Creatine vs Pre-Workout, Should You Take Both?

Welcome again to one other complement comparability! This time we’re creatine and pre-workout, two of the most well-liked dietary dietary supplements there are in the marketplace! Both may be extraordinarily efficient and may produce positive factors in energy and hypertrophy. That being mentioned, must you solely take considered one of them or each? Or, if you happen to might solely take one, which ought to or not it’s? This article goes to go over every part it’s essential find out about these two dietary supplements:

What are sport dietary supplements?

What is creatine?

What is pre-workout?

Differences between creatine and pre-workout
Can you’re taking pre-workout and creatine collectively?
The greatest technique to take each

Proper dosing for creatine

Proper dosing for pre-workout
Which works higher, creatine or pre-workout?

What are sports activities dietary supplements?

To start, let’s discuss sports activities dietary supplements as a complete; primarily, what are they? Sports dietary supplements are a department of exogenous compounds meant to be consumed to enhance sports activities efficiency to some extent. Every complement will consist of various mixtures of compounds that are to be taken for various targets.

The one necessary issue to recollect is that these are all “dietary supplements”; they’re imagined to be taken to complement a eating regimen. The motive it’s essential maintain this in thoughts is that neither creatine nor a pre-workout has the flexibility to outperform a foul eating regimen, poor sleep, or poor programming.

What Is Creatine?

should i take pre workout or creatine

Creatine is probably the most used sports activities complement in the marketplace at this time. This is as a result of additionally it is probably the most studied AND the simplest. Creatine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid that naturally happens and is important for fundamental life features. It performs a significant function within the resynthesis of a high-energy phosphate often called ATP by means of the metabolic system often called the phosphagen system, which provides power throughout occasions of quick length and excessive depth reminiscent of weightlifting. 

Also often called our our bodies’ “energy currency”, ATP is the compound that really offers power for muscular contractions to happen, which means that with out adequate provides of creatine, our exercises will undergo vastly. While we already do have some creatine shops naturally, they’re usually solely about 60-80% full, relying in your eating regimen. Therefore, creatine supplementation merely fills up these ranges in order that we function at 100%. 

An evaluation of all creatine research discovered that the overwhelming majority of customers can count on the next advantages:

5–15% extra energy and energy short-term.

5-15% extra work carried out throughout units of maximal effort muscle contractions.

1 to 2 kg acquire physique mass within the first week of loading.

5-15% larger positive factors in energy and efficiency long-term. 

What Is Pre-Workout?

is pre workout or creatine better?

A “pre-workout” is an umbrella time period to explain any complement that’s imagined to be consumed shortly earlier than a exercise as a method to reinforce efficiency. While totally different pre-workouts can comprise their personal mix and doses of various compounds, a number of frequent components are discovered. Below are a few of the most typical components present in pre-workouts:





Note: There are many pre-workouts in the marketplace that additionally embrace creatine! Some even at a correct dosage.

Again, any pre-workout in the marketplace could have a few of these, all of those, greater than these, or totally different quantities. Therefore, it’s difficult to say in the event that they “work” however as a complete, sure they do. For instance, the ISSN stand on power drinks states that power drinks usually appear to have a profit by way of enhancing efficiency. That being mentioned, the first ingredient chargeable for the enhancements seen is caffeine. 

Regardless, most pre-workouts will work by means of a number of totally different mechanisms:

Providing power by means of stimulants.

Mitigating fatigue with a muscle buffer.

Increase nitric oxide to permit greater workloads.

Creatine vs Pre-workout: Workout Difference

One of the most important variations between creatine and pre-workout is how they make you’re feeling throughout a exercise. When you’re taking creatine, you don’t really “feel” it working. While you might discover that you’ll be able to carry a bit bit heavier or carry out a number of extra reps, this comes from having extra ATP moderately than being “psyched up”.  On the opposite hand, you’ll undoubtedly really feel your pre-workout. In truth, that’s why there are such a lot of fitness center memes speaking about taking your pre-workout, being late to the fitness center or caught in visitors; you’re feeling such as you’re going to freak out. The stimulation could really feel a bit totally different relying in your pre-workout mix, however you’ll really feel amped and able to go. (Check these out if you happen to’re all in favour of a stim-free pre-workout).

Therefore, if you happen to’re an individual who wants that stimulation, a superb pre-workout might make your exercise far more satisfying. Or maybe you had a protracted day on the workplace, take a scoop of your pre-workout and also you’ll be able to go.  However, if the concept of pushing extra weight is sufficient to get you psyched or perhaps you simply don’t like stimulation, creatine is the way in which to go. 

Creatine vs Pre-workout: Can I Take Together?

As seen within the info above, these two dietary supplements usually are not unique to one another and, in reality, might most likely work effectively when taken collectively. Think about it like this; you’re taking your creatine in order that you’ll be able to fill your muscle’s creatine shops. Now you’re primed for the burden room and in a position to carry extra weight. In order to make the most of all of that scrumptious creatine for ATP, it’s best to then most likely take your favourite pre-workout so that you’re jacked and able to go within the weight room. What you’ve gotten now is just not solely the flexibility to do extra work by means of your elevated creatine shops, you’ve gotten the drive to get it executed along with your pre-workout. Therefore, the query in itself is a little bit of a trick query because it implies it’s best to solely take one!

pre workout and creatine

Creatine vs Pre-Workout: What’s The Best Way To Take Them To Increase Performance?

As talked about above, creatine and pre-workouts function very in a different way from one another on nearly all fronts; this features a correct dosing protocol. Therefore, we are going to break down what an applicable protocol of dosing appears like for each of them.


In order in your creatine shops to develop into absolutely saturated, you need to take what’s often called a “loading” protocol. This is a time period while you eat giant quantities of creatine to refill your shops quicker. Generally talking, this consists of taking 20-25g of creatine a day for 5-7 days. Keep in thoughts the 20-25g may be damaged down into smaller doses all through the day, so you aren’t required to take all 20-25g directly.

To be clear, you don’t want to do that. You might take an everyday dose (3-5g) daily from the start however take into account that it would take for much longer to fully fill your creatine shops. At the identical time, you may take 10g, or 15g a day. The quantity you’re taking throughout the loading section is as much as you and may depend upon the way you tolerate creatine (some could expertise slight bloating when taking too excessive a dose). The quantity you’re taking will merely dictate the variety of days you need to take the loading dose. After the loading section, you possibly can then minimize right down to a upkeep dose of 3-5g daily.


Dosing for pre-workouts is far less complicated. For one, pre-workouts elicit acute advantages which means that there isn’t a must load like with creatine. You can take a pre-workout everytime you need and get a response shortly after that.  

That being mentioned, we need to contact on beta-alanine actual fast. Since beta-alanine is a standard ingredient in pre-workouts, many individuals assume that it additionally works acutely. This is just not true. While you might get “the tingles” while you take beta-alanine, also called paresthesia, this can be a separate phenomenon and has nothing to do with a rise in efficiency (however these conventional medicines could also be what you’re searching for!). In truth, beta-alanine is taken equally to creatine and requires a loading protocol. You should then take it chronically to get the specified results. Anyways…again to the purpose of this text.

While each pre-workout is barely totally different, you seemingly must eat it 30-60 minutes earlier than hitting the fitness center. However, not like creatine, you possibly can take your pre-workout while you need. Once a day, as soon as per week, or as soon as a month; it doesn’t actually matter. 

Creatine vs Pre-Workout: What Costs More?

If you’re not cautious, you will discover your self spending some huge cash on sports activities dietary supplements. It’s not unusual for common gym-goers to spend tons of of {dollars} each month on dietary supplements. Remember that above all, the complement business continues to be an business whose main aim is to make some huge cash. Therefore, contemplating the value of a complement is usually a vital consider deciding if it’s price it. 

Out of creatine and pre-workouts, creatine is sort of at all times going to be cheaper. One of the explanations is as a result of it’s been out for thus lengthy. Furthermore, it’s extraordinarily common, so many manufacturers need to supply their model. At the identical time, creatine is creatine. It’s a single compound complement which makes it troublesome to say any sort of proprietary profit. In truth, this is among the causes there was an inflow of different creatine variations reminiscent of HCL. We wrote about this particularly, so try this text, however in brief, it’s mainly a cash seize. That being mentioned, you possibly can simply log on and discover a 500g (100 servings) bottle of excellent creatine monohydrate for lower than $40. That’s about $13 a month.  

When it involves pre-workouts, each model may have its personal particular checklist of components that makes there’s higher; and dearer. Some of those are well worth the cash, whereas others usually are not a lot. Regardless, you possibly can count on to pay anyplace from $30-$40 for only a one-month provide of a pre-workout. Again, this may be price it to some trainees, nevertheless it’s nonetheless about 3x as a lot as creatine.  

Creatine Vs Pre-Workout: Which Works Better?

As talked about above, creatine and pre-workout perform by altering totally different physiological mechanisms. In truth, they don’t seem to be even unique of one another as a pre-workout might really embrace creatine. That being mentioned, it’s troublesome to say what “works better,” however we’d most likely need to say creatine. 

As talked about, the pre-workouts main mechanism of motion is to extend power and mitigate fatigue to permit for an extended and extra intense exercise. This elevated depth might then theoretically translate into larger positive factors within the weight room.  

On the opposite hand, creatine works by rising the physique’s pure creatine shops. This permits a extra glorious provide of ATP to be produced, permitting extra work to be executed. In this sense, creatine “works better” because it provides the physique with actual gasoline it might probably use to supply extra work. A pre-workout can solely get you hyped, however that doesn’t essentially imply you possibly can really do extra; it simply means you’re going to be actually excited to strive.

At the identical time, some folks like to have the ability to “feel” a complement working. While that is extra of a psychological phenomenon, it’s undoubtedly an actual factor that may’t be discounted. If an individual must really feel his complement to provide him that increase, then a pre-workout is unquestionably the way in which to go.

creatine vs pre workout

Creatine or Pre-Workout: The Bottomline

So which one must you take? Creatine vs. pre-workout? We went over a few of the proof and caveats and got here to a conclusion. If you’re nonetheless selecting between creatine and a pre-workout, it’s best to…return and browse what we wrote, as this shouldn’t even be a query!

At the tip of the day, creatine and pre-workouts can each be very efficient. While they perform on totally different mechanisms, your common individual will give optimistic suggestions with each and can seemingly see noticeable progress. However, some received’t. Some will reply to creatine however not pre-workout and vice-versa. Even additional, there are dozens and dozens of pre-workouts in the marketplace with solely totally different ingredient lists. This means that you could be like one however not one other. The backside line is you will want to experiment your self and see what you want.  

However, our remaining suggestions are as follows…

Everyone ought to take a top quality creatine monohydrate complement. Literally everybody. Its advantages have been confirmed time and time once more, and you’ll nearly undoubtedly see enhancements. However, it might probably take a while to see, so get began now. At the identical time, we’d advocate to begin experimenting with some pre-workouts if you happen to really feel such as you want the additional umph.

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