Half-Kneeling Wall-Press 1-Arm J-Band Trap Raise

Exercise of the Week: Half-Kneeling Wall-Press 1-Arm J-Band Trap Raise

Written on August 26, 2021 at 9:34 am, by Eric Cressey

Today’s visitor submit comes from Cressey Sports Performance – MA coach, Ethan Dyer.

The Half-Kneeling Wall-Press 1-Arm J-Band Trap Raise is a brand new variation we’ve been utilizing rather a lot with our extra hypermobile (unfastened jointed) and/or youthful athletes right here at CSP. We get the identical worth as a conventional J-Band entice increase, however with a small tweak that may be an enormous distinction maker for sure athletes.

Important Coaching Cues:

Make certain we nail our half-kneeling place. Any postural points down the chain will create interference up the chain. Undue lumbar extension and/or “hip hike” on one facet must be taken care of earlier than we are able to fear about the remainder of the train.

Our wall press must be aggressive sufficient to make a distinction. This is what separates this train from a typical J-Band entice increase or “Y.” By actively reaching with our off hand, we push our rib cage again – permitting for higher scapulothoracic (shoulder blade on rib cage) congruency and ideally more practical retraction/upward rotation. Reaching in opposition to a tough floor offers us much more stability in that place, and that is significantly helpful for our looser, floppier guys ( who you’re).

As we carry out the entice increase we should be cautious to not lose our preliminary posture. If we enable compensatory motion within the decrease extremity or the torso, we’re not isolating the fascinating posterior tilt and upward rotation and find yourself performing what is actually a full-body train.

To progress this, stand the athlete up (short-split or split-stance). Removing the wall will make this harder however could dramatically change the stimulus relying on the athlete.

We love the J-Band “Junior” resistance for this train; the standard resistance J-Bands will bury lots of people right here. As with different J-Band drills, we get quite a lot of worth with out asking our athletes to grip something (assume excessive throwing quantity or return-to-throw).

This variation might be most helpful within the 8 to 12 rep vary, with a various variety of units relying on its location in a program (a part of a warm-up or motion day, or accent work throughout a elevate).

About the Author

Ethan Dyer serves as a Strength & Conditioning coach at Cressey Sports Performance. He began as a shopper at CSP and finally went on to intern at CSP-MA. Following one other internship at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training, Ethan joined the CSP-MA workforce. He was a pitcher on the College of the Holy Cross earlier than transferring to Endicott College to finish his undergraduate work with a serious in Exercise Science and minor in Psychology. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by way of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Ethan has been a volunteer with each the Miracle League and Special Olympics, and has a ardour for working with younger athletes to assist them fall in love with coaching whereas avoiding damage. You can comply with him on Instagram at @Ethan___Dyer.

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