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How’s your week going? Would a free workout make it better? On Tuesday, October 12 and Saturday, October 16, join TRX® for free, bodyweight workouts and discover why no one does functional fitness like us! There’s no equipment required beyond your Internet-connected device (i.e. phone, tablet, or computer), for either session, so all you have to do is log-in and get ready to work.

Why the free training?  Because we want you to experience all the sweaty fun of TRX Training Club℠, a new platform where we host dozens of Live workouts each week and stream hundreds of On-Demand workouts, any time. TRX Training Club gives you access to world-class trainers, wherever you have wifi, all for less each month than what you usually pay for just a single class at a studio. 

You can even try it out free for 7 days.

Of course, that creates a conundrum. When should you launch that free trial? Should you get a Suspension Trainer?™ How can you best optimize that week? By the time you’ve cross-referenced three calendars and social media to pick a date, you get lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole, and the whole workout plan is forgotten. 

We’re taking the decision fatigue out of the equation. This week, you can drop into special TRX Live Community Classes, absolutely free of charge, and you’ll still get your 7-day trial later.


First up is a Full Body Strong session with Louis. TRX’s Strong-format classes boost your strength and endurance with a blend of strength and plyometric moves to build lean muscle in the quickest way possible. (On the regular Live schedule, TRX offers three variations in the Strong category: Upper Body, Lower Body, and Full Body.)


Next, we have Full Body Sweat with Marisa. Sweat is a circuit-style workout to build your overall speed and power, so you can meet your next cardio session even stronger than the last. 

While classes typically run 25-45 minutes, both of our free community classes will be a quick and not-so-easy 30-minute blast.

Sign-up for Full Bodyweight Strong at 3 pm ET with Louis Tuesday here.

Sign-up for Full Bodyweight Sweat at 2 pm ET with Marisa here

TRX Training Club screen with equipment filter

These community classes are just a small sample of what’s in store. At TRX Training Club, you’ll find the best Suspension Trainer™ workouts in the world, plus On-Demand sessions for kettlebells, TRX RIP Trainer™, TRX® Bandit, and bands.

Wanna see what all the TRX Training Club fuss is about? Pop into a free class. We’re pretty sure you’ll be back for that free trial. 

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