Flex Wheeler Coaches New IFBB Pro Andrew Jacked In Upper Chest Workout

Nothing like getting again into the swing of issues after the vacations with some ideas and methods on constructing a severe higher chest from the legend Flex Wheeler. The rising phenom from Nigeria, Chinedu Andrew AKA Andrew Jacked, soaks within the huge data of Wheeler as they take us by means of an higher chest exercise.

At 36 years previous, Andrew has been making waves within the bodybuilding neighborhood in 2021. Competing and successful in 3 completely different Emirates-based reveals in 3 months, he bought the “W” in his division on the first-ever Emirate Bodybuilding Federation (EBBF) Ajman Bodybuilding and Physique Competition in April of 2021. With this win, he collected his professional card for the IFBB Elite Pro, a noteworthy feat as a result of he claims he was solely at 60% prep.

All the exhausting work and dedication have garnered nice consideration to Andrew, as followers are wanting ahead to seeing what 2022 has in retailer. As a aspect observe, even with successful the professional card, the IFBB Elite Pro, he nonetheless must win a Pro card for the IFBB Pro League if he desires to shoot his shot at successful Olympia or different IFBB Pro reveals.

Now coaching in Vegas, Andrew Jacked has been seen surrounding himself with among the bodybuilding greats.


On Christmas day, Andrew Jacked blessed us with a sneak peek right into a coaching session with coach Flex Wheeler at Dragon’s Lair health club in Vegas.


To kick off the chest exercise, Wheeler asks Andrew to point out a couple of reps of his regular incline press. After performing a couple of reps, Coach Wheeler reveals Andrew that he desires him to tilt his chin as much as decrease the bar straight beneath his chin to his neck. Wheeler mentions that he’ll get a deeper stretch within the higher chest with this movement. Then says, if you happen to look again to previous footage of bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger, you’ll see them doing incline bench press at the same angle and to overlook about folks saying you’ll injure your shoulders with this movement.

They chat for a bit a few earlier calf exercise that torched Andrew’s calves due to the excessive quantity of 60 reps in a set that Wheeler put him by means of.

Next, Andrew throws a forty five plate on both sides and proceeds to do 20 reps with a sluggish eccentric of 2-3 seconds, then a 1-second concentric part. Again, coach Wheeler emphasizes the purpose of deeply inhaling whereas the bar is simply concerning the throat in order that the chest is relaxed and stretched to the max. 

After finishing the primary set, Coach Wheeler has Andrew put his arms as much as mimic a chest press place as Wheeler places his palms inside Andrew’s fists to use resistance. Wheeler notes that that is the place the chest is engaged essentially the most; it is best to deal with bringing your arms collectively as you bench press to get the heightened state of contraction and essentially the most mind-muscle connection.

We guess that Andrew does 2-3 extra units with the identical tempo of 20 reps. However, the video solely reveals another set of 20 reps with two 35 lb plates on both sides. An attention-grabbing factor to notice is that Coach Wheeler has Andrew maintain his elbows again, and evidently he’s snug utilizing a large grip.


After ending on the incline bench, they transfer over to the dumbbell press. Coach Wheeler instructs Andrew to comply with the identical cues from the earlier train. Keep the elbows again, inhale deeply and press in an upward movement. The rep vary is repeated with Andrew banging our 20 reps with 50 lb dumbbells whereas Wheeler ensures he will get the correct contraction. Once once more, we assume he does 2-3 units right here. 


Next up is the incline chest press machine. Again, coach Wheeler stresses getting the deep stretch whereas specializing in the contraction and respiration with every rep. After the primary set of 20 reps, Andrew will increase the load with 2 x 25lb plates plus a 45lb on both sides. The second set reveals Andrew going above and past the 20 reps, knocking out 22. These additional reps are the place champions are made.


Last however not least, they mosey on over to the cable machine. This is the final train of the coaching session. Coach Wheeler tells Andrew to get a deep stretch whereas permitting his arms to return additional earlier than contracting his pecs to squeeze his arms collectively. The similar cues relating to breath-work and tempo are inspired as Andrew reveals a set of 20 reps.


We can solely guess the precise exercise right here as we don’t see all the session. However, we wished to go away you with an approximate model that you may comply with to duplicate this higher chest exercise Coached by Flex Wheeler.

Incline Press: 3 units x 20 reps

Dumbbell Press: 2 units x 20 reps

Incline Press Machine: 3 units x 20 reps

High to Low Cable Flys: 2 units x 20 reps

Rest 45-90 seconds between units

Note: Focus on managed respiration and squeezing the pecs all through the motion.


We can’t wait to see how far Andrew Jacked can go in his profession with the experience of individuals like Flex Wheeler surrounding him. So regulate Andrew Jacked in 2022!

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