Retired Teacher Loses 50 Pounds With Diet-to-Go

by Caitlin H,

Aug 9, 2021

Waffles with Blueberry Cream Chese

Name: Nancy
Age: 85
Occupation: (*50*) instructor
Meal Plan: Balance 1,200
Favorite Meal: Waffles with Cream Cheese
Start-Date: April 2019
Starting Weight: 200
Height: 5’2”
Pounds Lost: 50 kilos
Activity Level: I haven’t been in a position to stroll for 22 years, however I do love chair volleyball!
When I get a craving, my go-to trick is: I drink ice tea.

It’s arduous to pinpoint a weight-reduction plan Nancy, a retired instructor dwelling in Dallas, hasn’t tried—however there’s just one that has really labored.

“Oh yeah, I’ve tried all of them; Weight Watchers, the Grapefruit Diet—any diet you can think of, I’ve done,” Nancy mentioned. “I did well on all those, but then I’d get three pounds away from my goal and gain the weight back, plus some.”

Nancy, at 85 years previous, mentioned the important thing for her was discovering a weight-reduction plan the place she didn’t have to consider it. In spring 2019, she stumbled upon Diet-to-Go, ordered the No. 1-rated Balance Plan, and at last discovered precisely what she wanted to shed 50 kilos—and preserve the load off.

“When I did Diet-to-Go, I didn’t have to count calories,” she mentioned. “I didn’t have to do a thing except enjoy it. The thing about losing weight is, if you pay attention to, ‘Oh, I’m losing weight, I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that’…diets don’t work. That’s why I liked Diet-to-Go.”

Nancy has been unable to stroll for the previous 22 years, however mentioned she misplaced about 1 pound per week consuming Diet-to-Go meals.

“I love to cook, but when I cook, I can’t keep track of the calories easily,” she mentioned. “That’s why I started with Diet-to-Go, because it was all done for me. It has a great menu. The food is almost restaurant quality; it’s a lot fresher than the other diets.”

Nancy added that Diet-to-Go plans are higher for individuals who wish to preserve their calorie counts down whereas not being disadvantaged of the meals they love.

“I wasn’t thinking about being on a diet,” she mentioned. “It’s a whole new way of eating. I got this tiny brownie and I thought, ‘Who cares?’ I can eat four bites and it’s delicious. That’s what you have to do when you lose weight, you eat less of it and enjoy it more.”

Nancy mentioned studying about portion measurement has helped her keep her weight reduction over the previous two years, too.

“I care about how I feel, and at 85, I don’t take any medicine at all,” she mentioned. “I feel great!”

That didn’t, nonetheless, cease her pals from noticing her success.

“After I’d lost quite a bit of weight, my friends would say, “Boy you look great. Have you lost a lot of weight?” And I’d say, “Yep,’” Nancy mentioned. “When you’re 85, you don’t do as much. I’m not eating out a lot. I even used to dread it when a group of us would go out to eat, because I’d rather stay at home and eat my Diet-to-Go meals.”



Author: Caitlin H
Diet-to-Go Community Manager

Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go group supervisor and an avid runner. She is keen about participating with others on-line and sustaining a wholesome, energetic life-style. She believes moderation is vital, and other people may have essentially the most weight reduction success in the event that they interact in commonsense wholesome consuming and health.


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