4 Ways to Use Bandit for the Ultimate On The Go Workout

TRX® has all the time been forward of the curve when it comes to creating exercise gear that goes the place you go. It’s a part of the model’s identification: TRX founder Randy Hetrick created the Suspension Trainer™ to assist him keep in form as a Navy SEAL, irrespective of the place he was deployed. But the straps aren’t the solely TRX coaching instrument that’s moveable, light-weight, and easy-to-pack. The latest small-but-mighty star on the workforce is the TRX Bandit™, and it’ll change the manner you concentrate on power bands. To aid you get began, we’ve obtained strategies for 4 methods you should use Bandit for the final on-the-go exercise.

But first, meet the Bandit

The Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic deal with that attaches to one—or extra!—power bands to enhance consolation, management, and efficiency in band workout routines. If you’ve been avoiding power bands since you don’t like heavy-gauge rubber digging into your palms, the Bandit is a game-changer. Slide on the Bandit, and all of a sudden your exercise mentality adjustments from “How do I position this band so it doesn’t hurt my hands?” to “How many reps can I crank out today?” 

The Bandit is on the market as a set of two handles solely, or a package of two handles and two power bands.

Um… which of them are the Strength Bands?

Fair query. The health world has a lot of stretchy bands and tubes, and retaining observe of them will be complicated. Let’s assessment.


TRX Strength Bands are lengthy, steady loop bands that can be utilized for power coaching workout routines like squats or rows, as an support in pull-ups, or for harm rehab. They’re normally about three toes lengthy and at the least ¼-inch thick. TRX Strength Bands include assigned weight ranges from XXXL (that’s extra-extra-extra-light, or 5-15 kilos of resistance) to H, (which is heavy, or 60-150 kilos of resistance).


Exercise Bands, against this, are shorter and thinner—about 10 inches lengthy and 1 mm thick—and extra generally used for firming smaller muscle teams. You in all probability know Exercise Bands as the ones you slide over your wrists for a plank or round your ankles for a plank jack.


TRX Glute Bands, designed particularly for booty-boosting workout routines, are the same dimension to Exercise Bands, however they’re constituted of material and have adjustable lengths.

Bandit is designed as a deal with for Strength Bands, serving to you flip an unassuming rubber loop right into a where-did-that-burn-come-from power coaching resolution. It can slide over most power bands to offer you better management over your motion and a extra snug grip. 

We’re all responsible of discovering excuses to faucet out early from power units from time to time, however—with Bandit—”this band feels bizarre on my fingers” is now not an excuse.

What are you able to truly do with the Bandit?

The brief reply? Pretty a lot each form of power coaching train you can need. But since “it’s great for everything” isn’t particularly particular or useful, we’ve damaged down 4 methods you should use the Bandit wherever you go, together with a pattern circuit for every situation. 


Take your power coaching outdoors

When you go your days trapped inside your private home or workplace or automobile, what’s the factor you lengthy for most? More time outdoors! Toss your Bandit Kit in your backpack or fanny pack—sure, it would slot in most fanny packs—and prepare for a full physique burn wherever you go. 

Many Bandit workout routines use your toes as the anchor level for your power band, so it’s okay should you don’t have a tree, put up, or doorknob to arrange your power band. With your foot or toes anchoring your Strength Band and your Bandit in place, you are able to do strikes like a Squat, Squat to Press, Bicep Curl, Row, Hinge, and Resisted March. 

bandit 4 preview

Feel like squeezing in a set of Chest Presses? Start along with your Strength Band stretched behind your again, slide a Bandit on every “looped” finish of the band, and hammer out your reps simply as you’ll along with your TRX Suspension Trainer or TRX Dumbbells.

Ready to work? Start with this body-anchored circuit. You’ll full 10-12 reps in every set and repeat for three rounds :

Bandit Squats
Bandit Bicep Curls (both single facet, repeat on every arm, or doubles)
Bandit Squat to Overhead Press
Bandit Rows Left
Bandit Rows Right

Buddy up with Bandit

Workouts are extra enjoyable with associates, and Strength Bands are excellent for companion exercises on the go. Share a band (and your Bandits) along with your companion, and stand dealing with one another for single-side rows. Work on core power and stability and tone your triceps by sharing a band for standing-facing-away tricep extensions. 


Love cardio? Try a Strength Band Sprint. The lead companion will begin inside the Strength Band, with the band looped round their hips. The following companion will stand outdoors the band, behind the lead companion, fingers gripping the Bandit handles, which must be connected to the Strength Band. The following companion will sit again right into a lunge, comparable to a wall sit, pulling the handles towards their physique. Once in place, the lead companion will try to dash ahead and pull the following companion with them.

If you favor to take issues slower, use the identical setup with the lead companion dropping into forward-walking lunges.

Time for a exercise? Experiment with this 15-minute companion circuit. Allow one minute for every transfer, adopted by 20 seconds to reset and get better. Repeat the collection for three whole rounds.

Bandit Partner Rows, Left Side
Bandit Partnered Walking Lunges or Sprints (one companion leads, one resists)
Bandit Partner Rows, Right Side
Bandit Partnered Walking Lunges or Springs (swap companion positions)


Rotational energy

If you’ve obtained a basketball purpose, fence put up, door knob, or tree out there as a static level, strive looping your Strength Band round the “anchor,” then threading one finish of the band via the different to tighten it. Once your band is anchored, slide your Bandit onto the free finish. Your band is now arrange to do lots of the identical rotational strikes you do with the TRX RIP Trainer™, like Woodchoppers and Trunk Rotations.

bandit 3 full

Using your foot as an anchor, you’ll be able to set your self up for TRX founder Randy Hetrick’s favourite transfer, an adaptation of the shotput launch he calls the Bandput. Start with one finish of the band wrapped twice round midfoot, then shoulder the different finish of the band—with the Bandit—on the identical dimension of your physique. For instance, if the band is anchored to your left foot, you’ll load the Bandit in your left shoulder. (Think of it like a server carrying a tray at a restaurant.) Squat down to “load,” then use your hand to push the band diagonally up and away out of your shoulder—throwing the away the tray—for an explosive end.  


Strength Bands can even stand in for the Pilates Reformer for sure Lagree-method glute-toning strikes, like the Spider Kick. Start on all fours in a desk prime place with the Bandit handles on the Strength Band. Your palms ought to press the Bandit grips into the flooring. Keep your left knee planted on the flooring, and thread your proper foot into the Strength Brands, in order that the band is held in place by the arch of your foot. Moving via your hip, rotate your proper knee out and excessive to your proper facet, then prolong your proper leg straight behind you. 

Down for a Bandit rotation exercise? Try the following combo. Allow 45 seconds for both sides, with a 15 second break to change sides or reposition your Strength Bands after every transfer. Don’t overlook to end each side earlier than transferring onto the subsequent transfer! Complete the circuit twice for a 16 minute session. 

Trunk Rotations 
Wood Choppers 
Spider Kicks


Mix and Match

Your physique loves once you combine issues up. Falling again on the identical workout routines and modalities day after day is assured to land you in a health rut. Switching up modalities, like including Bandit workout routines into your TRX Suspension Training™ routine, retains issues contemporary. 

It additionally makes for an amazing research in contrasts.

While you’re working, take into consideration ways in which comparable actions really feel completely different once you full them with Strength Bands versus the Straps. Plan a whole exercise of the “same” actions with these two completely different instruments, and also you’ll be shocked by the variations in muscle engagement. 

If you’re exercising with a companion, that is additionally a straightforward manner to create a minimal-equipment circuit: all you want is your Bandit Kit, Suspension Trainer, and a tree or put up as an anchor level, and you are able to do a mixture and match exercise anyplace.

For a fast distinction circuit, strive these 5 train pairings. You’ll start with 45 seconds on the Suspension Trainer, then take 15 seconds to arrange the identical train for 45 seconds with the Bandit Kit. Complete all 5 strikes—on each instruments—earlier than repeating the circuit. Workout time: 20 minutes.

TRX Suspension Trainer Bicep Curls + Strength Band Bicep Curls
TRX Suspension Trainer Chest Press + Strength Band Chest Press
TRX Suspension Trainer Squats + Strength Band Squats
TRX Suspension Trainer Tricep Extensions + Strength Band Tricep Extensions
TRX Suspension Trainer Rows + Strength Band Rows

More Bandit ideas, please!

These 4 methods to use the Bandit for the final on-the-go exercise are simply the begin; the world-class trainers at TRX Training Club have much more Bandit methods up their sleeves! 

Your Bandit comes with a free 7-day TTC trial, so log in and reap the benefits of the full library of stay and on-demand courses. It’s not simply Straps and Bandits on TTC. You can do RIP Training, body weight blasts, kettlebells, and extra.

You don’t want plenty of costly gear or a large area to get a ridiculously good exercise. Whether you gravitate towards the TRX Suspension Trainer, the Bandit, or each, the final on-the-go exercise will be simply as difficult as something you’ll strive in a fully-loaded health club. Grab a companion. Go outdoors. Set up subsequent to the air conditioner in your lodge. How you practice is up to you. We’ll construct the instruments; you deliver the sweat.

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