EZ Curl Bar Weight & Size Chart

It’s probably you’ve used an EZ curl bar whereas doing curls, however you in all probability did not understand how a lot it weighs. Long story brief, the typical EZ curl bar weighs 14-30lbs or 6-14kgs. Read on to study in regards to the historical past of the EZ curl bar, advantages, and a comparability chart on weight, dimension, capability, and value of the 7 hottest EZ curl bars.


An EZ curl is a bit of weightlifting tools primarily used to do all sorts of biceps curls. The distinction between a barbell and an EZ curl bar is the best way the bar is formed between the sleeves/collar of the bar. The overwhelming majority of EZ curl bars may have three massive bends within the center, which varieties a “W” form adopted by two smaller bends earlier than reaching the collars of the bar. The sleeves on each ends of the bar maintain the burden plates. Manufacturers will barely change the burden, end, and general form so there is not a standardized EZ curl bar.

ez curl bar weight


EZ curl bars are made from bent stable metal. The middle of EZ curl bars often has a knurled grip to assist higher friction and grip whereas holding it. The sleeves on EZ curl bars can range, however a standard development could be friction welded onto the bar with ball bearings and brushings to permit them to spin. The diameter the place you grip the EZ curl bar often ranges between 25-30mm, and the ending is supposed to guard the bar from corrosion and/or harm. A couple of widespread finishings are chrome, zinc, powder coat, and even manganese phosphate.


Originally generally known as the Dymeck curling bar, the EZ curl bar was the brainchild of Lewis G. Dymeck. Dymeck was a lifter from Arizona who created the EZ curl bar to assist him raise whereas preserving correct type. This web site, PhysicalCultureStudy, dug up Dymeck’s obituary, which sheds some gentle on this fascinating character. He was a guide for the FBI and had top-secret clearance to work with the Atomic vitality fee. His son Dennis recalled his father toiling on the Dymeck curl bar by working steel at their house in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He stated that his father ended up deciding on a bent bar that was 48 inches lengthy with a 1 1/16 inch diameter. After nickel plating this bent bar, Dymeck would go round promoting them.

The Dymeck curl bar was imagined within the late Forties with the patent filed in 1948, then lastly granted in 1950. The patent begins with:

“As ‘herefore proposed, the straight barbell device is one that is used for the standard exercises to affect the development of the arms and biceps. In these exercises, the instructions are always the same, and recite that the exercise must be done with the strength of arms alone while keeping the elbows close to the user’s sides without swinging the body. However, very few persons can do such exercises correctly, since it is not natural or comfortable to do such exercise with a straight barbell.”

There you might have it; the EZ curl bar was born with the objective in thoughts of having the ability to hold the elbows stationary to the perimeters of the torso as bicep curls are carried out. 

Dymeck ended transferring to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then partnered with Andy Jackson of Jackson Barbell Company. Jackson helped with the manufacturing, advertising, and distribution of the product and thus the brand new title Dymeck/Jackson Curl Bar.

Eventually, the Dymeck/Jackson curl bar ended up being known as the Jackson Curl Bar for causes unknown. Then in 1964, Muscle Mogul Bob Hoffman purchased the rights from Jackson then began producing and promoting the bar beneath the title EZ curl bar. 

ez curl bar size


The EZ curl bar has been round for 70 plus years now, and it isn’t going wherever, anytime quickly. So, let’s take a look at just a few advantages of utilizing an EZ curl bar and why it is probably right here to remain.

Better Ergonomics: The angled grip on the EZ curl bar is simpler on the wrists when doing sure workout routines for some individuals. Everybody has refined variations within the joints and bones, however for essentially the most half, individuals really feel extra snug holding the EZ curl bar as a result of there’s much less exterior rotation of the shoulders in contrast with gripping a straight bar.

More Muscle Activation: It was postulated for a few years that utilizing the EZ curl bar led to extra good points when doing biceps curls. Now with trendy science, we all know this to be true. This examine checked out muscle activation of the biceps brachii and brachioradialis when doing curls with barbells, dumbbells, and EZ curl bar. The full vary of movement was measured through EMG and located that the EZ curl bar was the simplest instrument to activate these muscle tissue.

ez curl bar benefits 

Centered Weight: Most EZ curl bars will probably be round 4 ft lengthy, which implies the load you’re lifting is nearer to your physique. Having the load nearer to the middle of gravity makes it somewhat simpler to regulate when doing workout routines like biceps curls. Also, in contrast with barbells that common seven ft in size, the EZ curl bar is simpler to make use of for some workout routines and takes up much less area.

Great For Beginners: The EZ curl bar is helpful for all individuals when exercising just like the biceps curl. However, that is very true for inexperienced persons because the grip place is skewed in direction of a impartial grip, making it simpler for most individuals to maintain the elbows stationary to the perimeters. Overall, the EZ curl bar feels extra pure when doing curls or skull-crushers. This results in higher type with extra potential for muscle progress.

Reduced Risk of Injury: Due to the angle of the grips on the EZ curl bar, the wrist, elbow, and shoulder are put in a much less compromised place when doing biceps curls. Using a straight bar and heavy weight over a protracted interval might result in elbow ache.

olympic ez curl bar weight


Supinated: Supinated grip is identical as an underhand grip along with your palms dealing with away from you. When utilizing the EZ curl bar, you possibly can place your fingers on the slender grips to do biceps curls which can work your lengthy head (outer) of the biceps. Move your fingers outwards in direction of the final two bends within the bar if you wish to hit the biceps’ brief (inside) head. You ought to be capable to raise heavier weight whereas doing curls with a large grip. You can even do different workout routines similar to bent-over rows and entrance raises utilizing an underhand grip.

Pronated: Pronated grip, often known as the overhand grip, is when your palms are dealing with in direction of you. Using a pronated grip, you are able to do a number of workout routines with the EZ curl bar, similar to reverse curls, skull-crushers, bent-over rows, and even entrance raises. While utilizing a pronated grip on the EZ curl bar, you even have the choice of a slender or extensive grip that adjustments how the train hits the muscle tissue.

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It’s vital to understand how a lot the EZ bar you are utilizing weighs in order that you realize the whole weight you are lifting. This is very vital as a result of the workout routines geared in direction of the EZ curl bar are isolation workout routines the place small incremental jumps in weight could make all of the distinction in your progress. By following the progressive overload precept, you can make good points over time whereas doing biceps curls or skull-crushers. If you do not know how a lot the bar weighs, you possibly can weigh it on a scale to determine it out or examine the model’s web site.


The common weight for an EZ curl bar is between 14-30lbs or 6-14kgs. There’s no standardized weight for EZ curl bars, as we talked about, however listed below are seven totally different bars with their price, weight, dimensions, and cargo capability. 

Brand Name




Grip Diameter


Bells of Steel


22.5lbs / 10.2kgs

47.2in / 120cm


300lbs / 136kgs

Titan Fitness


14lbs / 6.4kgs

47.1in / 120cm


200lbs / 91kgs

Rep Fitness


30lbs /13.6kgs

55in / 140cm



Rogue Fitness


30lbs /13.6kgs

54.5in/ 139cm



Synergee Fitness


19lbs / 8.6kgs

47.25in / 120cm


450lbs / 205kgs



30lbs / 13.6kgs

55in/ 140cm


1000lbs / 455kgs



24lbs / 12kgs

51.8in / 132cm


1102lbs / 500kgs


There are a number of components to contemplate when shopping for an EZ curl bar. Below you will discover factors to have a look at when buying a bar.

Grip: The fundamental purpose for buying an EZ curl bar is that the grip places your fingers ready that is often simpler on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints. Just take into account that a knurled grip is vital however be sure to learn some evaluations first as a result of some firms use very inflexible knurling, which may be uncomfortable to carry. You also needs to pay attention to the grip angle; some individuals like a extra aggressive angle just like an excellent curl bar, whereas others would possibly need a softer angled grip.

Build: Most EZ curl bars are produced from metal, so there’s often not an enormous distinction right here until you are an absolute beast and are attempting to raise lots of of kilos. However, an vital function to contemplate is the sleeves the place the weights will probably be loaded. Look for merchandise with high-quality welding, brushings, and ball bearings in order that they are going to proceed to spin correctly yr after yr. You’ll probably must deal with them with some oil on occasion to maintain them functioning in tip-top form.  

Finish: The ending on EZ curl bars is to guard from scratches and/or corrosion. The sort of end often comes down to non-public choice and what type you are searching for. For instance, some individuals love the chrome-plated look, whereas others would possibly just like the black powder coat.

Size: Most EZ curl bars will probably be round 45-55in lengthy, so there is no enormous distinction in dimension. The solely exception right here is the rackable EZ curl bar lengthy sufficient to take a seat evenly on a squat rack.

Weight: The weight of EZ curl bars can change from model to model. If you’re not that robust to start with you would possibly wish to begin with an EZ curl bar that weighs in direction of the decrease finish of the spectrum. This may very well be an EZ curl bar round 14lbs. More skilled lifters would possibly wish to begin with a heavier EZ curl bar weighing 30lbs or extra. Advanced trainees may additionally assume the rackable EZ curl bar will swimsuit their wants higher.


Home Gym EZ Curl Bar (Standard): We will not go into a lot element right here due to the shortage of versatility of the usual EZ curl bar. As a common rule of thumb, if a health instrument like a barbell, EZ curl bar, or lure bar known as “standard,” they’re solely appropriate for weight plates with a 1-inch diameter. You would possibly discover the sort of tools at a neighborhood yard sale, however you will not discover it in any first rate gymnasium. You ought to all the time be looking out for tools labeled “Olympic,” as some of these bars have a 50mm sleeve that may maintain the burden plates you will discover in gyms.

standard ez curl bar weight

Fixed Weight EZ Curl Bar: This sort of EZ curl bar has a complete set weight labeled on the ends just like dumbbells. You would possibly discover these on a rack in your native gymnasium and can are available in a set the place you will not be capable to modify every bar’s weight.

types of ez curl bars

Olympic EZ Curl Bar: This is the kind of EZ curl bar you are utilizing on the gymnasium. It has the identical dimension sleeves as an Olympic barbell (2 inch). You’ll be capable to load up these dangerous boys with 1-45lb (20kg) 2 inch weight plates then do curls till your coronary heart wishes. Most of those EZ curl bars may have a knurled end to help in enhancing your grip.

What is the weight of an EZ curl bar?

Rackable EZ Curl: A rackable EZ curl bar is identical as an Olympic EZ curl bar apart from the general size. The added function of utilizing this piece of kit with an influence rack is not obligatory however could be good for these lifting heavy weights in order that loading/unloading is extra user-friendly inside a rack.

weight of ez curl bar kg

Super Curl Bar: The fundamental distinction between an EZ curl bar and an excellent curl bar is the angle of the grips. The tremendous curl bar has steeper angles that transfer your grip nearer to a impartial grip. Due to this design function, some workout routines may be extra snug whereas enabling you to do extra impartial grip actions just like the hammer curl.

weight of ez curl bar lb


Yes, you are able to do deadlifts utilizing an EZ curl bar. Performing deadlifts with an EZ curl bar would possibly even be simpler and higher for some individuals. The weight is nearer to your physique in contrast with an Olympic barbell, and the angled grips may be extra snug for some. You can provide it a attempt subsequent time on the gymnasium!


You can do bench press with an EZ curl bar, however we would not suggest it due to the angled grips. Bench press is an train the place you need your elbows to be stacked beneath your wrists in order that when urgent up, your physique’s anatomical mechanisms are all aligned for essentially the most environment friendly power manufacturing. It may very well be an awesome selection if you wish to some burn-out units of shut grip bench press after doing skull-crushers.


Yes, you are able to do each overhand and underhand bent-over rows whereas utilizing an EZ curl bar. We would not substitute barbell bent-over rows, however some swear by the EZ curl bar as a result of the grip place could also be extra snug for individuals to carry.

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While the EZ curl bar won’t be an important piece of gymnasium tools, you must understand how a lot it weighs for those who use it. You can virtually do virtually any barbell train with an EZ curl bar, however this instrument’s major train is the biceps curl. Your arms will get an enormous pump with this superset utilizing the EZ curl bar and the preacher bench:

Three supersets in whole with 90-second relaxation between units

Narrow Grip Preacher Curl 8-12 reps

Wide Reverse Grip Curl 8-12 reps

Let us know your favourite train or routine utilizing an EZ curl bar!

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