, however additionally it is going to work your entrance delts and triceps too. It’s type of just like an incline press in that regard, as you’re urgent up at an angle. However, you’ll be utilizing an in depth grip, which makes it just like crush presses and Svend presses. 

All in all, it’s going to do an incredible job of isolating your pec main, entrance delts and triceps. It’s additionally nice to your serratus anterior and even your lats are going to place some work in.

To make this train much more efficient to your chest, make sure you actually squeeze your arms collectively like you are attempting to crush the bar. This will considerably enhance activation to your pec main.

Note: This train may be finished from a standing or tall-kneeling place. Below it’s demonstrated from the tall-kneeling place. Again, the decrease you’re to the bottom, the heavier the burden will really feel and the tougher the train can be.

How to do the Landmine (Chest) Press):

Get right into a tall kneeling place in entrance of the landmine and maintain the barbell collar with you palms on either side. Make certain the underside of your palm is barely on the underside of the barbell’s collar.

Squeeze your arms collectively then press the barbell upwards, specializing in contracting your pecs to energy the motion.

Go to full lockout, then slowly deliver the barbell again down whereas sustaining the squeeze on the collar.

When your elbows are at your facet, repeat and preserve that squeezing stress and focus in your pecs always through the train. 

5. Landmine Fly

landmine exercises for chest

The landmine fly is just like a flooring fly with a dumbbell. The landmine’s swivel permits for an acceptable path of movement to activate your pecs by way of a fly movement.

Like any fly, this train goes to focus on your chest and entrance delts. 

You’ll have to go mild with this one because the angle the bar is at goes to make even mild weights really feel heavy.

How to do a Landmine Fly:

Lie down on the ground together with your head angled towards the landmine anchor level. The barbell can be at a slight angle to your facet.

Bring your toes flat to the ground together with your knees bent for leverage. Your non-working arm may be out to the facet as nicely for stability, as to maintain your shoulders right down to the ground.

Hold the bar together with your palm up and a slight bend in your elbow. Your arm ought to be out instantly at your facet consistent with your shoulder.

Perform a fly movement deliver the bar bell up and over above the middle of your chest. Really use your pec main to create the motion.

Slowly decrease the barbell again down till the plate touches the ground after which repeat. 

Landmine Exercises for Back

6. Landmine Single Arm Bent Over Row

landmine exercises for back

The one arm bent over row works your rear delt, rhomboids, teres main, center traps, lats, and biceps. It’s additionally an incredible anti-rotation train as you want to withstand rotation by conserving your torso squared ahead towards the bottom.

It ought to be famous that there are different methods to do a single arm row with a landmine. This one positions the landmine to your facet fairly than parallel together with your physique. By positioning perpendicular to your physique, you need to use an overhand grip, making this extra like a bent over barbell row fairly than a close-grip single arm row. We are displaying you this variation of the overhand, elbow out row as a result of now we have the T-bar row for you subsequent, so with this variation and the t-bar row, you possibly can goal your again muscle tissue in a extra well-rounded method.

How to do the Landmine Single Arm Bent Over (Overhand Grip) Row:

Stand perpendicular to the bar with the tip of the barbell proper in entrance of your shin. Your toes ought to be hip width aside.

Get right into a bent over place by capturing your hip again (hinge), bending at your knees barely, and leaning your torso ahead. Your backbone ought to be straight.

Grab the collar of the barbell with an overhand grip. Perform a row, bringing your elbow up as excessive as you possibly can. Your elbow ought to come to full flexion.

Squeeze on the prime, actually feeling the stress in your rear delts and higher again.

Slowly decrease the bar again right down to full elbow extension (whereas sustaining the identical bent over place), then repeat.

7. T-Bar Row 

landmine row

The T-bar row is the basic landmine train. It goes to do a completely stellar job of concentrating on your lats, traps, posterior delts and rhomboids. This is likely one of the finest workouts you are able to do for pure again thickness. You will be capable to use heavy weight and transfer by a full vary of movement with most depth. The vary of movement is so giant due to the shut grip. 

Note: Ideally you will have a v-handle for this train, however when you don’t have one, you possibly can simply maintain on to the bar beneath the collar (your arms to the precise deal with of the barbell). That stated, you gained’t be capable to go as heavy with out the v-shaped deal with. 

How to do a Landmine T-Bar Row:

With the barbell loaded, stand over the bar with a large stance. Get right into a bent over place together with your backbone straight and chest up. Your toes ought to be positioned round 8-12 inches behind the plates. You can apply with the bar unloaded or with mild weight first to get your toes place down.

Grab the barbell deal with when you don’t have a v-bar, however when you do, hook the v-bar beneath the deal with of the barbell and maintain onto the handles (palms in clearly).

Allow your arms to be absolutely prolonged. Then, contract your glutes and core and pull the burden in direction of your higher stomach. Be certain to make use of your again to tug the burden up by retracting your shoulder blades, then use your arms to get all of it the best way up.

Squeeze your again on the prime after which very slowly decrease the bar again down till your arms are prolonged, and repeat.

Landmine Exercises for Legs & Glutes

8. Landmine Squat

The landmine squat supplies all the similar advantages as a conventional squat, but it surely additionally has some distinctive benefits of its personal.

Landmine squats supply a lot much less general influence than barbell squats just because you aren’t placing all that stress on the backbone.

What’s extra, as a result of angle of the load, the landmine squat is ideal for educating type and method. It goes to let you have a wide range of movement when squatting, as a result of load being positioned on the entrance facet, and it does so with out threat of damage, as when you can’t come out of the deep squat, you possibly can simply bail by letting go of the burden.

The solely actual benefit a barbell squat has over the landmine squat is the flexibility to make use of a heavier load since you possibly can relaxation the bar in your higher again, in addition to extra choices for load positioning. With the landmine squat, you’re primarily doing a little type of a entrance squat.

All in all, landmine squats are very efficient for constructing dimension and power in your decrease physique in a secure method. It can also be an incredible metabolic motion.

As for muscle tissue labored, like a conventional squat, a landmine squat will construct muscle and power within the legs and glutes, and it additionally does an incredible job of build up core power and arm power as you have to preserve your torso upright and the bar in place. That stated, the foremost emphasis can be in your quadriceps as a result of masses positioning.

We have two variations of landmine squats to point out you.

The first is a Landmine Front Squat and the second is a Landmine Sumo Squat.

Landmine Front Squat

landmine squat

The landmine entrance squat entails holding the barbell up on the middle of your chest. This goes to put emphasis in your quads, core, arms, and higher again, and the deeper you go into your squat, the extra your glutes will work on account of stretching stress.

How to do a Landmine Front Squat:

Position the barbell up at your chest together with your arms on the finish of the barbell collar, palms in and just below.

From a standing place, together with your core tight and elbows tucked to take care of the barbells place firmly, squat down as little as you possibly can go.

When you attain the underside of your squat, drive drive from the heels of your toes again to a standing place. The barbell will stay on the middle of your higher chest all through the motion, just like a goblet squat.

Note: If you need to carry out this train with a heavy load, you possibly can prop a stack of plates or a bench beneath the loaded plates so that you simply decide up the landmine from just about the underside place of the squat fairly than the ground, the place you’d should deadlift it up after which transfer the barbell and your arms into the entrance load place.

Landmine Sumo Squat

landmine exercises for legs

The landmine sumo squat is type of like a hybrid of a squat and a deadlift, however the motion sample is that of a squat as you’ll have an equal steadiness of hip and knee motion and you’ll be reducing your hips extra straight down together with your torso extra upright.

The landmine sumo squat goes to emphasise your glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip abductors, hip adductors, and low again, in addition to your traps to maintain the burden held in place and your core to maintain stability.

How to do a Landmine Sumo Squat:

Stand in entrance of the landmine together with your toes 1.5x shoulder width and your toes barely identified.

Squat down and seize the landmine with each arms.

Ensure that your backbone is straight (no arch in your again) and your core is tight. Then drive drive out of your heels, extending on the knees and hips concurrently right into a standing place, however don’t lengthen your hips previous impartial on the prime.

9. Landmine Reverse Lunge

Similar to the landmine squat, the landmine reverse lunge presents all the identical advantages as a conventional lunge. It is nice for constructing decrease physique power and dimension in addition to core and hip stability. Similarly, additionally it is an effective way to show correct type and method.

For reverse lunges, we need to present you three completely different variations, a entrance load reverse lunge, a facet load reverse lunge, and a reverse lunge with knee drive only for a bit of additional metabolic burn.

Landmine Front Load Reverse Lunge

landmine leg exercises

The entrance load reverse lunge positions the bar together with your arms up close to the middle of your chest. The makes the reverse lunge, which is a unilateral motion, a bit of extra steadiness by bringing the load to your centerline. 

In phrases of muscle tissue labored, it’s going to emphasize your quads, glutes and hamstrings, in addition to your core and again to maintain your torso in an upright place. Your gluteus medius and different hip abductors muscle tissue can be additionally working exhausting to take care of hip stability. This is a really efficient and dynamic decrease physique power train with complete physique activation.

How to do the Landmine Front Load Reverse Lunge:

Position the barbell up at your chest together with your arms on the finish of the barbell collar, palms in and just below.

With your toes about hip width aside, step your proper foot again and decrease down in order that each legs are at 90˚ and your torso is totally upright. This means you’ll in all probability be stepping again nearly 2 toes.

Come again up driving drive type the heel of your fastened entrance leg.

Ensure you’re prepared together with your core tight then step again together with your left leg.

Continue performing the lunges, alternating sides with every rep. Note: You also can do one facet at a time. 

Landmine Side Load Reverse Lunge 

landmine core exercises

The facet load place goes to take your core and hip stability up a number of notches as you will want to maintain your torso and hips squared ahead with the burden to your facet. Besides that, all the identical muscle tissue are labored. Essentially, if you’d like a extra dynamic lunge variation that includes extra facet glute and core activation, that is the one. 

How to do a Landmine Side Load Reverse Lunge:

Stand to the left facet of the barbell landmine together with your toes hip width aside. The finish of the barbell collar ought to be instantly consistent with your proper leg or barely to the facet of it.

Pick up the landmine together with your proper hand close to the tip of the barbell collar.

From a agency standing place, step your proper foot again and decrease down in order that each legs are at 90˚ and your torso is as upright as doable. This means you’ll in all probability be stepping again nearly 2 toes.

Come again up driving drive type the heel of your fastened proper leg.

Repeat to the identical facet for an allotted variety of reps then swap sides.

Landmine Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

full body landmine exercise

The landmine reverse lunge to knee drive is a severe metabolic train. It presents the identical advantages because the facet load reverse lunge, however in an much more dynamic manner, plus it provides a really excessive diploma of anti-rotational work as you could resist rotation and lateral flexion with every rep. 

The knee drive itself is nice for participating the core, strengthening your legs, getting your coronary heart charge up, and enhancing momentum, coordination and suppleness. So, when finished with a landmine loaded to your facet, you’re taking issues to the following stage. 

All in all, if you’d like a really dynamic complete physique train that emphasizes the decrease physique and core, that is it.

How to do a Landmine Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive:

Stand together with your physique perpendicular to the barbell landmine.

Lift it up and place the collar within the crease of the elbow on the landmines facet and your different hand firmly holding the wrist of the arm on the loaded facet. You need the landmine to be fully secured in place.

With your toes hip width aside, step again right into a lunge.

From the underside of the lunge, drive up from the heel of your entrance leg in an explosive method whereas concurrently driving your again leg up and ahead. When you attain the standing place, your knee ought to be up close to the tip of the barbell.

From right here, step instantly again into the lunge fairly than a bilateral stance. Repeat for quite a lot of reps then swap sides when prepared. 

10. Landmine Romanian Deadlifts

Here now we have two deadlift variations for you, a landmine RDL and a landmine single leg RDL. These are your hinge motion patterns.

The landmine RDL presents all the identical advantages as a conventional barbell RDL, however as a result of bar path, it does a extremely nice job of guaranteeing a excessive stage of stretching stress on the eccentric section, which is superior for constructing muscle and power in your hamstrings and glutes.

Landmine Romanian Deadlift 

landmine deadlift

This train goes to emphasise your hamstrings, glutes and low again (erector spinae).

How to do a Landmine Romanian Deadlift:

Stand in entrance of the barbell landmine together with your toes about hip width aside.

Shoot your hip again and put a slight bend in your knees so to lean your torso downward to choose up the burden with each arms. Your backbone ought to be straight with a excessive hip hinge.

Extend at your hips, driving them ahead and elevating your torso as much as a standing place. Really really feel the contraction in your glutes and hamstrings as you do that.

Perform a hip hinge once more to decrease the burden down. Go as little as you possibly can whereas sustaining a straight backbone and with out flexing your knees.

Drive your hips ahead by hip extension to a standing place and repeat. 

You also can do a landmine RDL from the other facet. With this variation, you possibly can take away some grip demand through the use of a v-shape bar such as you would with rows. This will let you go considerably heavier: 

landmine glute exercises

Landmine Single Leg RDL

landmine rotational exercise

The single leg RDL is a unilateral motion, so it’s going to assist enhance the demand in your core and hips demand by anti-rotation. Overall, it’s an incredible train for growing hamstring and glute well being, reinforcing correct hamstring engagement throughout deadlifts, enhancing joint operate on the hips, and enhancing bilateral power and efficiency.

How to do a Landmine Single Leg RDL:

Hold the barbell collar with a impartial grip and place it so it’s instantly consistent with the correct facet of your hip.

Stand together with your toes shoulder-width aside and knees barely bent.

Raise your proper leg off the ground with out altering the bend in your knee. As you do that, preserve your again naturally arched and hinge at your hips, reducing your torso till it is nearly parallel to the ground.

Come again up by extending on the hips, faucet the ball of your proper foot to the ground and repeat.

Switch sides after you full quite a lot of reps. 

Note: You also can do that train with the landmine positioned perpendicular to your physique. 

Landmine Exercise for Abs & Core

While just about each landmine train is nice to your core, particularly the unilateral actions, the next train is particularly designed for core work. It is arguably essentially the most well-known landmine train and a motion that you would be able to solely do that successfully when utilizing a landmine. 

11. Landmine 180

landmine ab exercises

The landmine 180 is a core train that’s just like a Russian ab twist, however higher. It is a rotational motion designed to focus on your complete core, together with the deep muscle tissue inside, with emphasis in your obliques and the transversus abdominis.

The landmine 180 (aka Landmine Twist) can also be good to your decrease again (technically a part of your core) and your shoulders. 

The twisting movement mimics plenty of sporting situations, resembling when baseball gamers swing a bar or tennis performs swing their racket. Overall, it’s an incredible train for any athlete who should take care of rotation of their sport, which is just about each athlete. It’s additionally nice for non-athletes, as being robust by rotation is at all times preferrred because it makes your physique extra resilient and highly effective. 

How to do the Landmine 180:

Plant your toes a bit of wider than shoulder width aside.

Grab the barbell collar (above the burden) and interlock your fingers to safe it in place.

Your arms ought to be comfortably prolonged in entrance of you so to swing the barbell backward and forward.

Rotate the bar to your left facet, utilizing and rotating at your hips and torso.

Then, swing the bar over to the correct facet.

Continue swinging the barbell up and right down to your left and proper facet. Always preserve your core tight and your arms free to make rotation pure.

Note: If you’re feeling that your arms are tiring out rapidly, it means your arms are in all probability not prolonged sufficient, and sure your type is off, as it’s best to really feel this in your core. Go mild and work on honing in in your core.


Although landmine workouts are comparatively secure when it comes to free weight tools, you continue to have to take sure precautions.

Follow the following pointers when utilizing a landmine and all can be stellar:

Focus on good, correct type earlier than utilizing heavy masses. Once you’re snug with the motion, add weight and because it’s plate loadable, you are able to do so in smaller increments!

Understand that its tougher to do a motion with the loaded finish (the working facet) of the barbell nearer to the bottom as a result of distinctive arc-shaped bar path. This means mendacity, kneeling, and half-kneeling workouts will really feel heavier and tougher than standing workouts.

The barbell will transfer in an arc fairly than a straight path, so get use to that feeling.

Make certain your arrange is safe earlier than every train, particularly in case you are utilizing a nook wall arrange. Sometimes the bar can transfer out of place when loading it.
Warm up earlier than doing landmine workouts.

Talk to your physician you probably have any well being situations or pre-existing accidents. If you’re susceptible to sure accidents or therapeutic from an current one, it’s best to alter and correct your routine for this. The workouts now we have offered you’re meant for injury-free people.


The best method to incorporate landmine workouts into your exercises is rather like you’ll another tools. You can add one or two landmine workouts right into a exercise for 2-4 units of 8-15 repetitions. 

For instance, listed below are some pattern exercises on the health club that embody landmine workouts… 

Leg Workout:

Barbell Back Squat: 4 x 6-10 reps

Landmine Romanian Deadlift: 3 units x 8-12 reps

Barbell Hip Thrust: 3 x 8-12 reps

Landmine Side Load Reverse Lunge: 3 x 8-10 reps either side 

Push Workout:

Barbell Bench Press: 4 x 6-12 reps

Kneeling Landmine Chest Press: 3 x 8-12 reps

DB Flys: 3 x 8-12 reps

Landmine Shoulder Press: 3 x 10-15 reps either side

DB lateral raises: 3 x 10-15 reps

Tricep Dips: 2 units x 10-20 reps

Full Body Workout:

Barbell Deadlift: 3 units x 5-8 reps

Landmine Squat & Press: 3 units x 8-12 reps

Push Ups: 3 units x 10-20 reps

Pull Ups: 3 units x 8-15 reps

T-Bar Landmine Rows: 3 units x 8-15 reps

Just like another train, you possibly can slowly progress in load/reps. Typically working within the 8-15 rep vary is finest for landmine workouts. So, once you attain 15 reps simply, add one other plate. Always ensure you type is on level although.

If you need to have some enjoyable and do a landmine solely exercise, take a look at the total physique landmine routines under. These could possibly be excellent exercises so as to add to your routine when you like unconventional health or athletic kind coaching.

standing landmine exercises


Landmine Workout #1

Squat to Press: 3 units x 10 reps

Landmine RDL: 3 units x 10 reps

Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive: 3 units x 8 reps either side

Chest Press: 3 units x 10 reps

T-Bar Row: 3 units x 10 reps

Landmine 180: 2 units x 12 reps to every facet

Landmine Workout #2 (Circuit)

Landmine circuit exercises are nice as even when you have to load or unload for the following train, you are able to do so in a fast method.

Circuit 1 x 2 Rounds:

Squat to Press x 6 reps

RDL x 6 reps

Single Arm Bent Over Row x 6 rep

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Circuit 2 x 2 Rounds:

Sumo Squat x 6 reps

Shoulder Press x 6 reps either side

Landmine 180 x 8 reps either side

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Circuit 3 x 1 Rounds:

Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive x 10 reps either side

Chest Press x 10 reps

Lateral Raise x 10 reps either side

You can get tremendous artistic together with your landmine exercises. These are simply two examples.

Buy a Landmine on Amazon:

***This following are affiliate adverts the place we are going to obtain a small fee on any buy you make at no extra price to you.*** 

We hope this submit has impressed you to place that landmine at your health club to make use of or to set one up at your property. You don’t should attempt all of those landmine workouts immediately, however decide one or two that make sense for every of your exercises over the following few weeks and throw them into the routine.

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