24+ Things to Do With Apples (Preserving & Cooking)

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 Learn 24+ methods to protect and cook dinner apples on this article! You’ll by no means run out of recipes for this versatile fruit once more!

Apples are one of many highest storage fruits round! On their very own, they’ll retailer for months and nonetheless be delectable, however the true endurance comes from cooking and preserving apples! You can get pleasure from correctly preserved apples for over a yr!

Every yr, we head out to the native orchard and refill on apples. We eat tons of them recent (they’re so crisp and engaging!), however the extras we flip right into a bevy of various preserved items. Canning, dehydrating, storing—we’ll educate you all of our favourite ideas for placing up this favourite fruit on this put up!

Close-up on a red apple with its stem attached. Other apples surround it.

How lengthy can apples be saved?

The storage time of apples depends upon three essential components—the sweetness of the apples, the age of the apples, and the storage circumstances. In basic, candy apples will go dangerous extra rapidly than tart ones.

Freshly picked apples (like those you bought from an area orchard) will last more than these bought on the grocery retailer.

Apples prefer it chilly (however not freezing), with comparatively excessive humidity. An apple will retailer the longest at 32°F and 90% humidity. The nearer you get to that focus on, the longer an apple with keep good. In optimum circumstances, apples can keep good for six months or much more!

What form of apples retailer greatest?

For recent storage of entire apples, you’ll have the very best luck with tart and crisp varieties resembling Pink Lady, Fuji, Granny Smith, Braeburn, or Winesap. If you’re looking to can or dehydrate your apples although, any varieties will work!

Close up of a large pile of fresh apples.

What is one of the best ways to retailer recent apples?

For the fruit that you just plan to eat or cook dinner with within the subsequent few weeks, we advocate stashing them within the crisper drawer of your fridge. Apples do greatest in cool, humid environments, however shouldn’t be saved close to different produce as a result of they launch a gasoline that quickens the ripening of different produce.

Wholefully Protip

Spritz your storage apples with water often or cowl them with a moist fabric (we love Vejibags for this) to hold them crisp and juicy.

For long run storage—we’re speaking months right here—a root cellar is nice, however we all know that most individuals don’t have root cellars anymore! Instead, discover a cool spot in your own home to retailer apples. An unheated basement, connected storage (be certain it doesn’t often freeze although!), or cool room or closet can all work properly.

To get essentially the most day out of your long-term apple storage, you’ll want to wrap every apple individually in newsprint earlier than storage, and examine on them often to be certain there aren’t apples which are beginning to go dangerous. You can learn extra about this storage technique right here.

Green, yellow, and red apples are piled in a crisper of a refrigerator.

How do you protect apples at residence?

If you’re feeling tight on area or in any other case need to discover a completely different means to retailer your bounty from the orchard, then let’s discuss apple preservation! There are three routes you may take right here: freezing, canning, and dehydrating.

Can you freeze apples?

Apples typically don’t retain their texture properly when freezing, however that’s okay, as a result of you may nonetheless get by with freezing pre-processed apples—like as applesauce or apple butter. We additionally often freeze apples to make our Spinach Apple Pie Smoothie.


Canning is good way to put up apples, and also you’ll discover canned apple merchandise on our shelf every year! Different kinds of apples have completely different acidity ranges, so to be protected, we advocate including lemon juice to your canned apple merchandise. As a bonus, it’s going to additionally hold your cooked apples from turning an unappealing brown colour!

Homemade Applesauce

Close-up of three pint jars of homemade canned applesauce stacked in a pyramid.

Applesauce is our favourite means to protect an apple windfall as a result of it’s simply so dang versatile! We add it to lunchboxes, combine it into smoothies, serve it with pork chops, use it in baked items, and even use it to add moisture to our burgers! Applesauce is a superb newbie canner recipe, too.

Apple Jelly

Close-up of a canned jar of apple jelly next to a fresh apple.

Apple jelly shouldn’t be solely nice on toast or peanut butter sandwiches, but in addition works as a glaze for savory meats, as a condiment, as a cheese board part, and as an apple cake filling. This is one other canning recipe that wins for its versatility!

Apple Pie Filling

A spoon scoops apple pie filling from a Ball canning jar.
*Adding a spoon makes headspace look smaller than recipe requires, use headspace in recipe.

If you need to make the simplest apple pies (or apple crumbles) ever, then you might have to can some apple pie filling! Then while you desire a pie, all you might have to do is make the pie crust, dump in some pie filling, high with a crust or crumble, and bake! This pie filling can be scrumptious on waffles or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


There are 3 ways to dehydrate apples for snacking and baking—let’s discuss in regards to the execs and cons of every!

A stack of dried apple slices on a white background.

In the Oven

If you might have an oven, wire baking rack, and rimmed baking sheet, you will be within the apple drying enterprise! Just don’t plan on utilizing your oven for the rest for a number of hours, as a result of dehydrating does take time.

In a Dehydrator

This is certainly the simplest means to dehydrate apples, however you’ll need to make a small funding in a meals dehydrator. We like this one, which ought to ring up to below $100.

Sun-Dried Apples

The essential draw back to solar drying is that the climate has to be juuuuuust proper. You don’t need to strive to solar dry any produce when there are overcast, humid, or wet days within the forecast for the following few days, which can be onerous to obtain within the fall! But should you can handle it, solar dried apple slices have a posh, deep taste.

Apple Beverages

Of course, you can even take your apple bounty and switch it into some tasty apple drinks! These strategies of preserving require a bit extra tools and know-how, however they’re enjoyable initiatives to discover:

Apple Cider—Yes, you can also make apple cider at residence, even with out an apple cider press! All you want is an efficient juicer and a few endurance.
Apple Wine—Use the apples in a batch of selfmade fruit wine. You may even use the peels and cores from different preservation initiatives!
Apple Liqueur—Use the tactic we speak about for selfmade limoncello, however swap the lemon peels for apple slices or peels.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, you may in fact use your apples to make your individual selfmade apple cider vinegar! Most folks have a tendency to simply use apple scraps (peels and cores), however you can even use entire apples.

Two hands hold a paring knife and an apple, ready to cut it.

What are some apple recipes I can eat immediately?

Looking to cook dinner along with your apples immediately? We’ve bought you coated with our highest apple recipes:

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