3 Learning Styles and Strategies to Excel in Becoming a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Professional

An Overview of Learning Styles

Cognition is described as “’thinking, and it encompasses the processes associated with perception, knowledge, problem-solving, judgment, language, and memory. Scientists who study cognition are searching for ways to understand how we integrate, organize, and utilize our conscious cognitive experiences without being aware of all of the unconscious work that our brains are doing.” To maximize your course learnings, it’s useful to achieve a higher understanding of the way you piece collectively your individual acutely aware cognitive experiences. With class sources, homework, and exams as a few of your primary supplies, you may work together with them in a means that turns a “surviving” studying mindset into a “thriving” studying expertise.

Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic are the three main studying kinds, and trying additional into them will lead to constructive outcomes akin to extra centered studying, info retention, appropriate solutions, writing that reveals high quality over amount, feeling much less anxious round educational efficiency assessments, having fun with the training course of, and far more! Have a have a look at the principle pillars of the above studying kinds to start figuring out which of them you resonate with most:


Visual: Seeing info represented as photos actually helps you, typically has a robust capability to memorize and/or recall learnings, and writing issues out or watching ideas in motion is right for you.


Auditory: Hearing and talking issues out loud helps you be taught finest, particularly in the reason of instructions, concepts, and even discussions.


Kinesthetic: You profit most in a studying setting from interacting with others or the fabric and be taught effectively by dynamically participating in real-time. 

For every of the aforementioned studying kinds, there are practices and methodologies you may implement as a scholar that can completely contribute to your AFPA success. And in any case, studying is an ongoing course of, so to fathom and combine strategic research instruments will profit you each throughout and past your skilled certifications with us.




AFPA Course-Specific Advice for Each Learning Style

For Visual Learners

Our programs are huge in studying and literature, which can be a plus to you as you like actually seeing what you’re studying. At the identical time, extra complicated ideas can really feel summary in the event you can’t visualize them. For that motive, we encourage taking notes in addition to breaking difficult concepts into bite-sized summaries whenever you’re a visible learner right here at AFPA. 

Stanford raises an essential level that understanding complicated concepts is comparable to conveying complicated concepts: They each require dependable go-to’s akin to diagraming a idea, breaking the idea down into levels or layers, evaluating elements of the idea to different acquainted ideas for contextualization, taking the entire image of the idea into consideration, and discovering frequent floor between teams inside ideas to clarify their interconnections. 

The concept of visualizing written content material parts whereas additionally pausing to perceive and solidify them relates to mindfulness as effectively. With our world’s ever-expanding vary of visible stimuli, it may be extremely tough, even for visible learners, to have a look at only one factor for prolonged durations of time though they will determine them at fast speeds: “The human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds” (Trafton, 2014). Why? Because there are different unprecedented visible distractions akin to telephones, social media, lights, the radio, information blaring, and vehicles zooming simply exterior. 

It turns into essential, then, to not simply learn with the purpose of comprehending however to additionally deal with the expertise at hand with out including extra into the combination. While studying in chunks and pausing to paraphrase primary concepts, work towards placing all of your different units off, face down, or in silent mode when learning. Even higher: Incorporate mentally grounding methods akin to these 15 memory-boosting tips to assist you succeed and keep current throughout your AFPA programs.

If you continue to want visible studying ideas, listed here are moreover productive studying methods:

Scanning: Scan to determine essential concepts solely and pay attention to them.
Skimming: Skim for the principle concept solely as an alternative of resolving each little element.
Summarizing: Summarize takeaways each 10-20 pages.
Summarizing Questions: Turn summarized takeaways into self-generated quiz questions that you should utilize to research later.
Homework Leading: Review homework or follow checks first and then learn with a watch to discover that info in the texts as an alternative of simply studying the texts usually.
Highlighting: Highlighting is a great means to take scanning up a stage with colours as aids.
Video Time: If you’re significantly caught on a idea that’s visually portrayed through phrases however misplaced on that means to you, ask an knowledgeable or search the web for a video that can encapsulate that very same idea with extra than simply textual content captions.

For Auditory Learners

Similar to visible learners, our programs will problem, fulfill, and assist develop college students as readers and but your energetic participation in your individual studying makes all of the distinction. 

One means to carry the textual content to life in an auditory trend is by studying aloud. By this methodology, you’ll nonetheless make use of most of the studying methods listed above but you’ll match it to your primary studying type by the use of listening to all of it: “90% of information is transmitted visually” and but lower than that’s supported auditorily. All in all, extra auditory assist is at all times helpful.

When it comes to written info, visible learners should be keen to get a bit artistic to really obtain mastery. According to Cuyamaca College in “Visual learning,” “Essential study skills” by Dr. Wong, and “Study guides and strategies: Visual/spatial learning” by Dr. Lansberger, listed here are supportive pointers for college students who be taught higher through audio: 

Record lectures and then hear to them. 
Repeat materials out loud and in your individual phrases.
Discuss supplies in your research teams.
Read textbooks aloud.
Listen to wordless background music whereas learning.

In shifting towards the kinesthetic studying expertise, each visible and auditory experiences come into play by the use of a learner’s direct interactions with the fabric.

For Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners who step again and take into consideration the massive image could be taught extra simply. In the context of our programs, a method to do that is by reviewing the follow examination earlier than the course is over. That means, learning entails a fixed experiencing of concepts and messages that the follow examination factors to. 

A current AFPA article on Marketing 101 recommended, “Branding and marketing are how you take your invaluable knowledge and communicate it to clients in need. While it can be a hurdle for some to professionally put themselves out there, it is even more significant to make sure that when you do, it is for a well-meaning and well-informed purpose.” Reflecting on this quote through the studying course of raises questions akin to “why does this material matter?” and “how will this material be tested?” and “in what areas of my profession will this material apply” and “now that I know how the material integrates, how do I sell it?” 

Thus, a method to do effectively in these holistic programs as a kinesthetic learner is to create hypotheses and/or initiatives for your self that the data you’re studying feeds into. An exercise in how you’ll market what you’re studying might be one. A job the place you’re requested to assess a actual consumer and give you a diet plan for themakin to in our Holistic Nutritionist Certificationis commonly the task the place college students apply and retain essentially the most info.

Altering your studying setting may also contribute positively to kinesthetic college students in AFPA programs with the next suggestions:

Take breaks.
Don’t be afraid to bodily rise up whereas working.
Study in a cafe. 
Create a research group.

Main Takeaways

Every single studying type in these skilled and holistic certification programs has the potential to be taught and graduate with excellence. Now is a highly effective time to get entangled in the well being and wellness trade. Objectively contemplating your individual studying type as you purchase new information that can someday foster healthful modifications in one other is a thoughtful use of your studying time.





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