Importance of Hydration & Drinking Enough Water

Did you recognize almost 75% of Americans are strolling round chronically dehydrated? There are many elements, but most of us are merely not ingesting sufficient water. And what’s extra, we could also be ingesting sufficient water, however our filters might be stripping it of important minerals like magnesium. Here are a number of water hacks to maintain hydrated and keep wholesome all 12 months spherical.

So how a lot is sufficient? The commonplace recommendation of ingesting eight glasses of water a day is nice, however not correct. Instead, go by your physique weight. You need to devour half of your physique weight in ounces a day. 140 kilos? That’s 70 ounces, or 8.5 cups. It is feasible, too, to over-hydrate. So, gun for the candy spot, and take note of your physique. If your urine is vivid yellow, you’re dehydrated. Crystal clear? Your physique could also be simply getting rid of an excessive amount of water. A lightweight yellow is what you’re after.

Hello, Water Bottle

One of the most effective methods—whether or not working at a pc most of the day, or continually on the go—to remain hydrated is to have a water bottle in sight. Buy a number of water bottles you like and make them your new bestie. We are keen on much less plastic. Sure, a YETI Rambler is an funding, however its stainless-steel make-up is best for each you and the setting. Looking for a extra reasonably priced possibility, snag a 64 oz Hydro Jug or 20 oz VASA Hydro Bottle.





Easy Electrolytes

If you’re into health and wellness and wish to work out, strive including electrolyte tabs to your water bottle. Nuun sells every kind of hydration tabs, damaged into classes to assist enhance hydration, rejuvenation, and vitality. (Tip: in the event you overindulge at comfortable hour, Liquid IV powder and Pedialyte are two different fast fixes to regain stability).


Love Those Lemons

One of the most effective methods to get up and kickstart your day, even earlier than you take pleasure in your espresso routine? Simple: Lemon water. The advantages of citrus and lemon are unimaginable. So a lot so, that Dr. Kellyann Petrucci likes to hype the advantages of lemon water: it balances your physique’s PH ranges, promotes wholesome pores and skin, may also help you shed pounds, and improves digestion—and that’s only for starters. So, stack up on the citrus. You will likely be glowing very quickly!


Brain Fuel

The finest approach to stave off that dreaded mind fog? Water, water, water. According to specialists, when a gaggle of ladies solely drank six ounces of water a day, they carried out worse on cognitive checks. Just a small dip in hydration may cause fatigue, headache, and poor muscle reminiscence. The finest mind hack? Simple! Hello, H2O.

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