Dominick Cardone Recovery From Mercury Poisoning

When Dominick Cardone earned his IFBB Pro standing in 2014, he knew the highway to attain glory was going to be a protracted one, however you don’t win a present just like the NPC Nationals with out having potential to attain greatness. So, Cardone was excited concerning the journey that laid forward, and he was giving all he needed to the game. However, that journey started with the unlucky passing of his mom whereas he was making ready for the New York Pro.

“My mother got real sick, and I was in the hospital with her. She passed away three weeks out, and I went ahead and competed. That show was a disaster, and that’s why I fell off the grid for a few years,” he mentioned.

Dominick Cardone had been attempting to make a return to the stage, and he had nice steering within the type of seven-time Olympia 212 champion Flex Lewis. Lewis was a mentor and coaching associate for Cardone, and he was going all in on returning to the stage. His vitamin was on level as nicely, consuming fish as one in all his principal protein sources due to how lean it’s. It turned out that what he thought was a calculated technique was doing extra hurt than good.

“In early 2020, it started with some gut issues – stomach pain, irregular bowel movements, and then it became skin issues,” mentioned Cardone. “Then, I started losing weight and getting no pumps in the gym, no matter what I did.”

Courtesy of Dominick Cardone

Dominick Cardone was attempting to determine what was occurring by chatting with docs, however he additionally needed to remain on monitor. So, he pushed on with coaching and the food plan all through all of 2020.

“I just kept getting worse, and no doctors could provide answers, Now, I have a lot less energy – lethargy all day,” he detailed. While the bodily toll it took could possibly be seen, it was the problems that couldn’t be seen that have been the worst for Cardone.

“The mental part of it, it got worse every day. It felt like a rollercoaster. Severe depression, focus issues, if I wasn’t depressed, it was just ‘blah,’ he said. “I just couldn’t get happy, and by 2021 I started experiencing suicidal thoughts. I would just sit on the couch and start thinking of ways to end my life.”

Lewis had expressed concern all through this course of, and linked Cardone to a intestine specialist that ran a number of checks with stool, blood, and urine samples. This was March of 2021, and Cardone had been coping with this drawback for over one 12 months. It was at this level that the reply was lastly revealed.

“The mercury levels were through the roof,” Cardone mentioned. “It was just through the roof.”

When requested why no different docs have been capable of provide you with the trigger, Cardone mentioned it was as a result of all choices weren’t thought-about.

“No one thought to check for metal levels,” he shared. Now that he knew what the trigger was, it was time to provide you with an answer.

“Obviously, I stopped eating fish,” he mentioned. Among the fish he ate essentially the most of have been tuna, yellowtail, and mackerel. “I had been eating tuna several times a week, pounds of it.” He additionally disclosed that he had ate plenty of sushi after he moved to Las Vegas. There was some progress as soon as he lower all of the fish out of his food plan.

“Two months went by, and there was some improvement, but it was pretty much just getting by.” Cardone reached out to a different IFBB Pro bodybuilder who had expertise with mercury poisoning, Jason Huh.

“Jason told me what kind of doctor to look for, what type of treatments were effective for him and his wife. He took a million pounds off my back.”

After reaching out to the physician Huh instructed, Cardone was placed on a number of remedies together with capsules, IV, and different types of remedy. He additionally realized loads about mercury and mercury poisoning. One false impression is that there’s an “acceptable” quantity that the physique can deal with. According to WebMD, mercury is within the surroundings naturally, and it may be launched by air pollution. It can fall and construct up in our bodies of water and develop into methylmercury, which is how fish receive it. Levels differ by the quantities that fish have.

“There is actually no use for mercury in the body. It’s a heavy metal, it’s toxic, and the body has no use for it,” mentioned the 28-year-old. “The high point on the test was .004. I was at about 20.4. I was completely off the charts, literally.”

After a number of months of remedies, Dominick Cardone has lastly seen noticeable progress. While he isn’t one hundred pc but, he’s significantly higher than he was earlier than his preliminary appointment with the intestine specialist. He does nonetheless have some points that he’s fighting.

“The only thing that I really need to work on is my memory,” he mentioned. “My short-term memory did take a big hit from the mercury. I do still need to work on my speech. I can put my thoughts together, and I’m not stuttering as much.”

From an consciousness perspective, Cardone desires to show this detrimental right into a constructive by serving to different folks discover ways to stop going by the problems he did.

“Know what you’re eating and definitely limit the fish you eat, and know the mercury levels,” he mentioned clearly. “You can go online and look up the mercury content easily. Tuna, swordfish, and yellowtail are going to be on the top of that list.”

He additionally advocated seeing a couple of doctor if you happen to can’t discover a solution to no matter is bothering you.

“If you feel you’re dealing with high metal levels, get in touch with a functional medicine doctor, and have them test you. They can guide you through how to move forward. Metal doesn’t leave the body naturally. It will break your body down physically and mentally.”

From a bodybuilding standpoint, he’s again within the gymnasium, and he recalled the primary noticeable pump he felt in a very long time.

“It was mid-January 2022, and we were training legs. I had seen my legs blew up in a way I hadn’t seen in years,” he recalled. “That feeling of relief made me so euphoric. It made me think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous quote about the pump. It was the most euphoric feeling I had in a long time.”

While Dominick Cardone has mirrored on his journey and desires to make use of it to assist others, he’s a ahead thinker, and he’s now targeted on returning to his sport in a aggressive method.

“I’m coming back. That’s a definite. My goal is to win the Mr. Olympia. Now that I’m healthy, my fire is back. I’m going to let Flex help me pick a show. Again, he’s guiding me along the way. Right now, I’m having so much fun growing. People can definitely expect to see me onstage either late this year or early next year.”


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