7 Best Creatine Supplements of 2022

It’s not stunning the market is totally flooded with creatine powders. Other than protein powder, creatine is by far the preferred sports activities complement there may be. And that’s not stunning both because it’s probably the most studied AND the best ergogenic support there may be. Being so, the complement business has scooped up this exceptional and easy powder and has managed to complicate it to the purpose you want a level to determine it out; and generally that isn’t even sufficient! Point being, realizing what creatine to purchase is usually a bit intimidating, so we need to repair that.

This article will go over what you must find out about creatine so the following time you go supp procuring, you’ll perceive what creatine manufacturers to look out for.


What is creatine?
Why must you complement creatine?

What to search for in a creatine complement

Creatine powder vs capsules
Creatine monohydrate vs different kinds of creatine

The high creatine dietary supplements available on the market in 2022

Our favourite creatine powder available on the market 2022

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a non-protogenic amino acid that’s very important for primary human perform. It’s discovered naturally within the human physique with 95% being saved inside our muscular tissues and 5% inside our mind and testes. Without supplementation, we eat our creatine via our food plan (meat, fish) or it’s synthesized throughout the physique from the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine. 

ATP is a excessive vitality phosphate that’s also referred to as the physique’s “vitality foreign money. This is as a result of it’s required for numerous physiological processes together with each muscle contraction that takes place. However, it’s consistently getting used after which replenished which is finished by one of our three metabolic processes. In different phrases, in the event you run out of ATP, you’re not transferring.

Creatine is primarily used within the ATP-CP metabolic system to resynthesize this vitality molecule making it very important for fulfillment within the fitness center. This is as a result of the ATP-CP system is liable for replenishing ATP throughout very excessive intense occasions for brief durations, corresponding to lifting weights.

Why Should You Supplement Creatine?

As talked about, our our bodies will all the time have pure shops of creatine. However, relying on the food plan, most people’ creatine shops are solely 60-80% full at any given time. Therefore, after we complement with creatine, we’re merely filling up our creatine shops to 100%. With our creatine shops at 100%, we’re then in a position to produce stronger muscle contractions which implies both lifting extra weight or performing extra reps. This larger workload will then translate into extra positive factors in energy and muscle hypertrophy. 

All this stated, creatine is probably the most studied and effectively researched ergogenic aids available on the market which is why the ISSN all the time ranks it as one of the perfect dietary dietary supplements there may be.

What To Look For In A Creatine Supplement

At the top of the day, creatine is a really primary complement. It’s composed of one compound which usually is available in a powder type. In different phrases, there are not any proprietary blends or particular substances that you must remember of. Creatine is creatine.

That being stated, there are some variables you must look out for…

1. Purity Of The Creatine:

Perhaps an important issue when deciding what creatine complement to purchase is its purity; mainly, how a lot filler are you getting? The excellent news is that with so many merchandise available on the market at the moment, it’s fairly protected to say that the overwhelming majority of creatine powders are going to have very excessive purity.

Be conscious that no product is actually 100% pure even when the labels say so. 

That being stated, the model Creapure does ship creatine with the very best stage of purity at 99.9% (which is mainly 100%). Creapure is definitely a lab in Germany that sells creatine to totally different complement corporations who can use it of their merchandise; both half of multi-ingredients or single-ingredient dietary supplements. While different manufacturers who don’t use Creapure probably even have merchandise with very excessive purity, the Creapure brand can assure it. To put it in perspective, we’re speaking about 99.9% purity vs 99.5%; both manner is probably going going to be enough.

2. Cost Per Unit:

After the purity has been handled, price is the following main issue. As talked about, creatine is creatine, so there’s actually no cause to pay extra money except there’s a significant distinction within the purity. If you do pay extra, you’re doubtless spending cash on advertising and marketing or packaging. For instance, one of the most cost effective merchandise available on the market is from an organization often called Bulk Supplements. You are in a position to purchase 1kg, which equals 200 servings for below $50. That’s simply $0.25 per serving! 

3. Stay Away From Multiple Ingredients:

You would do effectively by staying away from any kind of multi-ingredient complement with creatine. To start with, assuming you’re getting what you assume you’re getting, these are usually over-priced as a result of tedious course of of placing the substances collectively. These dietary supplements will promote you their merchandise with the idea that you simply received’t do the mathematics and add up what you’re really getting. They additionally assume you’ll pay for the comfort.

Regardless, multi-ingredient dietary supplements are all the time costlier than in the event you simply purchase single substances and blend them your self.

In addition, they most likely add one thing you don’t even need or probably doesn’t even work. This means you’re actually paying for one thing you don’t want.

Further, these blends could make it very troublesome to dose accurately. Let’s say you purchase a complement that comes with 2g of creatine per serving. This would imply you must take 2.5 servings simply to hit the really helpful upkeep dose of 5g of creatine per day. And that’s in the event you’re fortunate sufficient to even understand how a lot you’re getting! Many complement manufacturers will cover behind proprietary blends in order to not let you know precisely how a lot of every compound you’re getting. This is just not superb for apparent causes (if the complement would not say how a lot of an ingredient, do not buy it). 

While multi-ingredient merchandise aren’t all the time a nasty factor (i.e. with pre-workouts), relating to creatine, persist with simply shopping for a single ingredient product to make sure correct dosing. 

Creatine Powder vs Creatine Capsules

One of the foremost selections you’ll have to make is shopping for creatine powder or creatine drugs. So what’s the distinction?

Well, one is in a powder type and one is available in capsules. And that’s it. When you purchase creatine capsules, you’re successfully paying for comfort because it’s actually the identical creatine. The solely benefit is that you simply don’t must measure out the creatine (it may be extra correct than scoops of powder) making it a sooner and extra handy choice.

Further, it’s simpler to take with you on the go in case you are a fan of meals timing (however remember that timing of creatine has been proven to essentially not be that vital). That being stated, you do pay for this comfort as creatine capsules are fairly a bit costlier than powder.

For instance, when Optimum Nutrition, they’ve creatine capsules and creatine powder. The powder has 114 servings at 5g which equals 570g. At $40, this comes out to $0.35/serving. Their capsules solely have 370g complete (150 servings of 2.5g) which equals 74 servings. At a worth of $58, this comes out to $0.78/ serving – greater than twice as a lot! 

So, in the event you discover capsules extra handy OR you merely do not need to drink it in powder type, then go for it; aside from that, you’ll find yourself paying much more cash for nothing.

Creatine Monohydrate vs Other Creatine Variations

Another widespread query that comes when deciding what creatine to purchase is “What’s the difference between creatine monohydrate and other creatine versions”. Over the previous few years, the market has seen an inflow in numerous sorts of creatine corresponding to creatine HCL, buffered creatine, liquid creatine, and others. While we received’t break down each model right here (you possibly can try this in-depth article we wrote on creatine HCL vs monohydrate), the essential clarification for all of these is they’re a cash seize. The complement firm has tried to create new and higher variations of creatine with obscure claims of extra effectiveness and the like. There may be very little, if any, proof to again up any of these claims. Creatine monohydrate is superior and there may be actually no cause to make use of some other model.  

The solely time you may need to take a look at a unique variation is when you have issues with bloating, which some folks declare they get with creatine monohydrate. While you possibly can simply take smaller doses extra ceaselessly (i.e. take 1g within the morning, 2g at lunch, and 1g at night time), it is uncommon for it to happen with simply 5 grams. It’s extra more likely to happen throughout the loading section, however once more, you possibly can simply cut up up your every day dosages over the day.

Nevertheless, in the event you actually do have a bloating subject with monohydrate, it’s possible you’ll need to look into creatine HCL because it includes decrease every day dosing (1.5-2g).

If you’re uncertain about bloating (that means you have not taken creatine so you do not even know in the event you get bloated), then simply begin with creatine monohydrate. If you haven’t any points with it, there’s no cause to make use of one other model.

All in all, creatine monohydrate is king for the overwhelming majority of folks. It’s probably the most studied and a greater worth. 

The 7 Best Creatine Supplements On The Market

So now that we all know what we’re searching for, we’ll go excessive creatine powders that it is best to preserve your eye out for. The advantage of creatine is that there’s really not a ton of room for it to distinguish it from different creatine complement manufacturers. While there may be variations in purity and worth, the one different manner manufacturers can put themselves on high is with fancy advertising and marketing. In different phrases, you don’t want a ton of decisions; you simply want a number of high quality decisions. 

3 Best Creatine Monohydrate Powders:

Instead of developing with particular titles for various creatine powders, corresponding to “Best for men”, we’re simply going to provide you our three high picks for a creatine monohydrate powder.

As talked about above, creatine is creatine, and there’s no such factor as a “best for men” or “best for bodybuilders”. It’s like saying a bit of steak is finest for males or finest for bodybuilding. A creatine complement has one job and that’s to fill your creatine shops. If it does that, constructing muscle or dropping pounds is as much as you, your programing, and food plan.

Here are our high 3 picks for a creatine monohydrate powder…

1) Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

best creatine powder

It’s all the time a protected guess to say that Optimum Nutrition will find yourself on a “Best of” checklist for dietary supplements. They are usually seen because the #1 firm available on the market and for good cause. Being based in 1986, Optimum Nutrition is one of the pioneers within the complement business. Since then, they’ve earned their premier popularity by constantly delivering top of the range merchandise at reasonably priced costs; together with their creatine. 

Optimum Nutrition affords a micronized creatine monohydrate produced from Creapure. From this we all know two issues; it’s extremely soluble and is as pure as you will get. “Micronized” merely signifies that particles of creatine have been “microparticle size”; in different phrases, extraordinarily high-quality. To be precise, Optimum Nutrition’s micronized creatine is reportedly 20x smaller than regular creatine powders. As far because the purity, we have now already mentioned Creapure, so there’s actually nothing a lot left to say; it’s the perfect. 

They provide a number of sizes, however probably the most generally bought product is their 114 serving bottle. We really already mentioned this above, however to re-cap, their serving measurement is 5g which implies this bottle really has 570g. At $40, this comes out to 0.35/serving. Considering that is nearly as good because it will get, that is really economically possible as effectively. 

Bottom Line:

You can’t go flawed with Optimum Nutrition, and it’s a certain guess. We love that Optimum Nutrition has stood the take a look at of time and has all the time remained on high. It’s actually laborious to give you any cause to purchase aside from optimum diet as they provide some of the very best purity creatine available on the market at one of probably the most reasonably priced; even when in comparison with these of much less purity. 

Buy Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate on Amazon

2) Muscle Feast Creapure Creatine Monohydrate Powder

best creatine monohydrate

While not as common as Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Feast is one other high quality creatine monohydrate available on the market to look out for. Similar to Optimum Nutrition, they too have determined to supply their creatine from Creapure so once more, you’re speaking about top of the range. At as soon as they did stand out as they supplied flavored creatine monohydrate; nevertheless, that appears to be not continued. They do provide creatine sweet, which is extra much like drugs, however it seems that you could solely purchase unflavored creatine monohydrate powder for now. However, that doesn’t actually have an effect on our ideas as in actuality, it is best to combine creatine with carbs and liquid anyhow, corresponding to juice. This makes flavoring utterly pointless. 

All that being stated, we like that they too provide top-quality creatine at an reasonably priced worth. Currently, they appear to solely provide a 55 serving bottle on Amazon for $32.99. This locations one serving at round $0.60, which is a little more costly than Optimum Nutrition. However, it’s nonetheless acceptable contemplating you’re shopping for the very best quality available on the market. 

Bottom Line:

Muscle Feast delivers a high notch creatine monohydrate. While costlier than Optimum Nutrition, it’s nonetheless a fantastic product if you end up in a bind. 

Buy Muscle Feast Creapure Creatine Monohydrate Powder on Amazon

3) MTS Nutrition: Creatine Powder (Creapure) German Powder

best creatine supplement

Marc Lobliner is the person behind Tiger Fitness. He is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and an Old School Youtuber; actually one of the primary to run a health channel on Youtube. While he is usually a polarizing determine as a result of his bluntness, we love that as a result of he speaks the reality and doesn’t unfold BS. This consists of his complement line MTS which he created alongside his path to success.

MTS affords top-quality creatine with a reputation that features all you must know “Creapure German Powder”. And that’s what he delivers, a creatine monohydrate powder produced with Creapure. And in the event you haven’t seen but, all of our high picks are Creapure primarily based creatines.  

MTS comes with an 80 serving bottle priced at $39.99, equating to about 0.50/serving. However, you even have the choice of shopping for on a subscription service which brings the entire costs right down to $34.99. This positively isn’t a nasty solution to go as, once more, creatine is one thing that almost all will take for prolonged intervals of time. Regardless, Mark Lobliner and his line of dietary supplements are top of the range which have gained respect over time.

Bottom Line:

MTS once more affords a Creapure base creatine monohydrate powder so it’s top of the range. We like the concept that they provide an opportunity to save lots of just a little bit of money by being placed on a subscription service which is all the time a good suggestion as you’ll be shopping for once more.  

Buy MTS Nutrition: Creatine Powder (Creapure) German Powder on Amazon

4 Other Good Options For Creatine Supplements:

If the three choices above aren’t for you, listed here are 4 extra choices for creatine to contemplate. These are primarily based on:

Best for these on a price range
Best creatine drugs
Best “unknown” creatine model
Best creatine HCL

4) The Best Creatine Powder For Those On A Budget: Bulk Supplements


We talked about this product above however we will now formally introduce it on our checklist of high creatine dietary supplements. If you’re watching your spending however nonetheless desire a high quality creatine product, it is best to positively try Bulk Supplements. Bulk Supplements have shortly develop into the go-to model for these wanting to purchase high quality with out “quality” costs. Part of the best way they’re able to provide such low costs is because of their advertising and marketing and packaging, or lack of thereafter. They depend on minimal advertising and marketing and a really primary packaging as a method to offset their worth and it has positively labored of their favor.

Their creatine monohydrate product is the most cost effective that you simply’ll have the ability to discover. Further, they’ve a number of totally different sizes which generate an excellent lower cost. For instance, they promote a 5kg bag of creatine for simply $270! That’s 1000 servings at simply 0.27/serving! Even their smallest bag of 250g (50 servings) sits at simply 0.60/serving.  

Note: They have 1.1lb and a pair of.2lb choices on Amazon.

Still, all of their merchandise are examined by third events to make sure high quality. Their creatine product holds the next certifications:

Lab verified

Third-party examined

cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Triple Inspected 

Bottom Line:

You’re not going to discover a cheaper product of this high quality available on the market. If you don’t want the 99.9% purity of Creapure (which it’s laborious to confidently say we do), save your self some cash and purchase Bulk Supplements. If you actually need to get monetary savings or have mates, purchase one of their greater luggage of creatine!

Buy Bulk Supplement Creatine on Amazon

5) Best Creatine Pill: Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Capsules

best creatine capsules

Above we went over the variations between drugs and powders and the way you’re mainly simply paying for comfort. Well, in the event you’re keen to pay for comfort, you then may as effectively purchase a creatine tablet that provides comfort AND high quality. For that, we’ll go along with Optimum Nutrition’s Micronized Creatine Capsules. Again, this is similar precise creatine that’s discovered of their powder model besides now, their creatine has been pre-measured into 2.5g gelatin capsules for ease of use.

While 2.5g looks as if an odd dosage, it really makes rather a lot of sense. This is as a result of the common dose is wherever from 3-5g a day. This signifies that except you make drugs that ship 1g of creatine, somebody will all the time be a bit off so drugs won’t ever be enough for everybody. Many different manufacturers will really select to make a 3g tablet nevertheless, the bulk of folks choose to simply take the 5g dose. This means this huge group of folks will all the time be underdosed by 2g or overdosed by 1g (2 drugs=6g). By making 2.5g drugs, Optimum Nutrition chooses to fulfill the specified dose for almost all of folks. 

Bottom Line:

If you’re searching for creatine in capsule type, go along with Optimum Nutrition. Not solely are you assured to get top quality creatine, however you get the suitable dosage with 2 capsules AND you may be certain the dose per capsule is right. ON is methodical.

Buy Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Capsules on Amazon

6) Best “Unknown” Creatine: NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate

safest creatine

When most individuals take into consideration dietary dietary supplements, they robotically assume of Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, or Animal. All of these are powerhouses within the complement sport and must be as all of them constantly ship high-quality merchandise. However, different lesser-known manufacturers provide equal and even larger high quality merchandise. One of these manufacturers is known as NutraBio. 

What makes NutraBio stand out is that it claims to have some of the very best high quality substances available on the market. Concerning their creatine, they declare a purity stage of >99.98%! Not solely that, they will assure this as they’ve third social gathering testing on each batch. If that wasn’t sufficient, they began an internet site referred to as www.checkmysupps.com which permits shoppers to instantly test the batch quantity of their product. You merely go to this website and enter the batch quantity of your product and it takes you to the precise lab evaluation of the third social gathering testing group. That’s confidence, and we adore it. Purity is the primary variable subsequent to a cost-effective worth. Plus, at 99.98%, you possibly can’t actually get an excessive amount of larger. Further, all of their merchandise are made in-house of their FDA-inspected, GMP licensed facility in New Jersey.

Other than being 99.8% pure, creatine is reportedly some of the best available on the market. With 20x extra floor space than regular creatine, NutraBio creatine monohydrate is extremely soluble and extremely simple to combine. When these qualities are put collectively, NutraBio comes out on high as one of the supreme merchandise that enable the best absorption and mitigates misery.

Currently, they solely have two portions, 150g and 300g. If you’re going to purchase creatine, we firmly consider in buying bigger portions as creatine have to be taken chronically for optimum results. Therefore, we’d advise you to purchase the 300g. At $34.99, this offers a per serving (5g) of $0.58. That’s really according to the Bulk Supplements 250g bag.

Bottom Line:

NutraBio is a wonderful firm that it is best to positively look into. It’s laborious to argue with an organization that makes a whole web site simply so you possibly can test the third social gathering lab evaluation your self. When mixed with the standard of their creatine at 99.8%, we expect it’s price it to pay just a little additional for that assure in the event you had been searching for a supreme product.

Buy NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate on Amazon

7) Best Creatine HCL: Kaged Muscle C-HCL

safest creatine

As talked about above, most individuals don’t want something aside from creatine monohydrate. However, in the event you actually do have a difficulty with digestion, it’s good to have choices. Therefore, we need to decide you our high creatine HCL, which comes from Kaged Muscle.

Kaged Muscle has develop into highly regarded for his or her Creatine HCL over the previous years. Compared to creatine monohydrate, it’s troublesome to evaluation as there haven’t been sufficient research to ascertain its effectiveness. However, they do declare to be the one patented creatine available on the market as a result of make-up of their product; once more, troublesome to evaluation. 

They provide a 75 serving bottle for $29.39. One odd factor to say proper now could be their flavored model is definitely cheaper, however anyhow. At first this appears to be extraordinarily low cost till you understand {that a} serving is just 750mg. Again, the foremost declare for creatine HCL is that you simply don’t have to take as a lot, however the common consensus is that 750mg nonetheless appears low as 1.5-2g every day is really helpful for HCL. However, as a result of patent, we will’t actually say a lot about that. 

That being stated, they’ve over 2,000 high quality opinions on Amazon, so we’ll go along with that. The overwhelming majority do speak about how Kaged Muscle HCL may repair their digestive points with creatine monohydrate. Further, you’ll virtually all the time discover Kaged Muscle on the highest of creatine lists, so we’re sticking with what we see. 

Bottom Line:

As talked about, it’s a bit tougher to evaluation different variations of creatine as there simply hasn’t been rather a lot of time to judge merchandise. Further, our personal expertise with totally different variations is proscribed as we use creatine monohydrate with no downside. Therefore, we’re amassing all of the data from the web to determine traits, and that pattern is Kaged Muscle. Therefore, in the event you do want a creatine HCL, go along with Kaged Muscle. 

Buy Kaged Muscle C-HCL on Amazon

Summary of Our Picks:

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
Muscle Feast Creapure Creatine Monohydrate Powder
MTS Nutrition: Creatine Powder (Creapure) German Powder
Bulk Supplements Creatine
Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Capsules
NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate
Kaged Muscle C-HCL

WINNER: Our Favorite Creatine Monohydrate For 2022 – Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

creatine monohydrate micronized

If you had been to come back look in our firm’s pantry, you’d discover a massive bottle of Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate because it’s our favourite creatine for 2022. At simply $0.35/serving for Creapure, Optimum Nutrition exhibits why they’re the perfect. Perhaps we’re creatures of behavior, however we firmly consider within the motto “If it’s not damaged, don’t repair it.”

While all of the choices on this checklist are nice, we don’t assume any provide something that will make us strive one thing aside from what we have now used for years and know works. Optimum Nutrition affords the supreme creatine monohydrate at an superior worth. 

Note: This article incorporates Amazon affiliate hyperlinks the place we’ll obtain a small fee on any buy at no further price to you.

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