Home Chest Workout: 2 Plans With & Without Equipment

Lucky for you, of all of the muscle mass on the human physique, the chest muscle mass are the best to coach at dwelling. Even when you’ve got no gear, you’ll be able to nonetheless get a superb chest exercise utilizing push-ups and dips, that are two of one of the best muscle mass-building workout routines to your pecs. Now take {that a} step additional by including a pair of dumbbells, and you’ve got greater than sufficient at-home chest workout routines to select from.

This article will present you precisely what to do to create an efficient exercise plan solely utilizing at-home chest workout routines. We will give steering on methods to use workout routines that use solely your physique weight in addition to dumbbell workout routines. Because coaching at dwelling presents completely different challenges, we’ll inform you the simplest method to practice at dwelling in addition to present coaching templates.

We’ll cowl:

Anatomy and performance of the chest muscle teams
Special concerns for coaching at dwelling to optimize muscle development
Tips on loading workout routines with minimal gear
Best body weight workout routines for a house chest exercise
Push-up progressions
Best dumbbell workout routines for a house chest exercise

Anatomy And Function Of The Chest Muscles

The technical time period for the chest muscle mass is the pectoral muscle mass, as in “pecs.” We typically prefer to simplify this muscle by describing it as one muscle, but it surely’s a muscle group that incorporates 4 or 5 completely different muscle mass. We’re solely actually involved about 3 of them for this submit, so these are those we’ll go over.

Before we go over the completely different muscle mass individually, as an entire, the pectorals are situated on the anterior aspect of the higher physique. Its major operate is to govern the ribs and shoulders via a number of motions, primarily in what’s often called horizontal abduction. This is the motion concerned in workout routines just like the incline chest fly.

Pectoralis Major:

The pectoralis main is the first pectoral muscle. Composed of two muscle heads, the pectoralis main is a big fan-shaped muscle that begins in the course of the chest (the broad finish of the fan) and tapers towards the shoulder (the “handle” of a fan).

Clavicular Head: Also known as the “higher chest”, this muscle runs from the clavicle to the shoulder. Many higher chest workout routines contain flexion of the humerus, which is its major job.

Sternocostal Head: Also often called the “lower chest,” the sternocostal head makes up nearly all of muscle mass discovered within the pecs. It runs from the sternum to the shoulder. Lower chest workout routines typically embody horizontal and vertical adduction, extension and inside rotation of the humerus, and despair and abduction of the scapula.

Pectoralis Minor:

Triangular formed, the pectoralis minor is a smaller muscle that sits beneath the pectoralis main. Its major job is scapular stabilization, making it an important part in controlling the motion of your shoulder blades.

Serratus Anterior:

Located on the higher rib cage, the serratus anterior is typically known as “the rib muscle” (technically, we all know). While it is clearly not on the “chest,” it’s typically related to the chest muscle mass resulting from its operate.

Its major job is to drag the scapula ahead to permit the shoulder to journey farther. The finest instance is when a boxer throws a punch. The serratus anterior pulls the scapula ahead to permit longer attain.

In addition, a developed serratus anterior can significantly enhance your general aesthetics. It will make your chest muscle mass “pop” whereas additionally making a shredded, jacked look. If that is not motive sufficient to begin doing serratus anterior workout routines, we do not know what’s.

You can practice the serratus anterior via pushups by pushing down and permitting your scapula to protract. This will pull your shoulders ahead and appears just like the cat pose in yoga. You don’t want to do that for each rep, however contemplate doing it the final set or previous few reps. Play round and see what works.

at home chest exercises

The Best Bodyweight Exercises For Chest Workouts

Let’s say you are caught at dwelling or touring and have to blast your chest. However, you haven’t any gear, and the lodge fitness center sucks. What are you gonna do?

Fortunately, as we talked about above, the chest is the best higher physique muscle to coach with no or minimal gear. Even those that have entry to the fitness center ought to take note of these strikes, although. Yes, they’re that superior. When utilizing body weight, you are going to use comparable coaching strategies as if you’re engaged on muscular endurance. You’re going to do much more reps with this exercise than you’ll doing the bench press on the fitness center. 

If you need to construct your higher physique power whereas sculpting a muscular chest, you must be doing these strikes. Prepare to construct muscle utilizing solely your physique weight.

1. Standard Push-Ups:

chest day at home workout

The first body weight train to your dwelling chest exercise is your normal push-up. Simple and fundamental, an ordinary press up is a should that works the entire physique.

The physique mechanics of a push-up mimic the motion of a bench press precisely. If you’ll be able to load a push-up to the equal load of a bench press, the muscle activation is nearly indistinguishable, each by magnitude and order¹.

However, push-ups do have an added benefit. Take a take a look at the beginning place of the push-up. What do you see? You are literally in an elevated plank place. The push-up is mostly a plank that strikes up and down, which means that along with an superior chest exercise, you may additionally practice your core.

Remember to maintain your core tight and backbone straight all through the train. We will record extra variations under, however take a look at these 33 push-up variations for extra chest exercise routine concepts.

How to do a Push-Up:

Perform on a secure floor. Place your palms shoulder-width aside, and get into an elevated plank place with arms straight. Retract your shoulder blade barely.
Keep your backbone impartial by remembering to tighten your core. Lower your physique by flexing your elbows backward. Keep your elbows tucked, and don’t allow them to flare.
Lower your physique till your chest touches the ground. Propel your physique up till your arms are absolutely prolonged.
To activate the serratus anterior, permit your shoulder blades to protract and push your shoulders ahead. That’s one rep.

2. Incline Push-Ups:

exercise for chest at home with pictures

The incline push-up place has your head situated larger than your toes. When you carry out the push-up, your palms will attain towards your toes. Keep in thoughts your physique will not decrease in a straight line. Your toes will act as an anchor level, and the physique will “swing” down. The type is barely completely different from the usual press up.

How to do an Incline Push-Up:

Find an object to raise your higher physique, and place palms barely wider than shoulder-width aside on the thing.
The begin place is with arms prolonged and barely ahead. Lower down, so your chest touches the thing. This needs to be barely decrease on the thing in comparison with the usual push-up.
Extend your arms till absolutely prolonged.

3. Decline Push-Ups:

pectoral workouts at home

Decline push-ups can have you positioned together with your head under your toes. This places you ready very like incline push-ups, simply the other way up. As a consequence, decline push-ups will hit your higher chest and delts a bit extra. And since you’re lifting a better proportion of your physique weight, they really feel considerably more durable.

How to do a Decline Push-Up:

Find an object to raise your toes. Your arms needs to be barely wider than shoulder-width aside and straight.
Correct type will really feel as for those who’ve shifted ahead. Because your toes are on an anchor level, your physique will not decrease in a straight line however slightly swing again. Therefore, you need to have your hand positioned barely again.
Slowly decrease your physique till you’ll be able to go no additional. The ground will probably be on the mid-chest stage or barely larger.

4. Close-Grip Push-Ups:

chest training at home

When we are able to solely have physique weight, we like to incorporate the shut grip push-up as its personal train slightly than a push-up variation. This is because of its distinctive muscle activation.

Assuming the activation is just like a detailed grip bench press, the shut grip push-ups will produce extra activation within the higher chest region². And if at any level you add a resistance band to your body weight coaching, you can also make this transfer even more durable following resistance band push-up variations.

How to do a Close-Grip Push-Up:

Get in a push-up place, and convey your palms in nearer in order that they’re barely narrower than shoulder-width aside.
Lower your physique and information your elbow again at round a 45-degree angle. Come down till your chest hits the bottom.
Extend your arms and propel your physique again to the beginning place.

5. Dips:

core and chest workouts at home

Dips are the pull-up of the chest. These are super chest workout routines, with many consultants claiming they’re even higher than the bench press.

Ideally, you’ve a dip stand or some parallel bars to carry out these on, however you do not want them. While many individuals will counsel doing them on a straight floor, like the sting of a sofa, we discover probably the most comfy means is to deliver two chairs collectively.

How to do Dips:

Bring two chairs collectively to behave like dip bars, or just use the seat of 1 chair. You might have to play with the place some.
Get in between the chairs and place your palms on the seats. Place the pad of your palms on the sting of the chair. This tends to work finest and takes stress off your wrist.
Extend your legs out straight and hold your arms locked. Let your physique decrease straight down. Continue so far as you’ll be able to or till your higher arm is parallel with the bottom.
Push straight up and prolong your arms.

Push Up Variations/Progressions

Everyone is at a unique health stage. For some, push-ups are difficult sufficient. For others, they don’t seem to be sufficient.

That’s why we need to present variations to make the most of. Keep in thoughts these are normal alterations that you could apply to any of the push-up variations above.

1. Negatives:

Negatives are push-ups that solely use the eccentric or “going down” section (we have an amazing article that explains the variations between concentric vs. eccentric muscle contractions). These are nice for freshmen who discover push-ups too tough. Increase the depth by descending slower.

2. Wide push-ups:

You will see extra muscle activation with a wider hand place. This is primarily as a result of you take out the triceps. If you consider it, the motion of chest flies is just like a extremely, actually broad push-up.

3. Plyometric push-ups:

Home chest exercises can have energy actions, like plyometric workout routines. A plyometric push-up entails thrusting your physique within the air on the prime of the motion. Technically, an influence train slightly than development, they’re nice to make the most of at the very least a couple of instances every week.

4. Elevate a hand:

Elevating a hand will create an amazing vary of movement for that hand. This requires it to work more durable.

5. Favor a hand:

Instead of coming down in a straight line, you’ll be able to decrease the physique down to 1 hand; it will enhance the load on that chest muscle. This is the push-up variation of a dumbbell bench press.

6. Raise one leg:

Raising one leg will throw the physique up. This will enhance the proportion of physique weight that is positioned on the arms and chest.

The Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises For Chest Workouts

If you are fortunate to have a set of dumbbells mendacity round your own home, you are in luck. Having some weights opens up the chance so that you can do fairly a couple of simpler chest workout routines and additional enhance your physique composition.

For these strikes, when you’ve got a flat bench, by all means, use it. If you do not, you need to use one thing comparable (like maybe a bench that goes together with your kitchen desk), or you’ll be able to merely do them on the ground. Versatility is the secret right here.

Remember, your exercise will nonetheless have some body weight workout routines from above, as nothing beats push-ups and dips. Using these dumbbell chest workout routines is just a bit bonus.

1. Dumbbell Floor Chest Press:

chest muscle workout at home

The dumbbell ground press is nice for power and constructing muscle. Traditionally, it is used as an adjunct to the barbell chest press and is used extensively in powerlifting applications.

The ground press is carried out in the identical method as a chest press, besides it is executed laying on the ground. It additionally follows the identical movement as a chest press, besides the vary of movement will probably be considerably shorter because of the ground.

Because the elbows don’t stretch behind the again, this motion is a little more triceps oriented. That’s wonderful, as you may even be utilizing full ROM with push-ups.

Traditionally these are carried out with a heavy load (<5 reps). Since you probably haven’t got that luxurious, you may make do with what you’ve. We will focus on particular concerns for at-home chest workout routines under.

One method to elevate the issue of this transfer is to show it right into a glute bridge dumbbell press. More posterior chain activation can have your chest and glute muscle mass burning!

How to do a Dumbbell Floor Chest Press:

Lay down on the bottom. You can have knees bent or legs straight. Hold two dumbbells with an overhand grip.
Starting place can have your arms prolonged above and dumbbells touching. Slowly decrease the dumbbells whereas tucking your elbows at a 45-degree angle.
Come down till the again of your arms rests on the ground. Pause for a break up second, after which prolong your arms again to the beginning place.

2. Dumbbell Triceps Press:

 exercise for tight chest at home

This is one other urgent train you are able to do on the ground. The dumbbell triceps press consists of performing a chest press by pulling your elbows in nearer to the physique and utilizing a impartial grip.

This will place extra concentrate on the triceps (therefore the identify), but it surely’s an amazing motion to strengthen all of your higher physique urgent muscle mass.

How to do a Dumbbell Triceps Press:

Lay on the bottom holding two dumbbells with a impartial grip.
Begin with arms prolonged overhead. Lower the dumbbells by bringing your elbows down subsequent to your physique.
Once your higher arms are flush with the bottom, prolong your arms to the beginning place.

3. Dumbbell Squeeze Press:


An insane finisher, it will make all of your muscle fibers scream. You can carry out this standing up or laying down.

To carry out the dumbbell squeeze press, you’ll place your palms on either side of the dumbbell with palms going through in. You then squeeze your palms collectively as for those who’re making an attempt to crush the dumbbell.

Isometric workout routines like this one use horizontal abduction to destroy the chest muscle mass. We like to make use of these on the finish of our chest exercises to make sure our muscle mass are fatigued. If you’ve a bench, be happy to make use of it. Otherwise, the ground works simply as effectively!

How to do a Dumbbell Squeeze Press:

Place your palms on each ends of a single dumbbell with palms going through one another.
Squeeze collectively as exhausting as you’ll be able to. Perform a pushing movement.
The squeeze is an important half, with the “pushing” altering the place of muscle fibers.

4. Dumbbell Pull-Over:

how to work on pecs at home

This traditional bodybuilding train may also be carried out in your house chest exercise! The ground model is carried out in the identical method as when carried out within the fitness center or on a bench.

How to do a Dumbell Pull Over:

Lay on a bench or the bottom, and maintain the dumbbell together with your palms forming a diamond form on the burden.
Extend your arms straight up. You can permit a slight bend in your elbows as your arms return to permit the motion.
Allow the dumbbell to decrease again behind your head till your elbows are stage together with your ears. The dumbbell needs to be a good way out of your head. Think concerning the muscle stretch.
Hold briefly then contract your chest, bringing it again to the beginning place.

5. Dumbbell Chest Flys:

heavy chest workout at home

The dumbbell chest fly is without doubt one of the handiest dumbbell chest workout routines because it mimics the primary operate of the chest: horizontal abduction. While that is often carried out on a flat bench if you do not have one merely carry out it on the bottom.

If you must enhance the issue, consider the mind-muscle connection. Make certain you go good and gradual with this transfer, because it decreases your danger of shoulder accidents and helps fatigue your chest.

How to do a Dumbbell Chest Fly:

Lay on the bottom holding the dumbbells with a impartial grip. Starting place can have your arms absolutely prolonged over your physique.
Allow your arms to decrease out to the perimeters with elbows barely bent. Lower till your arms contact the bottom.
Lift your arms again up till they’re instantly overhead once more. It’s essential to maintain your elbows barely bent the entire time.

6. Dumbbell Push-Ups:

chest workout home gym

Dumbbell push-ups are one other nice variation of the traditional train. Instead of inserting your palms on the bottom to carry out a push-up, you maintain two dumbbells.

As your palms are elevated, it permits your physique to journey farther down. Even although this solely ends in maybe an additional inch or two of motion, it permits your shoulders to increase only a bit additional, which causes an additional stretch within the muscle fibers. If you’ve shoulder ache, proceed cautiously with this transfer because it locations a bit extra stress on the shoulder joints.

More stretch plus extra distance equals you constructing extra muscle.

How to do Dumbbell Push-Ups:

Place the dumbbells on the bottom, shoulder-width aside, and your palms on the dumbbells in a cushty place, someplace between an overhand and impartial grip.
Place your palms on the grip, so your arm bone is holding the burden and never your wrists. Lower your chest to the ground, retaining your physique in a straight line.
Slowly return to the beginning place.

Special Considerations For At-Home Chest Workouts

The major similarity dwelling chest exercises can have with a gym-based exercise is the frequency. As far as how typically to coach, you’ll practice your chest twice every week similar to on the fitness center. This appears to be the optimum frequency that enables probably the most coaching whereas permitting enough relaxation.

Other than that, dwelling chest exercises will probably be a bit completely different than conventional chest exercises on the fitness center. While the essential rules of progressive overload nonetheless apply, the way you get there is way completely different.

In a fitness center exercise, you’ve a plethora of machines and free weights to select from in addition to a ton of weight. This makes loading your muscle mass very simple. This is not the case if you’re coaching at dwelling.

Even for those who do have dumbbells, you in all probability haven’t got a whole set. More typically than not, individuals coaching at dwelling will probably be working with mild weights or very mild weights.

chest best equipment

Using RPE For Your At-Home Chest Workout

In this case, you may be utilizing what’s often called RPE, or the speed of perceived exertion for many workout routines. This is a technique that makes use of a scale to evaluate how exhausting an train is.

We like utilizing a scale of 1-10. For instance, an RPE 8 is just like working at 80% max depth. It’s exhausting, maybe a bit uncomfortable, however you’ll be able to handle.

The motive that is essential for us is as a result of now we have no means to constantly load an train. By being certain to all the time deliver your workout routines near failure, you understand you’ll regularly enhance. However, it is best to nonetheless monitor gradual progress.

Therefore, we are going to ask you to carry out workout routines with 3 units of RPE 8. This means you deliver every set to an RPE 8. We primarily need to emphasize you may be coaching to virtually failure whereas pushing your self to do extra each week slightly than hitting a prescribed quantity.

Perform More Reps Than Normal

When contemplating rep ranges for hypertrophy and power, put together to carry out extra reps than regular. The chest muscle mass are extraordinarily robust. Many guys utilizing a set of 40-pound dumbbells will probably be performing 15 to twenty plus reps on the ground press.

If you discover that is you, don’t fret an excessive amount of about it. Bring your units to failure, or near, and you will be wonderful. However, you also needs to get inventive and attempt to discover methods of loading these workout routines or making them harder.

We will focus on some strategies after we lay out the exercise.

best chest workouts home

Best At Home Chest Workout: Bodyweight & Dumbbell Plans

Whether you are planning to make use of your physique weight or have dumbbells you need to put to good use, the applications under show you may get an efficient exercise at dwelling – no fitness center membership required.

At Home Bodyweight Chest Workout

Now it is time to begin coaching. You have all of the workout routines and know what to do, so let’s discuss exercise logistics. This exercise is straightforward however is one of the best chest exercise you are able to do with bodyweight-only workout routines.

You’ll discover that you’re doing plenty of push-ups. To maximize their effectiveness, consider how every variation is completely different and the way it’s imagined to hit the muscle in a different way. You will carry out this similar session twice every week. Add within the plyometric push-up each 2 to 4 exercises, and if you wish to make this plan much more difficult, you’ll be able to take the final set of every train to failure.

Bodyweight Chest Workout Plan:




Decline Push-Ups



Close Grip Push-Ups






Standard Push-Ups



Incline Push-Ups



At-Home Dumbbell Chest Workout:

You can embody each of those exercises every week, however be sure that they’re not on back-to-back days. For the workout routines that you just’ll do till failure, take a 30-second relaxation between every set. For Workout B, you’ll be able to add within the plyometric push-up as soon as each 2 to 4 exercises.

Workout A:




Decline Push-Ups



Close Grip Push-Ups






Dumbbell Triceps Press



Dumbbell Chest Flys



Standard Push-Up


Until failure

Squeeze Press


Until failure

Workout B:




Decline Push-Ups



Close Grip Push-Ups






Floor Bench Press



Dumbbell Pull Overs



Incline Push-Ups


Until failure

Squeeze Press-Ups


Until failure

How To Progress On Home Workouts

Making features on any sort of exercise will all the time depend on progressive overload. What differs is how one applies it.

Above, we talked about how you may be utilizing RPE with these actions and possibly doing extra reps. Remember that you just nonetheless need to see these numbers go upward.

The downside with solely including reps is you’re going to get to some extent during which all you are undertaking is bettering your muscle endurance. Therefore you’ll additionally need to play with the variations listed above. In addition, you need to use these strategies under to change the stimulus.

1. Alter The Exercise Order:

The conventional technique for planning train order has you carry out the heaviest or “biggest” train first. This contains your major compound lifts.

From there, you’ll carry out smaller accent actions which might be often “smaller” compound actions. Lastly, you practice the smallest isolation workout routines.

Keep in thoughts the load’s lower as effectively. The reasoning is that you really want the muscle mass to be recent for the large workout routines in order that they will raise probably the most weight. For instance, a conventional chest exercise would possibly appear to be this:

Bench Press: 3 units by 5 reps
Incline Dumbbell Press: 3 units by 8 reps
Dips: 3 units by 8-10 reps
Chest Flys: 3 units by 10-12 reps

Again, since you’re restricted on loading skills, it might be smart to carry out “smaller” workout routines first to fatigue the muscle fibers. Then if you get to the larger actions, the burden will really feel heavier. Or you might alternate.

Your exercise may appear to be this:

Chest Flys
Push Ups
Dumbbell Pullovers
Dumbbell Bench Press

Instead of doing push-ups after which chest flys, do the chest flys first to fatigue the pecs after which do push-ups. The similar went with the dumbbell pullovers and dumbbell press. Again, fiddle and see what appears to create a extra intense exercise.

2. Play With Super Sets And Shorter Rest Periods:

Another instrument you need to use to extend the depth with minimal masses is to make use of supersets or shorten relaxation durations.

For instance, in case you are unable to sufficiently load the push-up, carry out some chest flys first. This doesn’t suggest it’s important to go to failure on the fly, slightly, use them simply sufficient to fatigue your chest to make the usual push-ups harder.

You may even do a set of 10 chest flyers earlier than each set of pushups after which nonetheless do 3 units of the chest fly afterward.

At Home Chest Workout Summary

Home chest exercises can result in some distinctive challenges however nothing you’ll be able to’t overcome. A frequent concern typically revolves round having to carry out the identical workout routines, particularly with body weight chest workout routines.

While true, even one of the best gym-based exercises, like ones that embody cable chest workout routines, use the identical foundational actions. The key with dwelling chest exercises is to discover a method to enhance the depth with minimal weight.

And if you are able to do that, this at-home chest exercise is simply as able to constructing muscle mass and growing power as every other plan. Oh, and remember your chest stretches!

More Chest Exercises:

opposite shoulder


Calatayud J, Borreani S, Colado JC, Martin F, Tella V, Andersen LL. Bench Press and Push-up at Comparable Levels of Muscle Activity Results in Similar Strength Gains. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2015;29(1):246-253. doi:10.1519/jsc.0000000000000589
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