7 Best Exercises For Outer Thighs

When it involves leg day, the glutes, quads, and hammies appear to get all the consideration. And whereas we will not argue with wanting to construct up these powerhouse muscle teams, there could also be an vital leg space you are neglecting.

We’re speaking the outer thighs, which not solely contribute to stability, stability, and all actions requiring you to maneuver your legs away out of your physique’s midline, but in addition assist create toned, outlined, muscular outer legs.

Ready to dig into the outer thigh workout routines you need to be doing? We’ll focus on:

Outer thigh muscle anatomy
How to construct your outer thigh muscle groups
7 greatest workout routines to focus on your outer thighs
Tips for slimming and firming your outer thighs
Workout strategies for outer thighs

What muscle groups make up the outer thighs?

When specializing in outer thigh muscle groups, you are focusing on the hip abductors, which play a task in actions requiring the leg to maneuver away out of your midline. For workout routines, suppose strikes like clams, lateral actions like facet shuffles and facet lunges, and the sumo deadlift. As these strikes play an incremental position in countless athletic actions, that is an space each women and men needs to be taking note of.


The gluteus maximus is the most important muscle in your physique. The gluteus medius, generally known as your facet butt, is essentially the most important hip abductor muscle, enjoying a task in strolling and stabilizing the hip. It could be a uncared for and underutilized muscle for many individuals, so ensure that to do your gluteus medius workout routines! Gluteus minimus is the smallest of the three however can be essential in strolling and transferring your leg away out of your physique.

exercises to slim outer thighs

Tensor Fasciae Latae:

A small muscle on the skin of your leg, it really works with the glutes to help in strolling. It begins excessive on the hip and lies between your IT band. And whereas it will not be crucial mirror muscle, it performs a powerful position in general decrease physique motion.


Another small and flat muscle close to the hip’s floor, that is one other one that is not seen once you look within the mirror. It is, nevertheless, very important for lateral hip rotation and abduction when your leg is flexed. It’s vital to carry out piriformis stretches and workout routines, as this muscle being weak or tight typically contributes to sciatica-type ache. Strong outer thigh muscle groups results in much less ache and higher motion.


The longest muscle in our physique, the sartorius runs from the skin of your hip and spirals round your whole thigh into the within of your knee. This muscle performs an important position in stabilization and helps flex, abduct, and rotate the thigh laterally.

toning outer thigh muscle exercises

How to construct your outer thigh muscle groups

If you are involved about outer thigh fats, saddlebag workout routines might help, however we wish to emphasize that you simply can not spot cut back an space of your physique. This means you can not simply do outer thigh workout routines all day and night time and anticipate a large change in solely that space. Unfortunately, that is simply not the way it works.

So, what do you do to construct and sculpt these muscle groups? Strength prepare and eat to construct muscle. If your outer thigh muscle groups should not absolutely developed, merely dropping fats in that space could not provide the toned look you might be chasing. You additionally want muscle mass.

Just like constructing another muscle in your physique, power coaching and monitoring what and the way a lot you’re consuming are efficient methods. By now, you hopefully have realized that no in a single day repair exists, and gradual, constant progress is the place true features are made.

Along with resistance coaching and the right workout routines (extra on that shortly), if you wish to construct muscle, you’ll need to eat in a calorie surplus and monitor your macronutrients. This is the place it will get tough, as a result of we wish to add muscle to your body with out including extra fats.

The greatest macro that contributes to muscle achieve is protein. Utilizing a better protein food regimen can have considerably higher ends in constructing muscle and dropping fats than these with decrease protein intake1. A gradual enhance of 1 pound per week has proven to be the simplest route for constructing muscle and never including extra fats2.

As far as how a lot protein per day to construct muscle, intention for between .8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of physique weight, and regulate how your physique responds.

Regarding workout routines, it would be best to prioritize principal compound actions like squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Sprinkle in some accent lifts to assist isolate smaller muscle groups and enhance your high quality of motion.

Aim for 2-4 units of 5-15 repetitions, relying on the train. Compound workout routines will construct extra power and muscle, so do these first while you’re contemporary and your vitality is excessive. Smaller actions can act because the ending burn after you crush your squats. The key’s progressive overload. Each week you need to be making an attempt to enhance not directly.

exercises for outer hips and thighs

What workout routines goal the facet of your thighs?

It’s vital to know you can not fully isolate the outer thigh muscle groups, however there are methods to focus on these areas extra successfully.

The basis of those workout routines is sort of a meals pyramid. It could be greatest when you had essentially the most servings of the massive compound actions like squats, deadlifts, and single-leg actions (lunges, cut up squats, and so forth.). Target 3-4 working units of every.

The large strikes work essentially the most muscle groups, construct essentially the most power, and are crucial on your physique to maneuver accurately and athletically. Remember, we wish to look good, however by no means at the price of ache and poor motion.

After you’ve knocked these out, isolation actions can have your outer legs on hearth.

7 Best Exercises for Outer Thighs

From compound workout routines like goblet squats and Romanian deadlifts to isolation strikes like lateral raises, we have got your decrease physique, outer thighs, particularly, lined with these 7 strikes.

1. Goblet squats:

best exercises for outer thighs

The goblet squat is a squat variation the place you maintain a dumbbell at chest degree. It is incredible for the glutes and outer thighs and prepares your legs for athletic motion. This helps cut back the danger of harm from having a barbell in your again and means that you can prepare all of your leg muscle groups.

Feel free to change issues up by utilizing a kettlebell as a substitute of dumbbells.

How to do a Goblet Squat:

To get into the squat place, choose a dumbbell up and maintain it vertically with each arms underneath the flat a part of the dumbbell. Set your ft about hip-width aside on your squat
Think about twisting your ft out in your sneakers (with out truly transferring your ft) to assist activate all the muscle groups of your outer leg and, most significantly, glutes and outer thighs. Keep the strain as you start to decrease down within the squat whereas preserving a decent core and upright posture.
Lower down till parallel to the ground and pause to make sure you don’t springboard off your knees. You ought to really feel the glutes squeezing essentially the most right here. Begin your ascent again to the beginning place and repeat.

2. Romanian deadlift:

best outer thigh exercises

An vital hinge train that targets your hamstrings and glutes, the Romanian deadlift hits the spot the place the excessive hamstring inserts into the glutes, serving to to raise the looks of the saddlebags. It additionally is important for constructing decrease again power.

How to do the Romanian Deadlift:

Grab a barbell or set of dumbbells and stand with ft hip-width aside, legs prolonged, and a tall posture with a slight bend in your knees.
Keep your again flat and begin your hinge by pushing your hips again like they’re reaching to the wall behind you. Allow your higher physique to return ahead similtaneously you slide the barbell or dumbbells down your leg (not touching).
Keep hinging however don’t essentially attain for the bottom; hold your arms pulled again and suppose extra of folding your physique up like a briefcase as you’re taking your chest to your thighs. Don’t lean ahead.
Once you could have reached your finish vary of movement, you must really feel your hamstrings and glutes working. Slowly start your ascent again to the beginning place.

3. Curtsy lunge:

how to tone outer thighs

Functioning as a single-leg train, the curtsy lunge is a lunge variation we love. It will present one of the best ways to focus on and really feel your outer thighs working and enhance hip stability to assist your physique transfer higher.

How to do the Curtsy Lunge:

Using a barbell, dumbbell, or your physique weight, begin standing in a hip-width place. Begin by taking your proper leg and proper foot again diagonally like you might be reaching 7-8 PM on a clock.
As you attain again, decrease your physique nearly right into a single-leg squat with a diagonal kickstand. Your proper knee ought to hover above the bottom.
Keep your physique upright as you decrease to your deepest managed depth.
Keep your hip pulled in, and once you start to rise, energy by means of that entrance leg, urgent the bottom away. Repeat on the opposite leg together with your left foot.

4. Lateral lunge:

 outer thigh toning exercises

Although it’s in style for interior thighs, this single leg motion additionally serves as an outer thigh and glute train. You’ve received to like a transfer that hits your interior and outer thigh!

How to do the Lateral Lunge:

Start standing in the identical athletic hip-width stance because the above workout routines together with your knees barely bent. Start with body weight or maintain dumbbells at your sides with out touching your hips.
Take a step out to the left to increase left leg, preserving each ft pointing straight. Keep the left leg straight and your left heel pushing into the bottom as you land and decrease right into a single leg squat on the appropriate leg. Keep your knee in step with your hip and toes.
Load into your glutes and outer thighs to soak up the pressure making an attempt to push you to the appropriate; after you could have lowered right down to parallel, push the bottom away with energy and return to the beginning place bringing your physique again collectively.

5. Cable lateral leg raise:

best outer thigh workout

One of the few weighted isolation workout routines that concentrate on the outer thigh space, the cable lateral leg raise strengthens the muscle groups as they take the leg away out of your physique in abduction. A bonus is the fixed cable stress throughout this motion. Don’t overlook your glute stretches once you’re completed!

How to do the Cable Lateral Leg Lift:

Attach the cuff of the cable to your ankle in your proper leg. Standing tall with the cable machine in your left leg and your proper leg going through ahead, hold your leg tight and your foot flexed as you’re taking your leg straight out to the facet.
Make positive your foot doesn’t flip and stays going through straight ahead. Keep your leg straight preserving toes pointed ahead, increase it so far as potential with out compromising type or place. Control the burden again right down to beginning place and repeat. Switch sides to focus on the other leg as nicely.

6. Clamshell:

plank position

This glute isolation train will assist provide you with a severe burn to the outer thighs. It’s glorious for strengthening the abductors, that are accountable for stabilizing the pelvis.

How to do the Clamshell:

Lie in your facet with a band round your knees. Bend your legs so your ft are behind you and your leg is making a 90-degree angle. Think foot in step with the knee, knee in step with the hip, and hip in step with the shoulder.
Keep your ft collectively and lift your knee towards the ceiling. Focus on not letting your hip roll again as you progress your knee. Return the knee down and repeat desired reps. Switch legs.

7. Glute Bridge Hip Abduction:


Glute bridges are nice for, you guessed it, your glutes, and the hip abduction added on the finish of the transfer is superior for lifting your butt and sculpting your outer thighs. Adding a resistance band is a good way to make this transfer even tougher.

How to do the Glute Bridge Hip Abduction:

Laying in your again, bend your knees, preserving your ft flat on the ground. Begin with the interior sides of your knees touching one another.
Raise your hips into the air, driving your proper and left knee outward, in order that they push to every facet. Continue lifting your hips as you contract your glutes.
Bring your knees again collectively earlier than decreasing your hips to the bottom.

Slimming and Toning Your Outer Thighs

When it involves shedding weight on this space, ensure that to have compassion for your self. Women, particularly, could have a tougher time with this space on account of greater estrogen, a bigger pelvis for giving beginning, and the truth that it’s normally their most cussed space for physique fats loss3.

Remind your self that when you don’t see outcomes instantly, hold at it as a result of it might be the final space the place the fats comes off. We lined the significance of constructing muscle. Now, let’s speak about dropping fats and lowering saddlebags in your outer thigh exercise.

How do you lose fats and tone your outer thighs?

There isn’t any magic capsule or repair right here, however it may be finished! It simply takes work.

For the untrained particular person, it’s most vital to focus first on the power coaching fundamentals, decide a exercise cut up, and construct muscle. Begin resistance coaching and attempt to get stronger each week. Don’t overlook to focus on each your interior and outer thighs so your legs are evenly developed. If your main focus is constructing muscle, begin by consuming 100-200 energy greater than you are at present consuming, monitor progress, and regulate as you go.

If you might be chubby and wish to see extra of your present muscle, you are specializing in maximizing fats loss within the outer thigh space, have been coaching for some time and have already constructed some muscle (however cannot see it), or are attempting to lean out as an entire, fats loss is your prime focus.

Along with power coaching, preserving monitor of what number of energy you eat and monitoring your macros will get you towards your purpose. Aim for a 200-500 calorie deficit – not more than this – so your physique is burning fats and never your hard-earned muscle. Slow, constant 1-2 kilos per week of fats loss is totally reasonable in case you are monitoring every thing you eat.

If you could have your food regimen and coaching locked in, it’s vital to recollect our different level relating to having compassion for your self. Some ladies can have extra fats on the outer thighs than others. Some folks won’t ever have points with this space, whereas some will battle with it. Every physique sort is completely different.

Strength prepare, construct muscle, monitor your food regimen, and your ultimate form will comply with.

outer thigh toning workout

Workouts For Toning Outer Thighs

Work these strikes into not less than one leg exercise per week. For ultimate outcomes, incorporating these strikes twice weekly (you could possibly do choice 1 originally of the week and choice 2 towards the top of the week) will make sure you’re getting sufficient quantity to develop your outer thigh muscle groups.

Lower physique Workout choice 1:

Goblet Squat: 3 units x 10 reps
Romanian Deadlifts: 3 units x 6 reps
Curtsy Lunges: 3 units x 10 reps per leg
Lateral Leg Raises: 2 units x 15 reps

Lower physique Workout choice 2:

Goblet Squats: 3 units x 5 reps
Romanian Deadlifts: 3 units x 12 reps
Leg Lateral Lunges: 3 units x 10 per leg
Banded Clamshells: 2 units by 20 reps

Remember: Building Muscle is Key!

You ought to now have a greater understanding of the significance of sturdy thighs and find out how to develop them. Remember, you’ll be able to’t burn thigh fats off particularly. You can construct muscle in that space after which enter a calorie deficit as a strategy to decrease your physique fats.

And when you hold power coaching and progressing, monitor your food regimen, grasp the massive lifts and study from the smaller ones, you will be nicely in your strategy to legs that aren’t solely sculpted however extra importantly, correctly strengthened.

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outer thigh workout


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