Everything You Need to Know About Resistance Bands


If your TRX Training ClubSM exercise requires Strength Bands, do you mechanically know which elasticized accent to seize? There are a lot of bands within the health world, and most of the people don’t know which one’s which. That adjustments now. We’re doing a deep dive into all the things you want to learn about TRX Strength Bands, Glute Bands, and Exercise Bands. In just some minutes, you’ll be a band knowledgeable.  

Oh, the Many Bands You’ll Meet


The smallest, lightest bands on the block are the Exercise Bands. They’re a steady loop constituted of rubber latex, and are about 10 inches in diameter. (Think: large rubber band, particularly made for health.) Exercise bands are normally reserved for low-impact coaching, rehabilitation, stretching and mobility.

While you may simply program a full-body, 30-minute exercise utilizing solely an Exercise Band, you’ll normally spot these getting used for remoted hip work and rotator cuff focusing on. For instance, you possibly can place a light-weight Exercise Band round your forearms whereas planking, or slide a medium or heavy Exercise Band round your thighs to drive up the depth of squats or planks.


For a booty-boosting exercise, TRX Glute Bands are your new greatest good friend. Unlike the Exercise Bands, our Glute Bands are constituted of cloth they usually’re velcro-adjustable. Available in gentle, medium, and heavy resistance, they received’t pull at your pores and skin or hair. 

Also, did we point out they’re crazy-effective for firming the glutes and hip flexors? Even the “light” Glute Band delivers sufficient burn to make you double verify the label. 


Rounding out the gathering are the Strength Bands, that are roughly 3-ft. lengthy, steady, heavy-gauge rubber loops. They’re those normally hanging on the wall on the health club as a result of, frankly, most people discover them uncomfortable. Even TRX founder Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL, admitted that he used to keep away from Strength Bands as a result of they pinched his arms. That’s why he created the TRX Bandit, a common deal with that lets Strength Bands lastly—lastly!—understand their potential.


Slip the Bandit over (virtually) any Strength Band, and also you’ve acquired a high-impact, low upkeep system for squats, curls, presses, and rotational energy.

Nesrine Dally using the TRX Suspension Trainer for a TRX Row. She wears a black hijab, pink longsleeve shirt, and dark rose vest.

Before we transfer on from figuring out bands, let’s not neglect about that different on-the-go device that all of us love: The Straps! The TRX Suspension Trainer™ isn’t elastic, however it’s nonetheless a one-size suits all energy coaching famous person. When you’re trying to add further burn to your Suspension Training® exercise, attempt including Exercise Bands to TRX Rows, Bicep Curls or Tricep Dip, or Glute Bands to any of your TRX Planks.


Why are individuals obsessive about bands?

Resistance bands are reasonably priced, moveable, and environment friendly—a triple menace that may attraction to any health fanatic.

First, let’s discuss affordability. We’re not saying that bands are one of the best or solely means to exercise, however they’re the most cost effective possibility that doesn’t reduce on high quality. 

Basic, light-weight TRX Exercise Bands value lower than $4 every, or you should buy a full set for lower than $15. TRX Strength bands, which you should use as an alternative choice to weight-training workouts, begin at $10.95. Even our costliest resistance bands, the TRX Glute Bands, are solely $39.95 for a set of three, plus they arrive with their very own mesh journey bag. (Pro-tip: the bag is sufficiently big to match the Exercise Bands, too, if you’d like to retailer all the things in a single place.)

Next, there’s the portability issue. Maybe you’re the one that brings a group of kettlebells wherever you go, however the common individual doesn’t need to lug further weight. Resistance bands produce related advantages to weights, however they’re light-weight and compact. You desire a health club you may squeeze right into a fanny pack? Invest in bands.

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Finally, there’s the effectivity consideration. Whether you go for Exercise Bands for gentle firming, or Strength Bands outfitted with the brand new TRX Bandit as an alternative choice to cable-powered lifting, bands provide the freedom to crush critical exercises completely wherever.

Ready to transfer?

You didn’t assume we might let you know all the things you want to learn about resistance bands with out sharing exercise solutions, did you?

Exercise Band Extras

MiniBand Fire Hydrant _Mid_1320

In a plank place, attempt including TRX Exercise Bands round your forearms (in a excessive plank) or above your elbows (in a low plank) to problem each your higher physique mobility and your core stability. Trust and consider, the burn will set in quick.  You may also attempt slipping an Exercise Band over your ft—round midfoot—for an amped-up Mountain Climber, Bicycle Crunch, Dead Bug, or Slow March.

Bonus Points on the Straps: Remember you may add the Exercise Band round your forearms when utilizing your Suspension Trainer for higher physique workouts like TRX Rows and Tricep Dips!


Glute Band Burn

Whether you’re squatting with body weight or loaded weights, including a Glute Band will shred your bum in one of the best ways. Start with a primary squat, then experiment with jumps or lateral squat steps.  When it’s time to hit the mat, you possibly can additionally use the Glute Band to drive up the depth of Fire Hydrant Lifts or Donkey Kicks.

Bonus Points on the Straps: Slip on a Glute Band earlier than you rep out your TRX Front Squats, Planks, or Pikes. Warning: May end in excessive soreness and bragging rights.

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Strength Bands For the Win

Armed along with your Bandit handles, there’s no restrict to what you are able to do with Strength Bands. Consider super-setting workouts, first along with your bands, then along with your Suspension Trainer to examine how totally different instruments have an effect on your motion. Start with a Bandit Squat paired with a TRX Squat, then attempt a Bandit Chest Press with a TRX Chest Press, and end with Bandit Lateral Raises adopted by TRX Y-Flies.

There’s loads of room within the health world for weights, Suspension Training®, and resistance. Look previous the “both/or” dilemma when selecting gear, and embrace introducing instruments like resistance bands to hold your physique guessing. Remember, change makes your exercises fascinating and fulfilling, and will increase their general effectiveness. 

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Still searching for extra ideas and methods with bands? Don’t neglect you can filter TRX Training ClubSM on-demand movies for the particular gear you’re utilizing, together with Strength Bands, Glute Bands, Exercise Bands, Bandit, and—in fact—the Suspension Trainer.

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