Hybrid Athlete Fergus Crawley Lifts The Dinnie Stones

On April twentieth, 2022, hybrid athlete Fergus Crawley managed to carry the famed Dinnie Stones! Lifting the Dinnie Stones isn’t any simple process, so it is a massive accomplishment on the earth of power sports activities.

Fergus Crawley Lifts The Dinnie Stones

The Dinnie Stones are a pair of easy however inconsistently weighted stones with handles connected to them. The residence of the Dinnie Stones is in Potarch, Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

The historical past of the Dinnie Stones began when the well-known Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie crafted the equipment after which allegedly carried the stones throughout the width of the Potarch Bridge, a distance of simply over 17 ft or 5.22 meters.

The Dinnie Stones are comprised of granite with connected iron rings that the lifter makes use of to choose up the pair. The mixed weight of the stones is 733 kilos (332.49kg). The bigger stone weighs simply over 414 kilos (188.02kg), whereas the smaller stone weighs in at simply over 318 kilos (144.47kg). Replicas of the Dinnie Stones are sometimes used at worldwide competitions.

Strength athletes try and carry the Dinnie Stones with a Jefferson deadlift after which maintain them up off the bottom for the longest time doable or attempt to carry them for distance in a farmer’s stroll.

Less than 200 folks have been in a position to carry these large stones, with hybrid athlete Fergus Crawley being the 184th individual to overcome the stones. Strongman Kevin Faires holds the document with a distance of 25 ft 8 inches which he set on the 2022 Rogue Record Breakers occasion again in March.

Watch Crawley execute the Dinnie Stone carry under as he’s sporting a conventional kilt, lifting belt along with his fingers chalked up.


Although Crawley isn’t a strongman, he added his identify to the record of people that’ve managed to hoist the Dinnie Stones. It’s price mentioning that Crawley’s coach, Johnny Pain was additionally in a position to carry the stones.

Do you suppose you possibly can carry the Dinnie Stones?


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