7 Best Lower Chest Exercises to Chisel Your Pecs

Let’s face it most lifters love to prepare chest and the go-to workouts are the bench press, flys, and push-up variations. And when carried out constantly, these will construct dimension and energy. However, the chest (pec main) is a big, two-headed superficial muscle operating at completely different angles with a number of attachment factors. As such, it behooves you to give it some thought in numerous sections (i.e. higher, decrease and center/internal chest) and use quite a lot of workouts that concentrate on particular areas to get the absolute best improvement and definition of your chest…This leads us to the aim of this submit – workouts that emphasize the decrease chest.

By merely altering the angle that you just press at or carry out a fly, you’ll be able to higher goal your decrease chest (which is an typically uncared for space) for dimension and energy. Below we’ll present you the way to try this. In this, we are going to cowl the chest anatomy and capabilities, advantages of coaching the decrease chest, and 7 of one of the best workouts that concentrate on the decrease chest.

Now, let’s construct some pecs.

Anatomy of the Chest

The two main chest muscle tissues that make up the vast majority of the chest are the pectoralis main and pectoralis minor. The pec main is a big superficial muscle positioned on the entrance of your ribcage. The pec minor is a small superficial muscle additionally positioned on the entrance of the ribcage however is beneath the pec main. 

The pec main has two heads that are the clavicular head (higher chest) and the sternocostal head (center to the decrease chest). The clavicular head originates on the anterior floor of the medial half of the clavicle and the sternocostal head originates on the anterior floor of the sternum and each insert on the humerus (higher arm bone) and controls a whole lot of actions of the chest and shoulders.

As talked about, the sternocostal head makes up the center and decrease areas of the chest. In different phrases, it is significantly greater than the clavicular head. In truth, it’s 70-80% of your pec main. You can see this from the image beneath…

can you isolate the lower chest

With the understanding that, first, there is no such thing as a such factor as a decrease and higher chest, it’s merely the sternocostal head and clavicular head, AND your sternocostal head could be very massive, for the aim of this submit, after we refer to workouts as “lower chest exercises”, we merely imply workouts that concentrate on the decrease space of your sternocostal head. 

Chest Muscle Movements

The chest controls the motion of the arms and shoulders, with the contractions of the chest muscle performing actions that embrace:

Arm Extension: Chin-ups, pull-ups (sternal head)
Shoulder flexion: Front raises (clavicular head)
Horizontal adduction: Bench press, flys
Internal rotation: Cable inner rotation

They’re often called the cuddling muscle (horizontal adduction) and a robust and muscular chest is required to sort out an opponent, to throw or hit a ball with energy, and to fend off an opponent within the sporting area.

Can You Isolate the Lower Chest?

No, you can’t isolate the decrease chest, similar to you’ll be able to’t isolate your higher chest or internal chest. Any time you do a urgent or fly movement you’re going to be activating your complete pec main, together with different muscle tissues like your delts and triceps. That mentioned, you’ll be able to emphasize the decrease chest by altering coaching variables, such because the angle you press at. By doing this, you’ll be able to actually hone in on the event of the decrease space of your pec main. 

lower chest exercises

The Benefits of Targeting the Lower Chest

Besides the eye-popping advantages of an outlined decrease chest, there are a couple of vital advantages of particularly focusing on the decrease chest.   

Avoiding Muscle Imbalance: It’s vital that you’re hitting your chest from all angles as this may enable for the absolute best improvement of your chest. Moreover, it is going to enable you keep away from any muscle imbalances between your pecs and the anterior (entrance) and posterior (again) sides. 

Improve Performance: Because the pecs are your hugging muscle their dimension and energy will enable you carry out higher within the sporting area. Everything from tackling or heading off opponents, to hitting a tennis ball, throwing a soccer and baseball powerfully.

Better Breathing: The chest muscle tissues that are hooked up to the ribcage assist respiratory via the contraction of the ribcage. Therefore, the strengthening and lengthening of the chest muscle tissues assist deeper respiratory by permitting the ribcage to do its job.

Improved Posture: With the chest being one of many largest muscle tissues within the higher physique, their size and energy play an vital position in aiding good posture. Because the chest muscle tissues play an vital position in shoulder place.

7 Best Lower Chest Exercises

1. Decline Bench Press


The decline barbell bench is a chunk of kit you don’t see typically and that’s an actual disgrace. However, your gymnasium doubtless has a decline bench for abs, which can be utilized for dumbbell decline bench (or perhaps a arrange inside a Smith machine). Although the common bench press trains the decrease chest, the decline bench press variation actually hones in on the decrease chest due to the change of angle and urgent path. You even have the choice of taking your elbows out wider to place much more emphasis on the decrease chest. What’s extra, due to the decline angle, there may be much less pressure on the decrease again, and you may be utilizing much less delts and barely extra lats.

How to do decline bench press:

Assume a face-up place on a decline bench and safe your toes.
Get your eyes beneath the bar and take a barely wider than shoulder-width grip.
Position your shoulder blades collectively and hold puffing your chest out.
Slowly decrease the barbell to your decrease chest/sternum together with your elbows beneath the barbell.
Pause within the backside place and press the barbell again up to lockout and reset and repeat.

2. Jackhammer Pushdown


This is just not your common triceps pushdown. This is as a result of the jackhammer place together with your elbows out extensive and the slight ahead lean isolates the decrease chest and takes the main focus off the triceps. Plus, the fixed pressure of the cable machine and the bigger vary of movement of this train make it an efficient muscle-building train for the decrease chest.   

How to do jackhammer pushdowns:

Standing in entrance of the cable machine, use the identical deal with in your common triceps pushdown.
Standing shut to the cable machine with the cable over one in all your shoulders, lean the torso ahead and take a large grip of the deal with.
Bring the deal with up in the direction of your chest and let your elbows flare out on the prime of the motion.

Push down to prolong the elbows and squeeze the chest muscle tissues collectively.

Slowly return to the beginning place by bringing the elbows out and up.
Reset and repeat for reps.

3. Chest Dips


Dips are sometimes referred to as squats for the higher physique. The massive ROM places a better stretch on the decrease chest and triceps for better muscle-building potential. The key right here for the decrease chest is the torso lean. Doing this places extra emphasis on the decrease chest however it places a pressure on the anterior shoulders, so watch out. And it is a nice carryover to the common bench and overhead press as a result of triceps dips enhance your lockout energy.

How to do chest dips:

Stand between the dip bars and grip firmly and press up till elbows are straight.
Engage your higher again by retaining your chest up and shoulders down.
Grip the parallel bars tightly bar and decrease your self down whereas sustaining a ahead lean.
Press up and lockout and squeeze the again of your triceps.
Slowly decrease down and repeat.

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4. Cable Crossover Fly (High Position)


The cable crossover fly is a superb train that’s adjusted to goal the decrease chest. By setting the pulleys to the excessive place it modifications the angle to goal the decrease chest. Being within the excessive place, this variation stretches the chest from the beginning and takes you thru a big ROM for higher hypertrophy potential. Similar to the chest dip train, sustaining a slight ahead lean will emphasize the decrease chest muscle tissues additional.

How to do cable crossover flys (excessive place):

Set every deal with of the cable machine on the highest degree.
Stand within the heart with one foot behind the opposite and take a grip on each handles.
Lean your torso ahead retaining your backbone straight and with a slight bend of the elbows too.
Engaging your anterior core, pull each handles down and throughout your physique, and squeeze the decrease chest muscle tissues at lockout.
Slowly reverse to the beginning place, retaining the bend in your elbows.
Reset and repeat.

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5. Decline Dumbbell Fly


Similar to the decline bench press the decline dumbbell fly is a variation carried out on a slight decline on the decline bench. This decline trains the decrease chest muscle tissues barely greater than the flat and incline dumbbell fly variations. Like the decline bench press, this decline fly decreases the pressure on the shoulders in contrast to the incline and flat variation. Like with all fly variations there may be much less triceps and shoulder involvement making it an amazing isolation train for the decrease chest.   

How to do decline dumbbell flys:

Lie face up on the decline bench holding a pair of dumbbells with a impartial grip.
Secure your toes and prolong your elbows till the dumbbells are collectively above your chest.
Lower the weights laterally, sustaining a slight bend at your elbows to keep away from elbow pressure.
Make certain you’re feeling a stretch in your chest muscle when the dumbbells are at chest degree. 
Squeeze your chest muscle tissues and produce the dumbbells again to the beginning place.
Reset and repeat.

6. Incline Push Up


The basic that by no means goes out of fashion, the push-up is one other train that may be adjusted to goal the decrease chest extra. Putting your palms up on an incline, you create a decline urgent angle to emphasize the decrease chest. Because push-ups are comparatively protected, you’ll give you the option to rep out for added quantity and higher decrease chest hypertrophy. If among the variations on this listing trigger you discomfort, decline push-ups are an amazing choice. 

How to do decline push ups:

Kneeling with a bench behind you place your toes on the bench and stroll out into the push-up place.
Get your palms beneath your shoulders, have interaction your glutes to get your again flat, and screw your palms into the bottom.
With your chest muscle tissues slowly decrease your self till your chest is about an inch from the ground.
Drive your palms via the ground and lock out your elbows.
Reset and repeat for reps.

Note: You can use a loop resistance band to add resistance to the push up. 

7. Dumbbell Hip Extension (Glute Bridge) Chest Press


The decline bench press might not be obtainable at your gymnasium. If so, the dumbbell hip extension press is a superb choice. For reference, by hip extension we imply a glute bridge on the ground. Essentially, you create a decline angle for the chest by urgent from a glute bridge on the ground. By doing so, you’ll prepare the decrease chest muscle fibers whereas enhancing hip mobility and glute energy. Both of those have nice carryover to create decrease physique drive with the common bench press.

How to do dumbbell glute bridge chest press:

Lying supine on the ground holding a dumbbell in every hand together with your toes flat on the ground and your legs bent at 90 levels.
Hold every dumbbell with a impartial grip together with your elbows away out of your torso.
Press your toes via the ground and lift your hips into the hip extension place.
Press the dumbbells up till your elbows are locked out.
Slowly decrease the dumbbells till your higher arms are touching the bottom.
Reset and repeat ensuring to keep robust in your hip extension place.

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How to Warm-up Your Lower Chest Before Training

Strolling up to the bar and slapping a pair of 45-pound plates is just not one of the simplest ways to heat up. Instead doing a little mild units or ramp-up units is a greater means to go about it. This will assist groove higher approach, transfer vital circulate to the realm, lubricate the joints, and enable you determine your working weight for the day.

Here’s an instance of a ramp-up set for Decline Bench Press:

10 reps with an empty barbell
8 reps with 95 kilos
6 reps with 135 kilos
5 reps with 155 kilos
4 reps with 175 kilos

The identical might be carried out with dumbbells or a cable machine (begin mild and work your means up). You may even do fewer reps if you don’t need to burn out earlier than your working units.

The further quantity right here is useful in your muscle-building objectives and to forestall harm.

lower chest

Workout Example For Lower Chest

Let’s mix among the workouts above with different higher physique workouts for an higher physique exercise that emphasizes and builds up your decrease chest.

Note: If you do two higher physique classes per week, then you would do an identical exercise with completely different workouts the following session. For that subsequent session, you’d hone in on the higher/center chest, and alter up the again workouts as properly. 

Superset #1:1A. Decline bench press 6-12 reps (average to heavyweight)1B. Cable crossover fly 12-15 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for two to 3 rounds

Superset #2:2A. Decline push-up 15-30 reps2B. Inverted row 8-15 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for two to 3 rounds

Superset #3:3A. Jackhammer pushdown 8-15 reps3B. Band pull aparts 15-25 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for two to 3 rounds

If you are on a “bro-split”, then take a look at this killer chest & tricep exercise.

Let us know what your favourite decrease chest train is within the feedback beneath.


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