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Since many fruits are naturally larger in sugar, anybody on a low carb or ketogenic eating regimen wants to consider carefully about what works on their private keto fruit record. Pomegranates are a well-liked fruit, however are pomegranates keto pleasant? How excessive are pomegranate carbs? Let’s reply these difficult questions right here, and discuss methods you would possibly have the ability to make pomegranate keto pleasant.

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Is Pomegranate Keto Friendly?

Pomegranate isn’t keto pleasant — a minimum of, not in common serving sizes. You would possibly have the ability to get pleasure from a really small quantity of pomegranate and keep in your keto macros.

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Is pomegranate juice keto pleasant?

Sorry, there’s no such factor as low carb pomegranate juice. This juice has too many carbs in common servings to be thought-about keto.

Is pomegranate keto friendly? These fresh pomegranates may be keto in small amounts.

How Many Carbs In Pomegranate?

Does pomegranate have carbs? It certain does… however the precise quantity depends upon the serving measurement and prep technique.

How many carbs in a big pomegranate?

A big pomegranate incorporates 52.7 grams complete carbs and 41.4 grams web carbs [*]. If you wish to hold pomegranate carb depend low, you shouldn’t get pleasure from a whole fruit without delay.

How many carbs in pomegranate seeds?

On keto, you would possibly have the ability to get pleasure from a number of pomegranate seeds (aka arils). Pomegranate arils carbs clock in at 8.2 grams complete carbs and 6.4 grams web carbs per 1/4 cup serving [*].

How many carbs in pomegranate juice?

Are pomegranates low carb when juiced? Not actually. One cup of pomegranate juice will set you again 32.6 grams complete carbs and 32.4 grams web carbs [*].

The chart beneath summarizes grams of carbohydrate for all types of pomegranate.

Serving SizeTotal CarbsInternet Carbs1 massive fruit52.7g41.4g1/4 cup arils8.2g6.4g1 cup juice32.6g32.4g

Pomegranate Nutrition

If you wish to know extra about pomegranate dietary details past carbohydrates, check out the complete macros for a big pomegranate:

234 calories3.3 grams of fat4.7 grams of protein52.7 grams of carbohydrate11.3 grams of fiber

The juices from pomegranate additionally include antioxidants — much more than well-liked meals like pink wine and inexperienced tea [*]. Pomegranate arils are additionally excessive in vitamins and minerals akin to vitamin C, potassium, folate, and Vitamin Ok. For these on a low calorie eating regimen as a substitute of a strictly low carb eating regimen, pomegranates could also be a good selection.

Pomegranate juice has additionally been proven to cut back irritation in diabetic sufferers [*], and could also be linked to a discount in LDL ldl cholesterol [*] and hypertension [*].

Keto Pomegranate Substitutes

If you wish to incorporate pomegranate in a keto eating regimen, strive these options:

Conclusion: Can You Have Pomegranate On A Keto Diet?

High pomegranate carbs imply you must get pleasure from it in excessive moderation on a low carb way of life. Consider keto pomegranate substitutes or use them as an accent on dishes to maintain carbs decrease.

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Are pomegranates keto, or are pomegranate carbs too high? Learn the full story here, including way to enjoy the taste of pomegranates on keto.

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