9 Best Lat Pulldown Alternatives for a V-Taper Back

Lat pulldowns have been the first weapon of option to construct a greater again for fitness center rats and bodybuilders for a long time. Anyone with the goal of creating a broad, V-tapered again would flip to make lat pulldowns their first port of name. However, with the rise of at-home coaching and restricted entry to gyms folks have needed to get extra inventive, pondering exterior of the field in the case of packing on mass. Further, a lot of individuals perceive the advantages of altering train choice for the event of their muscle groups. This article will define the anatomy and performance of the lats, earlier than offering 9 options which can be extra accessible or hit the lats in a manner pulldowns simply can’t.

Lat Pulldown Muscles Worked (the Clue is within the Name)

Unsurprisingly the first goal and mover of lat pulldowns are the latissimus dorsi. However, this compound motion requires a lot of assist from surrounding muscle groups to execute it effectively. The decrease traps depress the shoulder blade as you pull down, whereas the mid traps and rhomboids retract the shoulder blades, pulling them collectively. The teres main has a supporting position within the pulldown, aiding in adduction (pulling the arm in in direction of the physique). While the biceps contribute to the motion by flexing the elbows.

Forearm place and grip width affect the diploma of involvement of those muscle teams. Narrower grips underhand pulldowns require larger bicep contribution, whereas broad overhand pulldowns stress the teres main extra.

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Anatomy and performance of the Lats

The lats – alongside the trapezius – are probably the most superficial muscle within the again, masking every thing from the iliac crest up (excluding the place the traps are).

Being the widest muscle within the physique, the lats are unfold skinny and have a number of attachment factors and features.

Origins: The lats have 4 totally different factors of origin. Firstly, the iliac attachment positioned on the highest of the iliac crest, on the high of the again of the pelvis. Going up the again, now we have the costal and vertebral origins. The former – because the title suggests – comes from the underside 3 ribs. The vertebral portion is hooked up to the spinous processes on vertebrae T7-T12, working from the underside of the neck to the highest of the ribs. Finally, there may be the scapular origin – positioned on the underside tip of the scapular – referred to as the inferior angle.

Insertion: Despite quite a few factors of origin, the lats solely have one level of insertion. Those of you who haven’t studied anatomy are most likely sighing with reduction after making an attempt to study all of the origins! Nestled between the pec main and teres main, the lat inserts on the intertubercular groove of the humerus. Which is a fancy manner of claiming the ridge on the higher outer a part of the higher arm.

Functions: Now you already know the detailed anatomy of the lats we are able to transfer onto its muscular actions and features. Muscles comply with a easy rule, once they contract, they bring about insertions in direction of the origins. The lats are not any totally different. Their contraction causes adduction, extension, and medial rotation of the higher arm. Adduction simply means bringing the arm in direction of the physique’s midline, which is sensible because the origins are all within the centre of the torso. Shoulder extension is the motion of reducing the arm from a flexed place – i.e. overhead to down by your facet – with the shoulder extending behind your again like a relay racer throughout a baton trade. Again, this is sensible because the lats are positioned on the again, with some origins being proper on the base. Contracting the lats carry the higher arm in direction of that base extending the shoulder. Finally, medial rotation refers to internally rotating the shoulder, letting them spherical in direction of the chest. The lats insert by going underneath the arm, not round, so shortening the lat rotates the higher arm inward.

What does this imply for lat pull downs?

All variations of lat pulldowns will hit the lats, however some would possibly lean extra in direction of one perform over one other.

Wide grip lat pulldowns favor adduction bringing the arm from broad to shut to the midline, which implies larger teres main exercise to assist adduction.
Underhand nearer grip pulldowns focus extra on the extension of the shoulder, because it begins in a flexed place gripping the bar overhead and the higher arm doesn’t journey as broad, and the biceps are extra closely concerned.

lat pulldown substitute exercises

Why are lat pull downs good?

With all this stated it is apparent why lat pulldowns are such a staple in so many individuals’s coaching. They are a wonderful compound, coaching a host of different again and arm muscle groups. Unlike different compounds, they use cables offering fixed pressure by means of the entire vary of movement. Finally, they’re versatile and simply manipulated to search out one of the best mind-muscle connection. You can change handles and grips till you discover what works finest for you.

Downsides of Lat Pulldowns:

Despite the spectacular record of advantages the lat pulldown gives, they do have some weaknesses.

Firstly, there may be an apparent requirement for lat pulldowns – the lat pulldown machine. This means lat pulldowns are solely actually doable at a fitness center. Unless you need to splash some money and have the house, different choices would possibly must take precedence for those who’re coaching from dwelling.

Secondly, from a approach perspective folks are inclined to have issue connecting with their again musculature throughout coaching, seemingly as a result of it’s out of view. Big compounds like lat pulldowns can exacerbate this difficulty, with folks butchering their execution, coaching every thing however their lats. Other choices will help hone your lat coaching, discovering workouts extra appropriate for you.

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9 Best Alternatives to Lat Pulldowns

Whether you need to swap issues as much as higher develop your lats, lat pulldowns are actually hitting nicely for you, otherwise you merely haven’t got entry to a lat pulldown machine, listed below are one of the best options you are able to do…

1. Dumbbell Pullovers


This train exploded in reputation when Arnold Schwarzenegger outlined them as a staple in his again coaching routine. This pullover variation has each sensible and biomechanical advantages. Firstly, dumbbells are way more simply accessible – making this a nice possibility for anybody unable to get into a fitness center. Secondly, the train permits you to absolutely stretch the lats underload, which is tough throughout lat pulldowns with out vital modification. This, mixed with the resistance profile (the train will get tougher as you flex the shoulder) means dumbbell pullovers faucet into the loaded stretch, offering glorious hypertrophic stimulus. Finally, being an isolation train, you’ll be able to add lat quantity with out overburdening different muscle groups whereas creating a higher mind-muscle connection.

How to:

Lie flat on a bench with the crown of your head on the very high of the pad.
Place each fingers on the flat a part of the within of 1 facet of the dumbbell, so the deal with goes in between your thumbs and index fingers.
Start the motion along with your arms straight – however elbows not locked – and the burden above your chest.
Maintain this elbow place, flex the shoulder, reaching again over your head slowly to stretch the lats.
Flex your shoulder so far as you’ll be able to safely, pause and convey the dumbbell again to the beginning place.

To get probably the most out of this train, maintain these elbows in a mounted place. Drive by means of the elbows, pondering solely about flexing and increasing the shoulder along with your elbows tight to your sides.

2. Cable Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

wide grip lat pull down alternatives

This has most of the similar advantages because the dumbbell pullover, being an isolation train and actually stressing the lats in that stretched place. Performed on cables, this variation gives fixed pressure by means of the motion – in contrast to the dumbbell model – and elicits a nice contraction. There can also be extra probability for modifications, with a number of grips and handles obtainable to mean you can discover your finest match. However, this does have a comparable downside to lat pulldowns, most individuals don’t have cable machines at dwelling!

Set up:

Set the cable as much as barely above head peak, with a bar, single rope or twin ropes hooked up. These all present distinctive advantages:

The bar will be a nice technique to have interaction your again by fascinated about “breaking the bar” upwards as you progress.
The single rope will increase your vary of movement as you pull the ropes aside as you contract, avoiding the physique.
The twin ropes mean you can do that on a greater scale, rising the vary additional.

How to:

Grab the handles with each fingers, step again and hinge on the hips, so your arms are over your head, your torso is at round 45 levels, and also you’re holding the weights.
Keep your arms tucked into your sides and pull by means of the elbow with out altering elbow angle. Pull the handles into your hips, retaining your chest up.
Once you’ve reached full contraction, slowly return to the beginning place.

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3. Pull ups

wide grip lat pulldown alternatives

Pull-ups have been commonplace in every kind of energy coaching, from bodybuilding to Crossfit to powerlifting. This lat pulldown different is well accessible. Many parks have bars, firms make stand-alone stations in addition to door and wall-mounted kits that may slot in nearly anybody’s dwelling. One advantage of this motion contrasts with these earlier than. It is a good greater compound than lat pulldowns. If you’ll be able to carry out pull-ups precisely, making certain your lats are getting the brunt of the work, they will present much more bang for your buck and be a nice technique to slap on slabs of muscle.

Set up:

As we mentioned beforehand, grip impacts which muscle groups assist the lats extra. Two principal pull up variations are underhand shut grip, additionally named chin-ups, or overhand broad grip. For the previous, goal for shoulder width aside and the latter, 6-8 inches exterior shoulder width.

How to:

Start each variations in a lifeless grasp, pulling your self as much as the bar and retaining your chest up.
Focus on driving your elbows into your facet and never letting your shoulders spherical ahead.
Slowly decrease your self again to the beginning place.

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4. Single arm low cable row

close grip lat pulldown alternatives

Unlike a number of the earlier actions, this one requires some extra high-tech equipment. Low cable rows actually mean you can give attention to shortening the lats in a manner that may be tough throughout lat pulldowns. This variation allows you to give attention to imbalances and the mind-muscle connection coaching one arm at a time.

How to:

Sitting on a cable row machine, place one foot on the footrest and seize the deal with with the alternative hand and put the opposite foot on the ground, and you may relaxation your non-working hand in your knee for assist for those who want it. You may arrange on any cable machine, simply transfer a bench in entrance of the pulley system (as seen within the pic above) – the one distinction is you will not get the footrest so you might not have the ability to pull as a lot weight. 
Keeping a impartial backbone, row the burden into your hip, retaining your shoulder depressed by means of the motion. This permits you to focus solely on shoulder extension with out turning this into a mid or higher again train. It can actually assist to consider dragging the handles down and pulling your elbow into the bottom of your backbone.
Slowly return to the beginning place.

5. Lat-focused one arm dumbbell rows

lat pulldown alternatives with dumbbells

One-arm dumbbell rows are commonplace in coaching plans the world over, and with good cause. Not solely are they easy accessibility, however in addition they will be manipulated to smash your lats or higher again relying on the way you carry out them. Lat dominant variations, just like the low cable row, get the lat good and brief whereas loading them comparatively heavy.

How to:

All you want for that is a dumbbell and someplace to lean. Grab and dumbbell and lean on a floor about waist peak with the non-working hand, torso simply above parallel to the bottom. One key distinction in that is you’re going to have the identical foot ahead because the arm working. This helps forestall you from rotating away from the dumbbell, which limits higher arm extension as you progress the physique from the burden.
Lean into the leg within the entrance, utilizing the opposite leg to stabilize your self together with the non-working arm.
Row the dumbbell in direction of your waist, pulling from the elbow, transferring the burden in a slight arc from hanging to the hip.
Just like with the cable rows, maintain your elbows tight to your facet and take into consideration getting them into the bottom of your backbone.

Again, this will simply flip into a mid and higher again train, so make certain the lat is the limiting issue when performing these.

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6. Lat-focused barbell rows

lat pulldown alternatives with barbell

Barbells are great items of apparatus, with many basing their complete packages round barbells with glorious outcomes. Barbell rows will be manipulated and moulded to suit virtually any objective or goal in the case of again development. Lat centered barbell rows allow you to load the lats heavy, getting them brief underneath a respectable load. This is accompanied by how easy accessibility barbells are. Most dwelling gyms may have a barbell and a few plates, and that’s a great spot to start out.

How to:

To give attention to the lats, it is best to grip the bar simply inside shoulder width. Whether you utilize an overhand or underhand grip is admittedly a level of desire. Some discover an underhand grip makes it simpler to maintain the elbows near their sides, adducting the higher arm, others desire the sensation of an overhand grip.
Once you’ve determined, lean ahead so your torso is simply above parallel to the bottom and your again is flat, arms hanging down.
Row the bar into your hips in a slight arc, just like the one-arm dumbbell row, pulling from the elbow.
As the bar comes into the hips, maintain the elbows as near the physique as you’ll be able to.

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7. Lat-focused one arm landmine rows

lat pull down alternatives no machine

This motion has typically been referred to as a “meadows row”, popularized by the late John Meadows. This motion, like the opposite row variations, allows you to get the lats shorter than most lat pulldown variations. One bonus of this model is the steadiness attributable to the landmine. This permits you to give attention to the mind-muscle connection and coaching your lats to their fullest. This is a great hybrid between a free-weight and machine-like motion. These will be completed at dwelling! All you want is a bar and a nook you don’t thoughts messing up a little!

How to:

Put the bar within the land thoughts attachment and grip the free finish of the bar closest to the sleeve.
As there isn’t someplace to lean, use a staggered stance to extend stability.
Lean ahead so your torso is simply above parallel to the bottom.
Row the burden into your hip, and give attention to retaining your elbows tight to your physique like with the opposite rowing variations.

You can manipulate which a part of the again works by altering foot positions, shuffling ahead will hit the lats whereas backward will hit the higher again. The principal this to recollect is the burden needs to be coming into the hip crease.

8. Plate loaded single arm row

pulldown alternatives for lats

If you don’t have entry to a lat pulldown, it’s unlikely you’ll have entry to a plate loaded row. However, for those who’re lucky sufficient to have a fitness center geared up with considered one of these, they are often an incredible technique to prepare your lats. These are usually arrange in order that through the preliminary pull of the motion, the plates are touring vertically. As the row continues, the weights journey horizontally, lowering the work required to maneuver them. This means they match the energy curve successfully, being heavy when the lats are of their mid-range and lighter as they get shorter.

How to:

Set the seat to the underside to maintain it out of the best way and stand with a staggered stance.
Grab the vertical handles excessive up, with the alternative arm than foot ahead, resting the non-working arm on the chest pad.
Keep your chest up, shoulder down and row the burden in direction of you. Focus on driving your elbow down as arduous as you’ll be able to from the begin to the top of the motion.
Slowly return to full elbow extension and repeat.

9. Feet-Supported Pull ups

The train will be carried out simply at dwelling with a minimal equipment, making them a nice different to lat pulldowns. All you want is a straight bar – which will be a barbell in a rack or a pull-up bar – and someplace to place your toes. Despite the title, the steadiness added from the foot assist means these resemble pulldowns extra carefully than pull-ups, making them a nice weapon within the dwelling coaching arsenal. Not solely this, however they’re simpler than pull-ups, reducing the workouts barrier for entry, and straightforward to load as you’ll be able to simply pop a plate in your lap.

How to:

Start sitting on the ground underneath the bar, legs prolonged in entrance of you, heels on a floor about knee peak.
When you will have a full grip of the bar, in no matter grip you resolve to make use of, your bum must be off the ground so you may get the best vary potential.
From right here, it is rather like a pull-up, and the grip adjustments have the identical affect.

Keep your chest up, drive your elbows into your facet and don’t enable your shoulders to spherical ahead. 

It appears to be like like this…

lat pulldown alternatives at home

Lat Programming Guidelines:

Consider the under when deciding on from the workouts above…

a) Isolations:

The isolations on this record are the cable and dumbbell pullovers, taking out the biceps advert different again muscle groups to focus solely on the lats. If you’re trying so as to add some lat quantity – with out added stress to supporting muscle groups – these are each nice choices. When programming the dumbbell pullovers, it is very important account for the imbalanced resistance profile mentioned. You ought to look to mix this with different lat workouts, like lat centered rows or machine work, that stress the lat in shorter ranges. Additionally, you’ll be able to add a band to the dumbbell pullover, ensuring it’s slack on the backside and tightens as you contract your lats.

b) Horizontal Rows:

In opposition to this, now we have lat centered the horizontal rows – dumbbell, barbell, landmine, plate loaded and cable. These are wonderful at shortening the lats however don’t enable for full lat stretch, so they need to be paired with pull-overs or over actions with a larger vary. These are additionally compound actions, requiring assist from the mid and higher again in addition to the biceps and forearms. When programming them, it’s vital to recollect this, as throwing them in would possibly affect how these muscle groups recuperate. This being stated, so long as your lats are the limiting elements within the motion, and also you’re getting a good mind-muscle connection and pump, then you definately’re doing a lot of the proper issues.

c) Vertical Pulls:

Vertical pulls are the closest to lat pulldowns when it comes to motion sample. These can be utilized as a direct substitute for lat pull downs, whether or not you’re coaching at dwelling or in a fitness center, and are the simplest like for like substitution out of this record. It is vital to acknowledge how tough these will be. Many folks fall into the entice of simply making an attempt to get their chins over the bar, forgetting the purpose of the train is to stimulate lat development. Make positive you’re robust sufficient to carry out these cleanly and effectively, otherwise you’ll be leaving positive factors on the desk. These present a good vary of movement, with resistance all through. If most of your lat coaching revolves round variations of those vertical pulls, with lat centered rows and pullovers sprinkled in you’re heading in the right direction.

If you will have any questions on lat pulldowns or different workouts, please be happy to depart a remark under and we’ll reply as quickly as we are able to…

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