2022 HYROX European Championships Results

The 2022 HYROX European Championships wrapped up over the previous weekend on March twenty sixth in Maastricht, Netherlands. The occasion noticed athletes from throughout Europe compete for an opportunity to maneuver on to the HYROX World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The winners of the Elite divisions have been Tobias Lautwein of Germany and Mirjam Von Rohr of Switzerland. 

Let’s check out the complete outcomes of the 2022 HYROX European Championships within the Elite divisions.

What is Hyrox?

HYROX was created by Christian Toetzke and Moritz Furste of Germany. Toetzke had a historical past of making athletic contests such because the World Triathalon Series and Cyclassics. Furste is a German two-time Olympic gold medalist in area hockey.

According to their web site, HYROX is “the first indoor competition that combines 3 different training elements in one unique event: the fitness challenge for every BODY. The combination of functional strength, high-intensity, and classic endurance components make HYROX not only unique but also measurable.”

This competitors is structured with a 1 km run, adopted by 1 useful health exercise; that is then repeated 8 instances.

HYROX, dubbed “The World Series of Fitness,” is a aggressive health race that’s “for every body” that is held at areas all over the world.

2022 HYROX European Championships Results

HYROX kicked off 2022 with an occasion in Chicago again in January with the 2022 North American Championships. The European Championships is a bigger scale occasion seeing how the founders of it are each from Germany.

As a reminder, the athletes competed within the following health check:

1000 meter ski erg, 1x 50-meter sled push, 1x 50-meter sled pull, 80-meter burpee broad jumps, 1000-meter row, 200-meter Farmers carry, 100-meter sandbag lunges, and 75-100 wall balls; all separated by a 1 km run for a complete of 8 kilometers. Athletes with the quickest instances win.

This occasion noticed athletes coming from all corners of Europe, nevertheless it was clear that the founders’ dwelling nation of Germany, dominated the leaderboard.

Elite Men’s Division

Winner: Tobias Lautwein:  56:52
Second Place: Dominic Molzahn:  59:16
Third Place: Alexander Roncevic:  59:33
Fourth Place: Tomáš Tvrdík:  59:50
Fifth Place: Peter Schiller: 59:56
Sixth Place: Dieter Schwarzkopf: 1:00:08
Seventh Place: Martin Michelius: 1:00:21
Eighth Place: Joffrey Voisin:  1:00:36
Ninth Place: Patrick Grewe:  1:01:25
Tenth Place: Elte Hupkes:  1:01:47 

Elite Women’s Division

Winner: Mirjam Von Rohr: 1:04:20
Second Place: Viola Overländer: 1:05:10
Third Place: Rebecca Naether: 1:05:16
Fourth Place: Sarah Kholti: 1:06:07
Fifth Place: Terra Jackson: 1:06:49
Sixth Place: Jezabel Kremer: 1:07:21
Seventh Place: Beatrice Ardelt: 1:10:41
Eighth Place: Janne Thomsen: 1:10:54
Ninth Place: Caroline Müller-Korn: 1:11:14
Tenth Place: Sabrina Röthig: 1:11:32


This was an thrilling occasion, and now Lautwein and Von Rohr are main the pack of their respective divisions. Last yr Lautein gained the 2021 HYROX World Championships so it will likely be attention-grabbing to see if he can repeat on the 2022 HYROX World Championships in Las Vegas on May 14th. The subsequent massive occasion is on April ninth in Dallas, Texas.


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