How to Start a Wellness Journaling Practice

You’ve heard it earlier than: Journaling is a apply with a entire trove of advantages for psychological and emotional well being, sparking creativity, and extra. But what about a wellness journal—one particularly devoted to bettering your well-being through the implementation of mindfulness practices, monitoring new way of life habits and behavioral modifications, and extra? 

Thanks to Tiktok, the place the hashtag #wellnessjournal has now garnered over 1.5 million views, the wellness journaling apply has skyrocketed in reputation over the previous 12 months.  

“Journaling is a great way to release pressure and reveal your authentic thoughts and feelings,” shares Leela Hoehn, founder and inventive director of The Rainbow Vision, a paper items and present model that designs instruments—planners, journals, and extra—meant to encourage these trying to add extra creativity into their lives. 

“Having a journal is a great way to create safe space just for you,” Hoehn continues. “I love to journal because oftentimes I just need a place to allow myself to ramble and let the mental chatter come out. It’s usually when I’m just free writing that I come to some clear conclusions about how I feel, or a great new idea emerges.” 

Keep studying for concepts on how to get began with your personal wellness journaling apply. 

What can you utilize your wellness journal for?

Brain dump very first thing within the morning. Once you’ve chosen a journal you’re excited to crack open and begin filling up, let it add some construction to your routine by beginning your day with it. You can attempt morning pages to begin with—both by setting a timer or a web page restrict, after which free writing till you attain your aim.

“I am a huge fan of morning pages,” shares Hoehn. “This is where you sit down in the morning and write and write and write and fill up several pages of your journal with just whatever comes to mind. You don’t have to have coherent thoughts, there’s no productive outcome. You can even write the same word over and over if nothing else comes to mind. When you do this you are allowing yourself to purge the mental chatter and get clear for the day. I’ve found that when I’ve allowed myself time to write at least 5 pages in the morning I can start my day with more calm and confidence,” she provides. 

Track behavior or conduct modifications you’d like to incorporate into your each day routine. Want to get extra each day steps or begin doing low-intensity pilates 3 times a week? Jot it down in your wellness journal. You also can create a weekly schedule for exercises or chart your little wins when it comes to setting an earlier bedtime goal or not hitting snooze so many instances within the morning. 

Need some further assist? Turn on Bedtime Reminders with Fitbit, and make it simpler on your self to comply with by with an earlier wake time by setting your Fitbit to wake you up gently within the morning. With Smart Wake, you’ll be able to set your Fitbit alarm to wake you up with a quiet vibration throughout a lighter sleep stage—and really feel extra refreshed within the AM. Here’s how: 

Set a silent alarm utilizing the Fitbit app (or set one up instantly in your smartwatch) and test the “Smart Wake” field. Using 24/7 coronary heart fee and delicate movement detectors, your tracker or watch estimates which stage of sleep you’re in—and can then wake you up whilst you’re in a lighter sleep stage, up to half-hour prior to your required wake-up time. 

Notice patterns. In addition to setting targets, you should use your wellness journal to discover the patterns of behaviors you exhibit in your each day life. Stay basic by relating broader patterns, like congratulating your self for biking to work as a substitute of driving a couple of times a week, or get as granular as you want. 

For instance, possibly you discover that if you stroll extra all through the day, you get higher Zzz’s at evening. 

You can use Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score to assist uncover patterns like this as properly. Daily Readiness on Fitbit Premium helps you perceive your readiness to tackle train or restoration every day based mostly on three key components: your exercise, coronary heart fee, and sleep. (Read extra about one Fitbit editor’s expertise with it right here.)   

Set intentions. “Generally when I set an intention for the week I like to write down how I want to feel,” shares Hoehn. “No matter what I have going on that week, whether it’s filled with tasks and important deadlines, or it’s more loose-ended, I like to try and create a lens for my experience. A regular intention that I like to write down is ‘keep it fun,’ especially during my busier weeks. I can easily let myself feel bogged down and forget that there’s a lot of joy to be experienced even during the minutiae of everyday life. Having that reminder there helps me snap out of it,” she provides. 

You also can observe the targets and intentions you’ve set by following up with your self at common intervals. We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to kind a behavior; however are you checking in with your self once more on the three and 6 month mark to see if you happen to’re nonetheless getting as a lot as you’ll be able to from the brand new habits you’ve added into your morning routine? Whenever you’re prepared, you should use your wellness journal as a reminder to get again on observe.

Can’t get into gratitude lists? Try making a new type of checklist completely. Feeling slowed down by what looks like a unending to-do checklist—together with one which appears to characteristic a entire host of recent wellness duties to try to gadgets to deal with? 

Try choosing a “success list” as a substitute—at the very least, throughout the pages of your wellness journal. This is precisely what it feels like: a checklist of each day achievements or minor successes that you just’re pleased with your self for making! Maybe it’s selecting to stroll to work as a substitute of taking the bus, or crushing your presentation (whether or not you gave it just about or in-person). Maybe it’s lastly implementing a breathwork apply into your day-to-day. You get to select which accomplishments to embody—and the way to prioritize them. 

The quantity of construction you determine to go along with is up to you 

Ultimately, wellness—or extra particularly, fostering a sense of well-being in your on a regular basis life—is a course of you make completely your personal. If you are feeling that a new wellness journal with all of the bells and whistles, like graphs for behavior monitoring or a particular part for affirmations, for instance, would work finest for you, then excellent news: there are many choices obtainable. 

Or, when you have a clean spiral pocket book that’s been gathering mud in your bed room or residence workplace area, why not put it to use? There aren’t any guidelines right here—domesticate your wellness journaling apply in a method that feels good to you.   

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