A Guide to Collagen: What Type is Right for You?

Collagen is all the fashion these days. From liquid pictures to powders, it’s identified for supplying you with the “glow”, decreasing pores and skin ageing, boosting joint well being, and extra.

If you’re lastly prepared to dive in and check out a complement, we’ve the whole lot you want to know earlier than you hit the aisle.

Why Collagen?

If you need to have wholesome, supple pores and skin, ligaments, joints, bones, blood vessels, and organs, having wholesome collagen ranges is a should.

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Collagen is discovered all through our complete physique and principally acts like a “glue” that holds the whole lot collectively. It’s notably efficient for holding pores and skin supple, because it acts as a matrix of fibers that holds our pores and skin in place and retains it elastic to keep away from sagging. It’s additionally extraordinarily essential once we think about joint well being, as a result of collagen is discovered between our joints. If we don’t have sufficient, joints can rub collectively and grow to be an excessive supply of ache.

Collagen manufacturing additionally naturally decreases as we age; therefore, the explanation we see sagging pores and skin and begin to ache round our hips, elbows, and knees.

Collagen is additionally considerable in important amino acids our physique makes use of to develop and preserve wholesome muscle tissues and bones.

Types of Collagen

While it’s simple to assume all collagen is the identical, there are literally 16 varieties within the human physique. However, the bulk falls into 3 classes: Type I, Type II, and Type III, with Type I particularly accounting for essentially the most. These are additionally the kinds most distinguished in collagen dietary supplements.

Type I Collagen is essentially the most considerable kind in your physique, and makes up tendons, organs, ligaments, and pores and skin. It’s additionally present in bones and performs an enormous function in wound therapeutic due to its fibers than assist maintain tissue collectively. It’s additionally present in abundance in your intestine lining. (1)
Type II Collagen is the sort that types and makes up our connective tissue, equivalent to cartilage. This is why you’ll typically see Type II Collagen in joint well being dietary supplements. (2)
Type III Collagen is related to Type I Collagen, and is present in related areas, equivalent to your pores and skin, the place it helps preserve it elastic and supple. However, it is additionally present in coronary heart tissue and in blood vessels, and has been related to numerous vessel and coronary heart circumstances for those who don’t have sufficient. (3)

Which Collagen is Best?

To additional add to the layers of collagen, you’ve in all probability seen there are totally different sources, specifically bovine, marine or fish, or rooster.

Bovine collagen (additionally referred to as beef collagen) comes from the pores and skin, muscle, and bones of cows. It is wealthy in Type I and Type III collagen, so that you’ll discover it getting used typically in pores and skin and hair dietary supplements, in addition to anti-aging dietary supplements, since it might probably assist preserve the collagen in your pores and skin taut and supple.

Marine or fish collagen comes from, you guessed it, the bones, pores and skin, and flesh of fish. Rich in Type I collagen, marine is nice for use for pores and skin well being and anti-aging. In addition, research present marine collagen is extra absorbable than different animal types of collagen due to its low molecular weight. (4)

Chicken collagen is wealthy in Type 2 Collagen, which is geared largely towards enhancing joint well being. (5)

Egg collagen derived from the shells and whites of eggs is one other good supply of Type I collagen, though this kind isn’t as widespread as marine, bovine, or rooster. It does have a little bit of different varieties, equivalent to Type III as effectively. (6)

Keep in thoughts that artificial types of collagen do exist, and are normally cultured from a number of molecules, hydrogels, and peptides. These are primarily produced for those that have immune reactions to animal collagen. The expertise is pretty new, so we suggest sticking to animal collagen sources for now. (7)

What About Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides are a preferred possibility when it comes to collagen dietary supplements. They comprise each nutrient and amino acid that collagen does, however have merely been damaged down into shorter chains of proteins via a course of known as hydrolysis. Our our bodies naturally break down collagen into peptides to be used, so this course of provides us a head begin, though it may be thought-about a much less “natural” technique of supplementing collagen than others.

This pre-breaking down of collagen could make it extra absorbable in your intestine, so in case you have intestine points, this can be a greater manner for your physique to get a most dose of collagen. (8, 9)

How to Find Effective Collagen

The foremost factor to have in mind when procuring for a collagen complement is what you’re utilizing it for. If it’s for anti-aging and pores and skin functions, go for bovine or marine collagen (marine for those who want a extra absorbable kind with much less Type III); for those who want collagen for joint well being, purpose for rooster or egg collagen, or perhaps a peptide complement geared towards joint well being.

Also, for absorption’s sake, look for “hydrolyzed” collagen. This refers to the hydrolysis course of collagen goes via to enhance bioavailability.

Another factor to think about is trying for a collagen complement that incorporates vitamin C. This is as a result of vitamin C is essential to collagen manufacturing, and may help collagen work its magic simpler. (10)

Finding Good Quality Collagen

A Guide to Collagen: What Type is Right for You?

Now, about that wall of collagen dietary supplements …

First and foremost, you need to look for purity in your complement. Whether it’s a liquid in a bottle, a powder, a capsule, or a gummy or chocolate, be sure it solely incorporates pure elements.

A pure, hydrolyzed collagen, maybe with added vitamin C, can do the trick in a jiffy for those who don’t need to fear about drinks or consuming something. Still be certain to verify that there aren’t any fillers or added preservatives.

A bonus is to look for animal collagen that has been derived from grass fed or free vary animals, because you’re consuming part of their flesh. In the identical manner you’ll purchase natural or pastured meat or eggs, think about that this is merely one other a part of the identical animal.

You can even attempt collagen dietary supplements with added anti-inflammatory herbs and antioxidants for boosting joint or pores and skin well being.


Many research involving collagen have sufferers taking a complement for at the very least 8-10 weeks to discover outcomes. For older people who want extra enchancment, supplementing with 10,000 or extra mg of collagen a day is finest, whereas 2,000-5,000 mg is high quality for younger adults and upkeep from 30-40 years of age (though you may dose greater).

Pay consideration to the dosage quantity per serving, which offers you an thought of how a lot of that individual complement you want to be taking. After all, it’s possible you’ll not need to have to find yourself ingesting 5 or extra liquid collagen pictures a day.

The Bottom Line

The advantages of collagen have been broadly studied; nevertheless, dietary supplements additionally fluctuate broadly. Make positive to resolve which kind is finest for you primarily based on why you want it, and look for essentially the most pure varieties with out added chemical substances or preservatives, and also you’ll be in your manner to more healthy pores and skin, nails, hair, joints, and extra.

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Collagen is all the rage nowadays. From liquid shots to powders, it’s known for giving you the “glow”, reducing skin aging, boosting joint health, and more.

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