5 Highly-Effective HIIT Workouts for Women

September 24, 2021

Whether you’re simply entering into excessive depth interval coaching or you’re looking for new HIIT train and exercise concepts, LADIES we now have you lined. In this text, you’ll be taught all the things it’s worthwhile to learn about HIIT. Specifically, HIIT exercises for ladies.


HIIT stands for excessive depth interval coaching. In a nutshell, the exercises contain intervals of intense train that get your coronary heart fee up excessive (approx. 85-90% max coronary heart fee) adopted by relaxation or energetic relaxation. For instance, 20 seconds intense burst of train, 10 seconds relaxation, repeated for a sure variety of rounds. 

The final objective is to have a interval of close to max coronary heart fee adopted by a relaxation interval that doesn’t enable your coronary heart fee to drop beneath ~65% max. So, by the point your coronary heart fee begins to hit 65% or so, you’ll carry out one other intense set to deliver it proper again up.

The idea is kind of straightforward, however the exercises are NOT. That stated, the exercises might be tailor-made to totally different health ranges.

There are loads of methods to go about excessive depth interval coaching. They might be carried out with sprints, biking, body weight workouts and even weights, utilizing numerous work-rest intervals. The myriad choices for creating HIIT exercises permits you to all the time maintain issues contemporary and difficult.

Now that you realize what HIIT is, it’s necessary to grasp the “science” behind it…

The basic objective of HIIT is to burn energy, shed extra pounds and even construct muscle.

It’s fairly totally different from conventional cardio (regular state low depth working or biking). HIIT exercises are anaerobic NOT cardio, which means your muscular tissues don’t use oxygen as their major supply of vitality. Like weight coaching, because of the scarcity of oxygen for vitality consumption, your physique depends on glucose and creatine phosphates (ATP) to gasoline your muscular tissues with vitality. As such, HIIT is extra like weight coaching than cardio. BUT, it does share some main advantages with cardio, because it does weight coaching.

If you mix weights with HIIT on the similar time, issues can get actually severe! 

Finally, it must be famous that as a result of HIIT is so intense (it’s within the identify, proper?), you may’t have lengthy exercises like you may cardio. Work intervals are usually not more than 60 seconds and the complete exercise round 20 minutes or much less. Thankfully, that’s all it’s worthwhile to have constructive impact with HIIT. It’s not like cardio the place you want 30+ minutes to truly get an impact.


HIIT is simply pretty much as good for ladies as it’s for males. In reality, many specialists declare that HIIT is particularly useful for ladies as a result of (if carried out correctly) it’s unbelievable for hormone stability, muscle retention, and bone density. Not to say, stress administration.

All issues us ladies want.

What’s extra, analysis reveals that girls burn extra fats throughout HIIT than males AND they will deal with extra work within the health club on the subject of fats loss. Basically, ladies are higher at burning fats throughout exercises than males, however not throughout relaxation, which makes HIIT much more engaging for ladies. 

Now, in fact, HIIT can also be nice for males. However, that doesn’t imply the exercises should be precisely the identical. High depth interval coaching might be successfully tailor-made to ladies based mostly on their health degree and power, which is why we’ve made this HIIT information particularly for females. 


The advantages of HIIT for ladies are twofold contemplating…

Women have extra potential for burning fats throughout intense exercise than males (they usually can deal with extra workload with this sort of coaching).

Women are extra inclined to thinning bones, which HIIT helps fight.

Women have month-to-month hormonal adjustments, which HIIT can assist mitigate. 

AND, they get all the identical advantages of HIIT as males too, that are… 

1. Efficiency 

HIIT exercises obtain so much in a brief time period. With simply ~20 minutes of excessive depth interval coaching, you may burn as many energy as an extended length conventional cardio exercise does in round 40 minutes. Plus, you get further advantages that cardio can’t provide you with, equivalent to muscle progress. 

Now, it’s to not say that HIIT is healthier than cardio, however when it comes to calorie burn, it’s positively extra environment friendly. On common, lengthy length low depth cardio burns round 10 energy per minute, whereas HIIT burns 15-20 energy per minute. However, the purpose of how HIIT burns extra energy doesn’t finish there… 

2. Metabolism (EPOC) 

After a HIIT exercise, your put up train oxygen consumption (EPOC) can be a lot increased, which implies for hours after your exercise you may be burning energy at a significantly increased fee. This is as a result of your physique is working to revive itself again to pre-exercise ranges.

As such, the energy burned with a HIIT exercise should additionally embrace the EPOC, making it even larger than a standard cardio exercise which doesn’t create the identical response. 

Overall, this has an amazing impact in your metabolism, which can provide help to to shed fats and maintain it off.

3. Muscle Growth 

HIIT is places loads of stress in your muscular tissues much like weight coaching, which implies it might probably additionally promote hypertrophy (muscle progress). If you proceed making your HIIT exercises a bit harder over time, you may proceed constructing muscle and power. At the VERY least, HIIT will make sure you keep muscle mass (and power), not like cardio the place if carried out in sure ranges of time and velocity can probably trigger some muscle loss. 

4. Versatility & Scalability

HIIT exercises are each versatile and scalable.

In phrases of versatility, you need to use totally different exercise occasions, exercise codecs and intervals, workouts, and even gear. This ensures your HIIT exercises by no means turn into stale.

As for scalability, as a result of they’re so versatile, you can also make them progressively more durable. HIIT exercises might be extremely efficient from newbie all the best way to elite ranges.

On prime of all that, HIIT will provide help to construct a powerful and wholesome coronary heart, enhance flexibility and vary of movement (body weight HIIT exercises are like a type of dynamic stretching), stronger bones, and total athleticism (stability and coordination). PLUS, you’ll get a severe stream of endorphins quickly after you end!

hiit for women

FAQs About High Intensity Interval Training: 

Is HIIT actually higher than cardio? 

HIIT and conventional cardio have loads of similarities in that they’re each efficient for burning energy and thus shedding fats. HIIT simply does so in a extra environment friendly method. 

Because of that, HIIT and cardio are sometimes interchangeable.

BUT, the 2 are totally different. Cardio isn’t nearly burning energy, it’s about cardiovascular well being.

While HIIT has some profit on cardiovascular well being, it’s to not the identical diploma as lengthy length low depth cardio merely because of the nature of the 2 exercises (cardio is low depth which retains you within the cardiovascular vary and supplies your muscular tissues with oxygen for vitality, HIIT doesn’t). 

HIIT additionally isn’t nearly burning energy, despite the fact that it’s superior when it comes to calorie burn effectivity. It helps promote bone density, muscle progress, power and extra. Basically, you may consider HIIT like a hybrid of cardio and power coaching. 

As such, we will’t say HIIT is healthier for cardio as a result of they’re totally different. Ideally, try to be doing each.

However, if the query is which is healthier for burning energy shortly and total fats loss targets, HIIT reigns supreme as a result of it might probably provide help to construct muscle and maintain your metabolism working robust, which is essential for staying lean. 

Is HIIT simpler for weight reduction?

HIIT is extremely efficient for weight reduction as a result of it causes you to burn extra energy at relaxation lengthy after the exercise is over and it increase your metabolism by way of this and the truth that it promotes muscle progress. Most folks need to shed extra pounds within the type of fats, by which case HIIT is simpler for that sort of weight reduction.

Are HIIT exercises good for stomach fats? 

HIIT is nice for shedding stomach fats. While you may’t spot cut back fats, HIIT is proven to be the best type of train for fats loss. Studies present it would considerably cut back stomach and visceral fats mass with common follow.

Remember, all of the ab workouts on the planet received’t provide help to get a pleasant toned abdomen or six pack until you deliver down your physique fats share. If you need that, you want HIIT. 


HIIT exercises can vary from 4 minutes as much as Half-hour, however the most effective common time size is round 10-20 minutes.

Beginners ought to begin with round 10 minutes for HIIT exercises. However, as you turn into extra superior, you may work your manner up in time (and/or depth of the workouts itself – i.e. reasonably than doing units of air squats do leap squats).

Overall, it’s worthwhile to take heed to your physique. Remember, HIIT is meant to be INTENSE. Your physique can solely maintain a excessive degree of depth for so lengthy. At some level, depth will diminish, so if you go on too lengthy and your exercise is now not intense, it received’t even be a HIIT exercise anymore. AND for those who attempt to push your self too far, overuse accidents can happen.

Like with any sort of train, it’s worthwhile to begin someplace after which progress. A 5 minute very excessive depth exercise can be significantly better than a 10-15 minute mediocre depth “HIIT” exercise. 


Two to 3 HIIT exercises per week is sweet. Essentially, you need to give your physique a minimum of a full 24 hours of relaxation and restoration between session. This contains different kinds of power coaching exercises that you could be be doing.

If you’re a newbie and you’re already doing a little type of resistance coaching, begin with only one HIIT exercise per week, then work up in frequency from there. 

If you intend to solely do HIIT exercises, then you might most likely be secure round 3-4 exercises per week with a schedule as follows:

Monday: HIIT

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: HIIT

Thursday: Rest

Friday: HIIT

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: HIIT

That stated, it’s seemingly you will need to do different kinds of exercises, so we’ll go over incorporate HIIT into an present routine a bit additional beneath.

Can I do HIIT on a regular basis?

If you’re doing HIIT accurately, which implies very excessive depth, then NO. It’s positively not beneficial to do it on daily basis. HIIT is taxing in your nervous system, so you will want ample time to get better or else you’ll find yourself overtraining, mentally burned out, and your efforts for muscle progress merely can’t happen contemplating you aren’t giving your self sufficient relaxation for restore.

All that stated, one thing like a 5 minute HIIT exercise might be greater than doable for most match people. In the top, you actually simply must pay attention and perceive your physique. If you want relaxation, take it.

hiit workout for female beginners


It actually depends upon the person, how arduous your HIIT exercises are, how usually you’re doing HIIT and what different bodily actions you’re doing. However, usually talking, with 2-3 HIIT exercises per week, you must see some nice ends in as little as 4 weeks. If you stick to 2-3 HIIT exercises per week, particularly along with different average depth resistance coaching, you’ll get into the most effective form of your life earlier than you realize it. 


A variety of ladies like to simply do just a few HIIT exercises every week along with some type of lengthy length cardio. If that’s the case, goal for 2-4 HIIT exercises every week, unfold out so you may have sufficient restoration time in-between periods. 

If you need to do some weight coaching together with HIIT, then a really perfect exercise schedule will appear to be one thing as follows:

Monday: Lower Body WorkoutTuesday: RestWednesday: Upper Body WorkoutThursday: HIITFriday: RestSaturday: Full Body WorkoutSunday: Rest


Monday: Lower BodyTuesday: Upper BodyWednesday: RestThursday: HIITFriday: RestSaturday: Lower BodySunday: Upper BodyMonday: RestTuesday: HIIT…and so forth


Monday: Full Body Weight TrainingTuesday: RestWednesday: HIITThursday: RestFriday: Full Body Weight TrainingSaturday: RestSunday: HIITMonday: RestRepeat

Long length cardio will also be blended in throughout mornings of full physique weight coaching days.


For extra superior…

Monday: Upper Body WorkoutTuesday: Lower Body WorkoutWednesday: HIITThursday: RestRepeat

There are so some ways to go about programming HIIT into your exercises. Ultimately, if you’re doing a 10-20 minute HIIT exercise, you need to give your self 24 hours earlier than your subsequent exercise. If your weight coaching periods are intense too, then it’s worthwhile to additionally give your physique and muscular tissues the remaining it wants earlier than doing HIIT. 

That stated, if you wish to do fast HIIT finishers just a few occasions per week, then you might throw in a 5 minute HIIT after a few your average depth resistance coaching periods per week. That must be greater than doable when it comes to restoration. 

We will present numerous examples of HIIT exercises for ladies that work with totally different routines.

HIIT workout for women at home


Let’s first go over some nice HIIT exercises for girls of various health ranges, then we’ll run you thru construct your personal HIIT exercises, which incorporates a few of the finest HIIT workouts to make use of. 

HIIT WORKOUT #1 – Female Beginners At Home No Equipment: 

This HIIT exercise is especially nice for ladies who’re inexperienced persons. 

For this HIIT exercise, it’s full size, which means you may throw it in your TV, pill or cellphone and comply with alongside to it. The video features a timer so you realize precisely when to start out and cease, in addition to demonstrations of the subsequent train in line throughout relaxation durations.

Workout Details:

10 Exercises
45 Seconds On
15 Seconds Off
1 Round

1. Power Squats2. Side Shuffle with Touch3. Lunge to Knee Drive4. Jumping Jacks5. Lateral Walk with Hop6. High Knee with Pause7. Good Morning Lunge8. Step Back Burpee9. Knee Push Up10. Elevated Mountain Climbers

Easier Alternative Movements Included

Total Workout Time: 10 minutes

If you need extra comply with alongside HIIT exercises like this, please remember to go away a remark, like and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

HIIT Workout #2 – Female Intermediate At Home No Equipment:

This HIIT exercise takes issues up a notch. It entails shorter intervals as a result of the workouts are more durable and extra explosive and intense. This is an efficient HIIT routine for ladies who’re already in fairly fine condition. 

Workout Details:

10 Exercises
20 Seconds On
10 Seconds Off
2 to three Rounds (no relaxation between rounds)

1. Jump Squats2. Mountain Climbers3. High Knees4. Star Jumps5. Plank Jacks6. Burpees7. Butt Kicks8. Tuck Jumps9. Side Plank with Dip (left)10. Side Plank with Dip (proper)

HIIT Workout #3 – Female Intermediate to Advance With Equipment:

For ladies who want a significantly difficult HIIT exercise, add some gear into the combination. 

The finest gear for HIIT exercises are dumbbells or kettlebells. However, flat loop resistance bands will also be nice!

Because dumbbells are the best to entry for most, let’s use dumbbells for this intermediate-advanced HIIT routine.

Workout Details:

Equipment: A Pair of Dumbbells

Choose an acceptable weight based mostly on the workouts beneath and your power degree. You need them to be difficult but sustainable for 4 rounds. That stated, you may change to a heavier pair or lighter pair mid exercise, shortly, if wanted.

5 Exercises
30 seconds On
15 seconds Off
4 Rounds 

1. Thrusters2. Renegade Rows3. Burpees4. Reverse Lunge with Curl5. Sit Up with Overhead Press

HIIT Workout #4 – Sprints (Distance):

Sprints make for a tremendous HIIT exercise. In reality, it is likely one of the hottest methods to do HIIT, and all it entails are SPRINTS, which makes it extraordinarily accessible and all ranges of health can do it.

You can management the issue just by how a lot work you do, how briskly you push your sprints, in addition to utilizing an incline for your sprints as you turn into extra superior.

Option 1: 10 x 50m Sprints 

Sprint the 50m then stroll again to your beginning line and instantly dash once more. So, your relaxation time is the strolling distance again, which must be about ~30 seconds. As such, this exercise entails larger relaxation time than working time, BUT the sprints must be INTENSE. 


5 Minute Dynamic Warm5 Minute Speed Walking or Jogging- You should heat up earlier than dash exercises

Sprint 1: 60% max velocity
Sprint 2: 70% max velocity
Sprint 3: 75% max velocity
Sprint 4: 80% max velocity
Sprint 5: 85% max velocity
Sprint 6: 90% max velocity
Sprint 7: 90%+ max velocity
Sprint 8: 80% max velocity
Sprint 9: 75% max velocity
Sprint 10: 70% max velocity

Difficulty degree: beginner-intermediate 

Option 2: 10 x 100m Sprints 

5 Minute Dynamic Warm5 Minute Speed Walking or Jogging- You should heat up earlier than dash exercises

Sprint 1: 60% max velocity
Sprint 2: 70% max velocity
Sprint 3: 80% max velocity
Sprint 4: 90% max velocity
Sprint 5: 90%+ max velocity
Sprint 6: 90%+ max velocity
Sprint 7: 90%+ max velocity
Sprint 8: 80% max velocity
Sprint 9: 80% max velocity
Sprint 10: 70% max velocity

Rest time: Just the strolling distance again to the beginning line of your 100 meters. 

Difficulty degree: Advanced 

HIIT Workout #5 – Sprints (Time):

20 second sprints, 90 seconds relaxation

This might be carried out anyplace outdoors or on a treadmill.

Just run 20 seconds. Distance doesn’t matter. But it’s good to maintain monitor of distance as every set and even the subsequent exercise you may attempt to run a bit farther. That manner you realize you’re pushing your self.

After every 20 second set, relaxation for 90 seconds. Ideally, you may be strolling throughout that 90 seconds. Don’t simply stand nonetheless (you may stroll again to the beginning line to maintain monitor of distance or simply maintain transferring ahead and see how far you may go!).

Beginner: 7 dash units complete

Increase issue: 

If you want this exercise, the subsequent time you do it, attempt to add 1 extra set. However, sooner or later, you may solely enhance the variety of units a lot. So, to make issues harder, you can too enhance the time or do that exercise on an incline. You might even do that on an inclined avenue or a hill.

Hill sprints are the last word dash HIIT exercise, however reserve it for if you end up extra superior as a result of they’re BRUTAL.

Treadmill Sprints: 

One of our favourite methods to do sprints on a treadmill is with the treadmill OFF. That’s proper.

Get on the treadmill. Don’t flip it on.

Then, holding the entrance handles, energy the belt (get it transferring) just by transferring your legs with all of your would possibly. As you get going, it’ll be transferring simply as if it was turned on. 

So, for this one, you do 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off. Aim to do 15-20 units. It’s killer. 

We like this selection of leaving the treadmill off for just a few causes:

It’s so much more durable (it’s primarily like doing sprints on an incline)

When you cease, you don’t have to fret about leaping off the treadmill or urgent buttons to get the velocity all the way down to strolling. When you cease, it stops as you had been powering the belt manually. 

How usually can I do dash HIIT exercises?

Don’t do greater than two dash exercises per week. As a newbie, begin with only one. If you need to do extra HIIT exercises every week, then additionally do some body weight train HIIT exercises, not simply sprints. Sprints are usually probably the most taxing on the physique.



To construct a HIIT exercise, it’s worthwhile to take into account just a few issues:

Exercises: What train(s) are you going to decide on. A HIIT exercise can contain one or many workouts

Interval Time (exercise format): Work and relaxation durations

Total Workout Time: How many intervals/rounds 

So, let’s go over every of those factors briefly. 

Best HIIT Exercises for Women:

The finest HIIT workouts for ladies and men are going to be huge compound actions and explosive workouts. The solely actual distinction between what workouts ladies ought to select compared to males is that if the lady in query has some limitations. For instance, loads of ladies have hassle with higher physique power actions like push ups. It’s necessary which you can carry out the train with excessive depth and explosive energy when doing HIIT. So, for those who lack power in sure areas, then select various workouts that you realize you may carry out powerfully.

Here is an inventory of a few of the finest bodyweight-only HIIT workouts for ladies:


High Knees


Tuck Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Lunges

Bicycle Crunches

Lateral Skiers

Butt Kicks

Jump Squats

Star Jumps

Jumping Jacks

Flutter Kicks

Plank Jacks

Russian Twists

The wonderful thing about the above workouts is that they’re appropriate for all ranges. Intensity might be managed and simpler alternate options might be made.

For instance, as a newbie, a full burpee could also be too troublesome, however a half burpee (with out the push up and/or leap) is doable for practically anybody. 

Related: Best HIIT Exercises for Beginners

As lengthy as you’re getting your coronary heart fee up very excessive, then it doesn’t matter if you’re doing as many reps as the subsequent particular person. Each particular person’s health degree is totally different, so the look of your “high intensity” is not going to all the time be the identical as another person’s. 

Best Equipment for HIIT exercises:

Battle Ropes (waves and slams and different battle rope workouts make for an amazing HIIT exercise)

Dumbbells (a pair of sunshine weight dumbbells can have you rocking!)

Kettlebells (Kettlebells for HIIT is kind of probably the most effective! And all you actually need is one!)

Medicine Balls & Slam Balls

Steel Mace

Resistance Bands

Save gear based mostly HIIT exercises for when your HIIT sport is 100% as much as par. Bodyweight HIIT is greater than sufficient for most newbie and intermediates. That stated, it may be enjoyable to change issues up by including in a chunk of kit. 

Best HIIT Workout Formats: 

It actually depends upon what the workouts are. Is it a core centered HIIT? Is it a sprinting HIIT? Are you utilizing gear or simply body weight actions?

Generally talking, the most effective HIIT exercise codecs (and thus intervals) for body weight workouts (and workouts with comparatively light-weight gear) are…

20/10: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off is HIIT interval construction referred to as Tabata. You can do Tabata exercises with one or many workouts integrated. As you solely have 10 seconds of relaxation, it’s often finest carried out with much less workouts and even only one train (i.e. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 10 rounds doing simply Jump Squats, Battle Rope Waves, Burpees, or High Knees, and many others.)

30/15: 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off. This is one other widespread choice. Usually for the 30/15 format, the exercise will contain a number of workouts, not all are explosive, as 30 seconds of labor is a very long time within the HIIT world. The 30/15 format can also be good for HIIT exercises that contain gear like dumbbells.

45/15 or 40/20: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off OR 40/20. This is an efficient format for inexperienced persons because the actions will usually be much less impactful so longer time is required. In this case, a exercise from 10-20 minutes for a newbie with a forty five/15 format is sweet. On the opposite hand, this interval might be nice for individuals who need to do a very robust but fast HIIT exercise. An superior feminine athlete might actually REALLY drain themselves with a 5-10 minute HIIT exercise doing huge explosive actions with a forty five/15 or 40/20 format.

Other HIIT fashion codecs are Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) and As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) Workouts. 

As for sprints, it’s often the alternative when it comes to work and relaxation time. For instance, a dash HIIT exercise could also be dash for 20 seconds, relaxation for 90 seconds OR dash for 15 seconds, relaxation for 45-60 seconds, dash for 10 seconds, relaxation for 30 seconds. However, relaxation isn’t often a whole standstill, it usually entails both strolling or jogging. 

Essentially, with sprints, you need to give it your all for a length of time or distance (50-100 meters at most) after which relaxation simply sufficient so your coronary heart fee doesn’t go beneath 60-65%. If you’re in actually fine condition, you may merely decrease your relaxation time after every sprinting interval. 

Total Workout Time:

As we’ve already mentioned, you actually need to give it your all when doing a HIIT exercise. As such, HIIT exercises is not going to be efficient if they’re too lengthy. 

Keep your HIIT to round 5-Half-hour. 

As a newbie, we advocate someplace within the 10-20 minute vary.

Why can we not select 5 minutes for a newbie? Well, usually inexperienced persons will be unable to actually push themselves arduous sufficient for a 5 minutes to be as efficient.

Putting all of it collectively: 

Choose a exercise length (i.e. 10 minutes).

Figure out a piece/relaxation interval and the workouts that finest swimsuit that exercise length.

Calculate the variety of rounds if wanted.


hiit exercises for women


Some research present that you’ll really burn extra fats and total energy in a 12-14 hour interval if you do HIIT in a fed state, whereas different research counsel that fats oxidation does enhance throughout fasted HIIT.

In the top, to shed extra pounds, and due to this fact fats, it’s worthwhile to be in a caloric deficit over time. So, it doesn’t matter for those who eat or not when it comes to fats and weight reduction, but it surely does when it comes to efficiency…

Some folks could just do nice with a HIIT exercise in a fasted state. Especially if they’re used to exercising fasted. However, most individuals will see considerably higher efficiency if consuming a bit 30-60 minutes earlier than a HIIT exercise, and with higher efficiency comes higher outcomes. 

So, see what works for you. If you’ll do only a fast 5-10 minute HIIT exercise, doing it fasted for those who’d like is likely to be completely nice for you. But, for those who plan to do a severe HIIT exercise for 10+ minutes, we do advocate getting one thing in your abdomen. 

Yet, don’t eat an excessive amount of beforehand or your exercise can even endure. It’s by no means straightforward to do an intense exercise with a full abdomen.

Therefore, the proper meal earlier than a HIIT exercise is one thing like a banana, scoop of peanut or almond butter and a protein shake.


Absolutely. Do your finest to eat inside 15 to twenty minutes of ending your HIIT exercise. Remember, HIIT is much like weight coaching in that your muscular tissues are going to be pressured and wish gasoline to get better. Get some protein and wholesome carbs in after your HIIT exercise and you’re good to go.

Also, drink loads of water. Hydration is a should for HIIT.


As you may see, there are such a lot of advantages ladies can reap by doing HIIT and the choices for HIIT exercises are limitless. This makes HIIT accessible for practically each woman on the market. Not to say, enjoyable! Yes, perhaps a brutal sort of enjoyable, however the feel-goods you get after are so value it. 

So, when you’ve got any curiosity in any respect to do HIIT, get your exercise gear on and get it in! Train arduous, prepare sensible, and the outcomes will comply with.

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