How To Get And Stay Motivated To Workout And Lose Weight

Question: I need assistance with motivation. This has all the time been my greatest wrestle. No matter what I do, I can’t keep motivated to drop a few pounds, or exercise, or go to the fitness center, or eat proper. This stops me from being constant, which prevents me from making progress. What can I do to lastly change this?

Answer: This is likely one of the commonest questions I get requested, and the reply is the exact opposite of what you suppose it’s.

If you wrestle with getting or staying motivated, please pay very shut consideration.

The Problem: Motivation Is Temporary

Most folks method objectives like weight reduction or constructing muscle with motivation as the only (or no less than, main) issue getting them to persistently do what must be completed.

This is nice, apart from one factor: motivation is momentary.

It goes up and down over the course of a day, comes and goes over the course of weeks, and utterly vanishes and finally reappears (if you happen to’re fortunate) over a span of months, years, and many years.

It’s one thing that might be there in full power on Monday however then not be there in any respect on Tuesday.

Yet that is the factor you (and everybody else) have determined to depend on to get your self to persistently do what must be completed every day?

That’s by no means going to work.

It’s not possible.

You’re doomed from the beginning with this method.

In the top, motivation is a superb factor for getting folks to START doing one thing, nevertheless it completely sucks for getting folks to proceed doing that factor on a constant foundation.

Forget About Getting Or Staying Motivated

That’s why the actual drawback right here has nothing to do together with your lack of motivation, or your lack of ability to “stay motivated.”

“Staying motivated” doesn’t exist, so be happy to completely take away that idea out of your mind and cease losing your time trying to find it.

You’ll by no means discover it.

Instead, the actual drawback is your perception that motivation is one thing you’ll want to have as a way to persistently exercise, eat proper, and do every thing else that must be completed to efficiently drop a few pounds, construct muscle, or attain no matter objective you’ve got.

But it’s not.

Take me, for instance.

Do you suppose I’m all the time motivated to exercise? 3-5 days per week? Every week? For the final 15 years?

Hell no!

But but I don’t miss exercises.

And do you suppose I’m all the time motivated to eat proper? And stick with my food plan? And eat the correct quantities of energy/macros every day whereas holding the junky stuff to a minimal?

Hell no!

But but I do it anyway.

My Big “Secret”

How do I do it, you ask?

Do I’ve distinctive will energy? Amazing genetics? A private chef who cooks all of my meals for me?


Do I’ve the proper Instagram feed full of the correct mixture of inspirational quotes? Surely that needs to be it!!

Um, no.

What I’ve are habits I’ve constructed up over time that guarantee I do what must be completed no matter whether or not I really feel motivated to do it.

It’s identical to brushing my tooth each evening.

This isn’t one thing I’m ever motivated to do, however but it will get completed each single evening with out fail. It’s utterly on autopilot, and my emotions don’t play a task in whether or not or not I do it.

It doesn’t matter if I’m drained. Or busy. Or not within the temper.

It simply will get completed.

Working out and consuming proper are precisely the identical.

Granted, it would take extra effort and time to construct these habits than it did to construct the behavior of brushing your tooth. We’re evaluating one small behavior (brushing your tooth) with two actually massive habits (correct food plan and train) which embody dozens of smaller sub-habits.

But the underlying idea continues to be the identical.

So if you happen to can handle to brush your tooth each evening, then guess what? You have what it takes to persistently stick with your food plan and exercise.

You simply want to begin approaching them the identical means.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Stop Relying On Motivation

The first step you’ll want to take is to cease counting on motivation.

No matter how a lot you search it out in an try to seek out new and higher methods to “get motivated” and “feel motivated” and “stay motivated,” it would all the time fail you.

Regardless of what number of motivational quotes, movies, pictures, memes, and social media accounts you discover, one of the best you possibly can ever anticipate to get is a tiny quantity of momentary motivation that can make you’re feeling good for a number of seconds after which depart you feeling precisely as unmotivated as you beforehand felt.

And then what occurs?

Then you’re again to blaming your lack of ability to remain motivated for why you’re not doing what must be completed, at which level you search out the subsequent ineffective supply of momentary motivation that may even fail you.

And then what?

Then this cycle repeats itself again and again. For months, years, or many years.

If this sounds acquainted, right here’s what I like to recommend doing.

You know all the effort and time you’re placing into this cycle of being motivated after which not being motivated?

I would like you to place that effort and time into constructing the habits that can can help you do the essential issues even whenever you’re not feeling motivated to do them.

That’s going to be the important thing to your success (or lack thereof).

Step 2: Start Building Habits

So… how do you construct these habits?

Start by approaching every new behavior one after the other as an alternative of making an attempt to do 100 new issues suddenly. That hardly ever works.

Instead, choose one factor you can begin doing tomorrow that can allow you to attain your objectives.

Maybe that’s figuring out simply a couple of times per week?Maybe that’s consuming extra protein?Maybe that’s changing soda with water?Maybe that’s monitoring your energy?Maybe that’s weighing your self each day and monitoring the weekly averages?Maybe that’s one thing else altogether.

Whatever it’s, it doesn’t should be excellent and even near it. That will come later.

For now, simply choose one factor and focus totally on doing that one factor on a constant foundation for a number of weeks.

Once you’ve efficiently completed that, repeat this course of once more with a second factor whereas holding the primary behavior intact.

A number of weeks later, add on a 3rd factor.

This method will can help you steadily construct a bunch of smaller habits that can finally kind the larger habits you’ll want to achieve success.

This is the other of what most individuals do, which is leap proper into doing EVERYTHING on Day 1 once they’re feeling that sudden burst of motivation, however then they inevitably fail to maintain it when that feeling of motivation disappears quickly after.

This method prevents you from being a kind of folks.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Habits Are “PECS”

PECS is the lovable little acronym I got here up with a number of years in the past that stands for Preferable, Enjoyable, Convenient, and Sustainable.


And one of the crucial essential issues you are able to do when selecting which food plan and exercise habits to construct is be sure to select habits which might be as PECS for you as potential.

Here’s an instance of what which means.

Let’s say you understand you may make it to the fitness center to exercise 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is your supreme exercise schedule, as a result of it’s handy and suits finest into your on a regular basis life.

So for you, this exercise schedule is PECS.

However, you resolve to go to the fitness center 5 instances per week as an alternative since you assume “more is better,” otherwise you noticed some superior 5-day exercise routine that regarded cool, or regardless of the purpose could also be.

Do you understand what’s going to occur?

You’re going to fail to construct this exercise behavior.

Why? Because it’s not PECS.

Here’s one other instance.

Let’s say you like carbs (rice, potatoes, bread, and many others.), however but you’ve determined to attempt to drop a few pounds by following a low carb food plan.

Once once more, this isn’t going to work out properly, since you’re doing issues that aren’t PECS for you. A low carb food plan will simply make issues considerably more durable for you than they have to be (and unnecessarily so, as a result of a low carb food plan isn’t remotely wanted for reducing weight).

These are simply two examples of many, however the level right here is straightforward.

Don’t simply attempt to construct habits.

Try to construct the correct habits. #PECS

Step 4: Watch Your Habits Build Momentum

Do you understand what’s superior about this method to constructing smaller habits one after the other?

It builds momentum.

You have one factor, on high of one other factor, on high of one other factor, on high of one other factor… all transferring you nearer and nearer in the direction of your objective.

And when you’re constructing momentum in the direction of your objective, 5 fantastic issues occur:

Everything turns into simpler and simpler so that you can proceed doing.You turn into a lot much less prone to ever cease, stop, or get off observe.You efficiently attain your objective.You efficiently keep it afterwards.You notice that motivation wasn’t the factor you wanted.

Don’t take my phrase for it. Try it and see for your self.

What’s Next?

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It goes extra in depth into this subject and can present you precisely how one can construct the habits and momentum you’ll want to lastly get to your objective as an alternative of letting a “lack of motivation” proceed to stop it.

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