Go Bananas Over Banana Flour

One of essentially the most primary kitchen staples, flour, has come into query lately for quite a lot of causes.  Surprisingly, maybe banana flour is the reply.

More and extra persons are avoiding flour, ruling out a few of their favourite meals within the course of.  People are skipping out on pastas, pizzas, and candy treats all in avoidance of the white stuff, believed to be a explanation for many well being issues corresponding to weight problems, stress, and complications.  Some folks should keep away from flour altogether on account of digestive well being variances and allergic reactions.

Banana Flour… What’s That?

There is quite a bit to sacrifice to keep away from flour; banana flour reminds us we don’t need to go with out!

Banana flour is created from inexperienced bananas.  The course of has been frequent in Africa and Jamaica, now rising in popularity as a gluten-free alternative all over the world.  It is a resistant starch, giving it some notoriety within the paleo group as properly.

Banana Flour is Easy to Use

If you’re on the fence, there’s excellent news… it’s not difficult to include into your kitchen routine.  It is lighter than wheat-based flour, which means you should utilize much less once you work it into your favourite recipes. 

Banana flour is fabricated from ground-up dried inexperienced bananas.  Because it comes from fruit, it’s a nice gluten-free possibility that provides loads of versality as an ingredient.

Does It Taste Like Banana?

No, not likely! The banana style is obvious when you stick your finger within the bag of flour for a bit of uncooked style check.  After it’s baked or heated, that taste dissipates, abandoning an earthy word that many individuals take pleasure in.

A Green Light for Many Types of Diets

Paleo food plan:  Good to go!  The fruit-based flour offers freedom to take pleasure in choose recipes.

(Auto-Immune Protocol) AIP food plan:  Passes!  Enjoy!

Vegetarian/Vegan:  Yes!

Keto: Proceed with warning.  With fruit consumption restricted, suppose twice earlier than investing in banana flour.

Ethical Buying:  There is concern about labor practices in banana agriculture.  Fair-trade choices are available on the market and beneficial.

The Facts of Banana Flour

Banana flour is a resistant starch (a prebiotic). For these of us who love studying labels, listed below are the details.

Serving Size: 4 oz.

Total Fat: 0g.

Carbohydrates: 45 g

Sugars: 0g

Fiber: 1g

Protein: 3g

How to Use Banana Flour

Banana flour may be very versatile.  It is in truth an integral a part of many recipes all over the world.  That means there are loads of good recipes to strive! Here are two fan favorites:

Emma and Carla share their secrets and techniques on the way to bake up a storm with paleo banana bread.  Keep this recipe helpful come fall climate.

The of us at foodborne wellness posted this delight, a recipe for paleo pancakes utilizing banana flour.

When unsure, keep in mind the golden rule:  Use ¾ cup banana flour as an alternative choice to one full cup of flour.

Think Green!

With fair-trade and environmentally-friendly choices obtainable, we’ve gone bananas for all the advantages this flour-swap supplies.

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