Powerlifter Jessica Buettner Deadlifts 507 Pounds for 6; Crushes 405-Pound Paused Squat for 4 Reps

Jessica Buettner definitely is aware of how one can depart an impression within the health club. On April 7, 2022, the powerlifter made her presence felt once more when she crushed a 212.5-kilogram squat (469 kilos). Buettner adopted that staggering carry with a 230-kilogram deadlift (507 kilos) for six reps, and a 183.7-kilogram paused squat (405 kilos) for 4 reps.  

Check out Buettner’s lifts under, courtesy of her Instagram profile:

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Eye on the Prize

According to Buettner, her conventional squat in coaching was a mere 5 kilograms (11 kilos) off her PR. Notably, whereas unofficial, it additionally eclipses her all-time competitors better of 210.4 kilograms (464 kilos). Meanwhile, the six-rep deadlift is barely 17.5 kilograms (38.5 kilos) away from the present International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world report — which belongs to Buettner.

Deadlift — 247.5 kilograms (545.6 kilos)
Squat — 210.5 kilograms (461.4 kilos)
Total — 563 kilogram (1,241 pound2)

The final time Buettner misplaced in a powerlifting competitors was the 12 months 2019. Here are a number of the notable outcomes of the Canadian-born athlete’s profession:

Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Nationals — 1st total | 2015, 2019-2020
IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships — 1st total | Juniors: 2016, 2018; Open: 2019-2020
2019 CPU National Championship — 1st total
2019 Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation Commonwealth Championships — 1st total 

Benefits of the Paused Squat

A conventional squat with a loaded barbell is difficult sufficient for any athlete. The pause affords one other distinctive aspect.

An athlete will normally come to an entire cease on the backside of their squat rep in a paused squat. That’s in distinction to the standard squat, the place an athlete hits not less than the 90-degree parallel and instantly drives again up. Note: Some individuals may elect to pause midway between the highest and the parallel, however a pause on the backside is extra frequent. 

While within the gap (or the bottom place of the squat), the athlete will maintain that place for not less than a few seconds. The timing can range, typically relying on private desire and coaching routine. Finally, they’ll explode as much as lock out the rep. The pause doesn’t essentially change the tempo of the general squat rep itself. An athlete can elect to go down slower, too.


One of the extra notable advantages of the pause is {that a} powerlifter places their legs below elevated stress, main to improved energy and hypertrophy (or muscle development). The extra an athlete locations their muscle groups in isometric contraction (or maintaining their muscle groups in a steady contracted place), the extra good points they may see. One latest examine discovered that ladies who carried out pauses squats as an alternative of the standard variation noticed better hypertrophy. (1)

The paused squat will ask extra of an athlete’s quad muscle groups and knees, too. 

Like the standard variation, the paused squat nonetheless works the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and total core, however calls for extra of the quads due to the prolonged time within the gap. That slower motion will give an athlete bigger and stronger quads. (2) Plus, as a result of the pause retains an athlete’s knees flexed for longer whereas bearing their squat weight, it may additionally enhance their knee extension energy.

By coaching with a paused squat, Buettner is doubtlessly rising her squat capability and bettering her total leg energy concurrently. 

The IPF Worlds Are Next

In what seems to be a affirmation in her Instagram publish, Buettner says she’s going to compete within the 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. We’ll see if she will be able to proceed her latest scorching streak there.

The occasion will likely be on June 6-12, 2022, in Sun City, South Africa.


Korak, J.A., Paquette, M.R., Fuller, D.Ok., Caputo, J.L., Coons, J. M. (2018). Effect of a rest-pause vs. conventional squat on electromyography and lifting quantity in skilled ladies. European Journal of Applied Physiology, Jul. 2018; 118(7), 1309–1314.
Usui, S., Maeo, S., Tayashiki, Ok., Nakatani, M., Kanehisa, H. (2016). Low-load Slow Movement Squat Training Increases Muscle Size and Strength however Not Power. International Journal of Sports Medicine, Apr. 2016; 37(4), 305–312.

Featured picture: @djessicabuettner on Instagram


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