15 Best Bodyweight Triceps Exercises

A significant muscle of the higher arm, the triceps brachii extends your elbow, is aware of when to calm down so the biceps can contract, and stabilizes the shoulder joint. And since it’s the solely muscle on the again of the higher arm, investing the time and vitality into strengthening it can be crucial. Fortunately, you don’t want fancy tools or costly dumbbells to get muscular arms. You can obtain outlined triceps by following these body weight tricep workouts. 

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The triceps anatomy and features
How to construct triceps with out weights
Training variables for body weight workouts that may enhance your method
At house body weight tricep workouts and the best reps for every


A big, thick muscle on the again of the higher arm, triceps brachii refers back to the muscle’s three heads, or factors of origin: the medial head, lateral head, and lengthy head. The three muscle components finish at one insertion level, which is the posterior floor of the olecranon strategy of the ulna, the elbow joint capsule, and the antebrachial fascia.

The lateral head is the strongest and most energetic throughout extension on the elbow joint, and its origin is the posterior facet of the humerus superior to the radial groove. The lengthy head origin is the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula, and the medial head attaches on the posterior facet of the humerus inferior to the radial groove.


Extension of the forearm on the elbow joint: i.e. Fully straightening your arm to succeed in outward for one thing.
Stabilizes the elbow joint: i.e. Keeps the joint nonetheless whereas the forearm and hand carry out actions corresponding to writing.
Stabilizes the shoulder joint and prevents shoulder displacement throughout adduction and extension: i.e. Reaching out to the facet.

triceps exercises


Achieving outlined and muscular triceps doesn’t require spending hours within the gymnasium lifting weights. The secret to constructing this muscle is utilizing workouts that focus on all three heads. Effective body weight triceps workouts can enhance the muscle’s energy, power, and tone – no tools required. And as a result of at house tricep workouts are so handy, it is simpler to stay to your routine. Consistency is vital to muscle constructing.


Creating an efficient routine of at house triceps workouts includes focusing on all three muscle heads. Simple actions corresponding to bringing your palms nearer collectively or reducing your forearms to the bottom can change the angle sufficient to focus on a distinct tricep half.

These easy methods create the outlined horseshoe look we attempt for with the tricep muscle and forestall imbalances between the three components. Including all 15 of those body weight workouts in your exercise is overkill, however ensure that to incorporate a couple of so every muscle head will get labored.

Selecting workouts that require completely different hand positions is a straightforward solution to goal the completely different tricep components. There are additionally more durable variations of triceps workouts no weights concerned, in order your triceps get stronger, you possibly can swap out newbie strikes for a few of the more difficult choices. 

bodyweight exercises


These 15 tricep workouts require no tools and can successfully strengthen and construct the backs of your higher arms. We are assured that these are the most effective body weight workouts to your triceps muscle groups.


bodyweight triceps workout

Kneeling body weight tricep extensions are among the best newbie body weight triceps workouts. Keep your elbows tucked into your facet, and take note of whether or not you’re feeling this transfer within the chest or triceps. If you’re feeling it in your chest, alter your arm width till you’re feeling it behind the higher arms.

How to:

Start with palms and knees on the ground, palms shoulder-width aside. Lower onto the forearms, and lean ahead, enabling your elbows to assist your physique weight.
Straighten your elbows as you increase your physique off the ground. Palms and knees ought to stay on the ground. Do not let the elbows flare out.
Bend your elbows to decrease the forearms again to the beginning place.



A variation of the traditional push-up, this model emphasizes the triceps brachii whereas additionally working the chest and shoulders. Use this train as a burnout transfer by inserting it on the finish of your triceps power coaching routine. 

How to:

Stand 3 to 4 ft in entrance of a flat bench.
Lean ahead, inserting your palms on a bench or one thing related. Your thumbs needs to be touching and your fingers unfold out. Your toes stay on the bottom with the heels lifted.
Tighten your core and maintain your again straight. Your physique needs to be in a straight line.
Bend the elbows, reducing the chest to the bench.
Straighten your elbows, pushing your self as much as the beginning place.


triceps workout without weights

Your prime arm will really feel the burn on this body weight train, though your chest, higher again, shoulders, and core will even profit. 

How to:

Lie in your facet. Stack your shoulders, hips, knees, and ft, wrapping your backside arm round your waist.
Place your higher hand flat on the bottom proper by your higher arm. Spread your fingers for further assist.
Press your palm flat into the mat, pushing your physique up. Continue pushing your heels into the bottom.
Once your arm is straight, slowly decrease again all the way down to the mat.


workout at home for triceps

Focus on solely reducing your self to the purpose the place the higher arms are parallel to the ground. Hold it right here for a second earlier than pushing again up, and your triceps will probably be on fireplace by the top of your set.

How to:

Lie face down with legs prolonged and the tops of your ft mendacity flat on the bottom. Your arms are wider than shoulder-width and in keeping with your shoulders. Your backbone is flat and elbows bent.
Extend your arms pushing your higher physique upward so the chest is upright and the backbone prolonged. Gaze straight forward, and maintain your elbows tucked into the facet. Your legs keep flat on the ground.
Bend on the elbows, reducing your higher physique again to the mat. Once your higher arms are parallel to the ground and elbows are at 90 levels, start slowly pushing upward once more.


best bodyweight tricep exercises

This tricep push-up is difficult, and in case you can’t full various, ease into this transfer by performing the train in opposition to a wall. Once you are able to do 3 units of 8-12 reps in opposition to the wall, progress to this model. 

How to:

Begin in a plank place with the forearms and palms flat on the bottom, parallel, and shoulder-width aside. 
Push up, straightening your elbows as you elevate them off the bottom. Continue till your arms are straight.
Lower your elbows till they’re simply above the bottom however not touching it, and push up once more.


exercise for triceps at home 

The close-grip push-up is a difficult train, and in case you discover that you could’t do at the very least 6, begin in your knees. The solely distinction in type is that as an alternative of beginning in plank, each knees start on the bottom. Your higher physique ought to keep in keeping with your thighs and higher legs.

How to: 

Start within the plank place together with your wrists beneath your shoulders and fingertips pointing ahead. Keep your neck and again impartial and core tight.
Place your palms about two inches aside and convey the elbows in near the ribs. 
Bend your elbows, slowly reducing to the bottom.
Slowly straighten your elbows, lifting to the beginning place.


bodyweight exercises for triceps

This body weight train emphasizes the triceps and engages the biceps, chest, anterior deltoids, again, and abs, making it an incredible upper-body transfer. It’s additionally simpler on the joints and enhances upper-body flexibility.

How to:

Stand an arm’s size away from a wall, extending your arms and inserting your palms flat on the wall. Your palms needs to be barely wider than shoulder-width.
Bend on the elbows, urgent your physique towards the wall till the elbows are at 90 levels.
Straighten your elbows, pushing in opposition to the wall to return to the beginning place.


tricep dips

Challenge your self by contracting your triceps on the prime of this motion earlier than reducing down. To create a bigger vary of movement, increase your butt greater off the bottom.

How to:

Start on the ground together with your again going through down, palms shoulder-width aside, straight below the shoulders. Your legs prolong in entrance of you with a slight bend within the knees. Your ft needs to be shoulder-width aside.
Straighten your arms, protecting a slight bend within the elbows.
Slowly bend the elbows, reducing the higher physique towards the ground till your arms are at 90 levels.
Slowly push your physique as much as the beginning place.


triceps chair dips

For novices, bringing your ft nearer to the physique, inserting them completely on the ground, and bending the knees will present extra stability. To improve the problem, straighten your legs with solely the heels on the ground.

How to:

Sit on a chair or bench with arms at your sides and ft flat on the ground, hip-distance aside.
Place your palms by your hips with fingers gripping the entrance of the chair seat.
Move your torso off the chair, extending the arms. Your butt ought to hover over the ground. Here, you possibly can have your legs nearer to the physique by bending your knees and protecting the complete foot touching the ground, or prolong your legs with solely the heels touching the ground.
Slowly decrease your physique by bending the elbows to a 90-degree angle.
Push as much as the beginning place by straightening the arms.


bodyweight chest and triceps exercise

The “parallel” dip simply among the best body weight triceps workouts there’s. For this tricep dip development, use secure chairs that enable for good grips on the backrest. You might need to place dumbbells or heavy books on the seat areas to maintain them stationary in the course of the motion. If your chairs do not appear secure, get artistic at house and search for a pair of objects or piece of furnishings that’s parallel, horizontal, and durable. Whatever you select wants to resist your weight, have a flat floor prime or bar-like grips to your palms, and supply room beneath so that you can dip. Finally, maintain your physique as upright as potential to focus on the triceps. If you begin to lean ahead, the train will work the chest muscle groups as an alternative. 

How to:

Stand between two chairs, inserting your palms on the backrests. Bend your knees barely, protecting your again straight and your torso upright.
Place your body weight within the fully-straightened arms, and convey the ft up, bending them behind you.
Slowly bend your arms till your higher arms are parallel to the bottom and elbows bent to a 90-degree angle. Keep your again straight, and elbows tucked into the edges.
Push your physique up by absolutely straightening the arms. Repeat.


what are the best tricep exercises

This is mostly a nice train for practically the complete physique, as most planks are. Get probably the most out of this train by doing it slowly. Keeping the core engaged will even give your abdominals a stable exercise.

How to:

Begin in a plank place together with your complete physique engaged. Lower the appropriate elbow to the mat adopted by the left so that you finish in an elbow forearm plank place.
Put your proper hand on the mat, straightening the elbow. Place your left hand on the mat, straightening the elbow so that you’re again to a full plank.


how to build tricep muscles at home

This difficult train is a development of the tricep ground dip train because it requires a whole lot of higher physique power to finish. In addition to burning out the triceps brachii, it additionally works the gluteus maximus and quadriceps.

How to:

Place your palms palm down and shoulder-width aside on a bench or chair together with your knees bent in entrance of you and ft on the bottom and arms supporting your physique weight. 
Straighten your proper arm and left leg in entrance of you. The left fingers are pointed laterally away from the physique earlier than bending the left arm. Slowly decrease your physique till your elbow bends at a 90-degree angle and the higher arm is parallel to the ground.
Drop the hips straight down towards the bottom, staying near the seat. Hold the dip for a second, and straighten your arm again to the beginning place.


tricep extension no weight

You don’t want gymnasium tools to copy this transfer. You can use a kitchen countertop, kitchen desk, or the again of your sofa as substitutes for a bar on this train. Just search for one thing that’s secure and on the right top. There needs to be room for the physique to increase and the pinnacle to decrease. 

How to:

Stand an arm’s size away and grasp onto a bar or another, corresponding to a kitchen desk or bench, utilizing an overhand grip. Extend your arms however maintain a slight bend within the elbows. Your palms needs to be barely wider than shoulder-width, toes on the bottom with lifted heels, and your again and legs are straight in a push-up place.
Bend the elbows, urgent the physique towards the bar till the elbows are at 90 levels. The triceps are parallel to the bottom with the pinnacle straight beneath the bar.
Straighten the elbows, pushing in opposition to the wall to return to the beginning place.


bodyweight triceps extension

After mastering the incline push-up, progress to this train. Position your self the identical method, however solely place your fingers on the bench. A unique hand placement means that you can convey your head down additional and work the triceps much more.

How to:

Stand 3 to 4 ft in entrance of a flat bench.
Lean ahead, greedy onto the sting of the bench with arms barely wider than shoulder-width aside. The legs are prolonged, and the toes stay on the bottom with lifted heels. Tighten your core, protecting your again straight. The physique is in a straight line.
Bend the elbows, reducing the physique down so the pinnacle is in line or slightly below the bench. Do not let the elbows flare out.
Straighten the elbows, pushing your self as much as the beginning place.


no equipment triceps exercises

Proper hand placement within the diamond push up ensures the triceps work. This model is more difficult than a typical push-up or wall push-up, so you might have to work as much as your regular reps vary.

How to:

Start on the palms and knees with the palms below the chest. Place your index fingers and thumbs so that they contact, forming a diamond form. Straighten the arms to raise your physique, and type a straight line from the pinnacle to the toes. 
Lower your chest towards your palms by bending the elbows. Keep the elbows tucked into the edges.
Just earlier than your chest touches the ground, pause, after which straighten the arms to push again as much as the beginning place.


When placing collectively a routine for body weight triceps workouts, choose 3 to 4 actions, and swap them out for more difficult variations as you progress. Perform 3-4 units of every transfer, together with 8-12 reps per set.

For a more difficult triceps train, corresponding to tricep dips with two chairs or diamond push ups, goal for 6-10 units per rep. Aim to work the triceps 2-3 occasions per week. 


After working these body weight workouts into your health rotation, it’s possible you’ll be able to elevate your routine by including resistance bands or suspension trainers. These are cheap tools choices that may result in additional tricep positive aspects. Equipment isn’t obligatory for triceps workouts, however it may be an effective way to proceed gaining power and ranging your routine.

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