The 12 Best Dumbbell Arm Exercises to Build Muscle

It’s exhausting to beat the looks of bulging biceps, horseshoe-shaped triceps, and massively rounded shoulders. And luckily, there are numerous arm workouts that you can select from to practice your whole arm muscle teams, utilizing all the pieces from barbells to physique weight to machines. Today we’re going to go over one other group that may assist you to acquire the arms of your goals: dumbbell arm workouts.

We’ll lay out the 12 finest dumbbell arm workouts that may create large weapons. In addition, this put up will cowl:

Major muscle teams of the higher arms
Benefits of utilizing dumbbell workouts to practice the arms
Ideal weight for dumbbell arm workouts
Best dumbbell arm workouts for mass and power
How to practice your arms


The Major Muscle Groups Of The Upper Arms

Technically, the arms refer to the complete appendage that hangs off the shoulder joint. This means it consists of the forearms in addition to the higher arms. That stated, when persons are searching for arm workouts, they’re typically solely referring to the higher arms, which embrace the biceps and triceps in addition to the deltoids (relying on who you ask).

Biceps Brachii, Brachialis, and Brachioradialis:

arm dumbbell exercises

Biceps: The biceps is a two-headed muscle group that sits on the entrance of your higher arm. The two heads encompass separate muscle bellies that originate from completely different areas, come collectively as they journey down the arm, after which merge into the identical tendon which is inserted throughout the elbow joint. Both heads are labored at completely different angles, that means it is vital to embrace lengthy head bicep workouts and brief head bicep workouts in your routine.

Brachialis: It sits on the higher arms underneath the biceps and is the first arm flexor. If you’re searching for sturdy, developed biceps, you should practice them. Brachialis workouts are essential for larger, stronger arms.

Brachioradialis: It sits throughout the elbow, and whereas it’s extra of a forearm muscle than a part of the higher arm, if you would like a totally outlined arm, power coaching them is crucial.


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The triceps is a three-headed muscle group that sits on the again aspect of the arm. The three muscle heads embrace the lengthy head, medial head, and lateral head. Similar to the biceps, which means that the three muscle tissue all originate from completely different areas and merge as they journey down the arm. The frequent tendon then crosses the elbow joint to enable extension of the arm which is the first perform of the triceps.

The triceps are an important a part of the higher arm because it accounts for roughly 60% of the overall mass. Being so, having small triceps will make it nearly not possible to have a set of arms of any significance. You should practice the triceps!

It’s vital to embrace lengthy head triceps workouts, medial head workouts, and lateral head triceps workouts in your routine for absolutely developed, well-defined higher arms.


best dumbbell arm exercises

The deltoids are a set of three muscle tissue that make up your “shoulder” muscle tissue. These three muscle tissue sit round your shoulder joint and permit it to manipulate the arm in nearly any course. Because the shoulder joint is a ball-in-socket joint, it requires these completely different muscle heads to be located in several areas to find a way to push, pull, raise, and carry out some other arm motion.

And whereas some individuals might not think about them an higher arm muscle, they definitely maintain a number of aesthetic worth in making a set of large arms. If you need that capped look with shoulder muscle tissue that stick out to make a valley along with your biceps, deltoid coaching is crucial.

As talked about above, there are three heads to the shoulder muscle tissue:

Anterior Deltoid: The anterior deltoid is primarily liable for shoulder flexion or bringing your arms up out in entrance of you

Posterior Deltoid: The posterior deltoid is primarily liable for shoulder extension or bringing your arms again behind your physique.

Lateral Deltoid: The lateral deltoid is primarily liable for shoulder abduction or lifting your arms out to the aspect

Off all these three deltoid muscle tissue, the lateral deltoid is an important to give particular consideration to as it is the muscle that sits off the aspect of the higher arm. Make an energetic effort to work lateral deltoid workouts into your routine. Further, the anterior deltoid will get a ton of activation throughout pushing actions whereas the posterior deltoid will get hit on each pulling train.

This doesn’t suggest ignoring the opposite two deltoids. You can positively nonetheless elevate your arm exercises by together with anterior deltoid workouts and rear deltoid workouts as nicely. Just ensure you give the lateral deltoids some further love.

How Heavy Should The Weight Be For Dumbbell Arm Exercises?

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When utilizing dumbbells to practice the arms, you’re going to need to stick primarily to lighter weights of 80% 1RM or much less. This loading scheme would put you within the 8 plus rep scheme.

The main motive for that is when coaching the arms, you need to give attention to muscle hypertrophy quite than power. This doesn’t suggest power is not vital however quite you ought to be utilizing large compound lifts to accomplish that.

Further, utilizing heavier hundreds for dumbbell arm workouts is usually a bit difficult in addition to harmful. Being ready to simply use one arm to stabilize the dumbbell, could cause a number of stress on the joints. When paired with the very fact you ought to be utilizing larger compound lifts for power, there is not any motive to go heavy.

Benefits Of Using Dumbbells

A dumbbell exercise is an superior alternative. They’re efficient, straightforward to use, and are present in principally each single business health club. They additionally supply a ton of distinctive advantages. Here are just a few of the explanations you need to embrace dumbbells in your arm coaching.

1. More Muscle Activation:

While barbells are perfect for power, utilizing dumbbells requires extra stabilization due to solely utilizing one arm. This causes a rise in activation which might translate to larger features, which allows you to construct extra muscle.

2. Exercises are Easy To Vary:

As a dumbbell is a singular implement, you have got the liberty to use numerous grips and arm angles. For instance, dumbbells enable a impartial grip which is not possible to carry out with a barbell.

3. Easier On The Shoulders:

Because your arms have the liberty to transfer, you possibly can place your arms in numerous positions to assist alleviate discomfort. One of the primary items of recommendation for these with shoulder points is to strive utilizing dumbbells. And for a very good majority of them, it really works!

12 Best Dumbbell Arm Exercises For A Sleeve-Splitting Arm Pump

Here we go! These dumbbell arm workouts are the most effective within the enterprise for constructing each muscle of the higher arm. We’ll lay out what dumbbell workouts you ought to be utilizing if you would like some spectacular arms. We’ve additionally grouped every train by the arm muscle group it targets so you have got a transparent thought of what strikes are liable for rising every muscle.

Proper type is essential for optimum development so concentrate to how these are carried out.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Biceps

Prepare to really feel the bicep burn with these first 4 dumbbell arm workouts. In addition to the biceps, these strikes additionally hit your forearm flexors, the brachialis and brachioradialis, making certain evenly outlined and muscular arms. You’re assured to discover these workouts in an final biceps-building exercise.

1. Standing Dumbbell Drag Curl:


Drag curls are primary dumbbell curls with a little bit variation. Instead of performing the curl with the elbows down to the aspect, you’re going to pull your elbows again as you carry out the curl.

This stretches the lengthy head because it crosses over the shoulder joint. Doing so will create an intense burn that we promise you will study to love.

How to do the Standing Dumbbell Drag Curl:

Keeping your knees delicate and core braced, stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside. Hold two dumbbells, letting them hold down by your sides. Your palms will face upward.
As you start the train, draw your elbows again whereas curling the dumbbells straight up your physique. Work to preserve the burden shut to your physique, whereas slowly curling the dumbbells.
At the highest, squeeze your biceps earlier than reducing the dumbbells in a managed movement.

2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl:

dumbbell curl

While they share some similarities, there are variations between the hammer vs. biceps curls. For instance, as a substitute of utilizing a supinated grip (palms going through up), you’ll use a impartial grip. By internally rotating your arm, you’ll shift the main focus from the biceps brachii and place extra stress on the brachialis and brachioradialis.

As talked about above, these two muscle tissue are sometimes ignored by many new lifters that means these guys are severely limiting the dimensions of their arms. Don’t be that man. Do your dumbbell hammer curls.

How to do the Dumbbell Hammer Curl:

Starting in a standing place, ft shoulder-width aside, holding two dumbbells with a impartial grip (palms going through inward).
Keep your elbows and higher arms stationary.
Flex your elbow by pulling the dumbbells upward, persevering with to deliver the dumbbells up till they contact your higher arm. Keep your elbows shut to your sides.
Lower the dumbbells slowly again to the beginning place.

3. Dumbbell Spider Curl:

arm workouts

A spider curl is a bicep curl that’s accomplished whereas mendacity face down on a bench along with your arms straight down. You will then choose up a pair of dumbbells and carry out an arm curl on this place, and since your arms hold freely under your physique, you’re unable to cheat your bicep curls.

Looking for extra info on this bicep-burning transfer? You’ll need to learn our article on the spider curl train, which incorporates some nice variations to strive.

How to do the Dumbbell Spider Curl:

Place an inclined bench to a 45-degree angle, and lay face down on the bench holding two dumbbells along with your palms going through ahead.
Curl the dumbbells up by bending your elbows. At the highest of the place, contract your biceps for a further 1-2 seconds.
Lower the dumbbells slowly down to the beginning place.
Keep your arm and elbows stationary all through the transfer.

4. Incline Dumbbell Curl:

workout arms

After you end your spider curls, flip over on the bench and carry out some incline dumbbell curls. These are nearly a mixture of drag curls and spider curls as your arms hold straight down. This place limits your potential to cheat the dumbbell whereas additionally including an intensive stretch to the biceps muscle fibers.

How to do the Incline Dumbbell Curl:

Keep the bench on the 45-degree angle used for the spider curls.
Lay in your again, face-up, holding two dumbbells with palms going through ahead.
Slowly bend your elbows to slowly curl the dumbbell up in a gradual and managed movement.
Keep your arm and elbows stationary. At the highest of the motion, slowly decrease again down.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Triceps

Once you have skilled your biceps, you are going to focus in your arm’s bottom and practice the triceps. Compared to the biceps, chances are you’ll discover you should use considerably extra weight when coaching the triceps.

And as a result of the triceps have three heads, it is that rather more vital to use workouts that focus on completely different angles. This consists of having a minimum of one overhead extension to hit the lengthy head. Don’t overlook to cool off after going heavy in your muscle tissue. These finest triceps stretches will stop your arms from being overtight and overworked.

5. Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press:

arm exercise

One of the most important misconceptions in regards to the bench press is that it is an superior train for the chest muscle tissue. While it does practice the chest (and nicely!), you’ll discover that the majority guys with a robust bench even have big triceps.

A bench press will practice the complete higher physique however you’ll discover the quantity of flexion and extension that happens on the elbow joint. Further, after the arms break parallel with the chest, the first motion is elbow extension. This is why the most effective bench pressers have a ton of triceps-specific coaching.

You are going to maintain dumbbells utilizing a impartial grip when performing this press. This will enable a fair higher quantity of flexion and extension in addition to relieve stress on the elbow and shoulder joints. You can use a barely heavier weight with this train.

How to do the Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press:

Lying down on a bench, maintain two dumbbells with a impartial grip shoulder-width aside.
Slowly lengthen the dumbbells up overhead by straightening the elbows. This is your beginning place.
When the arms are absolutely straightened, slowly start reducing the dumbbells by bending your elbows. Keep your elbows tucked shut to the physique.
Allow the dumbbells to come as little as attainable to your chest. With your arms bent, start to drive the dumbbells up, concentrating on triceps activation and straightening the arms.

6. Dumbbell Skull Crushers:

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With a reputation like cranium crushers, you already know it is a killer train. While often carried out with a barbell of some kind, you are able to do them with dumbbells. Plus, this additionally permits you to play with completely different hand grips to get that selection.

How to do the Dumbbell Skull Crushers:

Laying down on a bench, face-up, take a dumbbell in every hand and lengthen your arms out straight above your physique over your chest.
These are historically accomplished with a impartial grip however you can too use a pronated grip (palms going through ahead).
Allow your decrease arms to come straight by bending your elbows and preserving them pointed upward. Move the dumbbells straight overhead by bending your elbows. They can come down to your brow or barely previous your head.
Keeping your elbows stationary, drive the dumbbells again to the beginning place by extending your arms.

7. Dumbbell Overhead Extension:

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This is an superior dumbbell train to make sure you hit the complete triceps. While you historically carry out this train standing, some purchasers might discover that kneeling gives extra stability for a much bigger raise.

Pro tip: We discover that utilizing just one dumbbell at a time is extra environment friendly for almost all of lifters performing the dumbbell triceps extensions.

How to do the Dumbbell Overhead Extension:

You can sit down or stand with ft hip width aside, preserving your core tight. Grasping the within of the dumbbell with each arms, begin along with your arms straight, holding the burden straight overhead.
Allow the dumbbell to come again behind your physique by bending your elbows whereas preserving them stationary. Lower the burden so far as you possibly can behind your head, preserving your elbows mentioning barely.
Try to get a deep stretch after which with elbows bent, slowly straighten your elbows to return the burden overhead.

8. Tate Press:

workout arm

Powerlifters have the most important triceps you will discover. This consists of the legendary Dave Tate., founding father of EliteFTS With private bests that embrace a 930-pound again squat, a 610-pound bench press, and a 740-pound deadlift. Tate is the actual deal. And he additionally coined this dumbbell arm train for the triceps.

How to do the Tate Press:

Lay down on a bench, face-up, along with your dumbbells. You ought to find a way to go heavier for this transfer.
The beginning place could have you holding your dumbbells overhead, related to the highest of a dumbbell chest press.
Slowly decrease the dumbbells down to the center of your chest along with your elbows mentioning. Your elbows keep comparatively in the identical spot.
Let the dumbbells come all the best way down however do not allow them to relaxation in your chest. Keep the stress.
Extend your elbows, returning to the unique place.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

As talked about, the shoulders are a little bit of a loner, as we’re together with them with the arm, however they’re probably not the arm. We nonetheless practice them on arm day, although, since they’re so incremental to most higher physique actions and are essential for all higher physique exercises. And whereas we’re together with them in arm workouts, we can be treating them related to the biceps and triceps, that means we’re specializing in accent and hypertrophy actions.

9. Arnold Press:

upper body strength

The Arnold press is one in all our favourite dumbbell arm workouts for the shoulders and is without doubt one of the few compound lifts on this checklist. One of the explanations it’s so efficient is it trains the entrance, lateral, and rear deltoids by way of an enormous vary of movement that provides some main time underneath pressure.

While these are overhead presses, they’re typically carried out with smaller weights with a give attention to hypertrophy.

How to do the Arnold Press:

Sitting on a bench with a dumbbell in every hand, deliver them up to your shoulders. Start along with your palms going through outward.
Begin the train by performing an overhead press. Be positive to preserve your elbows pointing ahead as you straighten your elbows to increase your dumbbells.
As you come down, you’ll externally rotate your arms whereas bringing your elbows in entrance of you
At the underside of the transfer, your arms needs to be in entrance of you with palms going through ahead, related to a boxer defending his face.
Push again, reversing this motion to repeat once more.

10. Lateral Raises:

best dumbbell arm workout

Simple, primary, and efficient, the lateral increase is without doubt one of the hottest arm workouts there may be. It’s additionally one of many few strikes that most individuals type of know the way to do. And by type of, we imply they nonetheless mess it up fairly unhealthy, which is why it is best to take the time to learn our how-to.

That stated, above we spoke in regards to the significance of coaching your lateral deltoid and the lateral increase is your golden ticket. Get some!

How to do Lateral Raises:

Stand along with your knees barely bent and ft flat and ft hip width aside. Keep your core engaged so your trunk stays upright. Hold dumbbells in every hand along with your arms down to your aspect. You can use an overhand grip or impartial grip.
Pull your arms up preserving your elbows barely bent, and slowly increase the dumbbells out to all sides.
Your arms will stay in the identical place for the complete motion. Concentrate on bringing your elbows up quite than the dumbbells.
Bring up till your elbows attain shoulder top, and slowly decrease down to the beginning place.

11. Dumbbell IYT Raise:

best dumbbell arm workouts

The dumbbell IYT increase is a superb train because it consists of 3 actions in a single train. The entrance increase types your I, the 45-degree increase is your Y, and the lateral increase creates a T form.

Combined, these three actions practice the entrance and lateral delts at each angle, promising some superior muscle growth. You can carry out this train standing or sitting, and we would advise utilizing lighter weights.

How to do the Dumbbell IYT Raise:

You can both sit or stand, holding your dumbbells in every hand. If you are standing, have your knees bent barely so they are not locked. Starting along with your palms face down and your dumbbells in entrance of your thighs, increase your left arm and proper arm concurrently straight in entrance of you, stopping at shoulder top to type an I.
Slowly decrease your arms down after which carry out the identical motion at a 45-degree angle, so your arms and physique make a Y. Again, slowly decrease your arms again down.
For the T portion of the transfer, carry out a lateral increase. You will solely pull the dumbbell to shoulder degree. Slowly decrease down to the beginning place, and put together to begin at the start of the transfer, forming an I.

12. Bent-Over Reverse Fly:

muscle tissue

Even although the rear delts get skilled lots with different pulling workouts, it does not harm to add one isolation transfer. And that isolation is the bent-over reverse fly, which is the dumbbell model of the reverse pec deck machine. Again, it is a quite simple but efficient dumbbell train to hit the rear delt in addition to the higher again musculature. Perform these with a lighter weight to give your again a number of quantity.

How to do the Bent-Over Reverse Fly:

Stand with a set of dumbbells, one in your left hand and the opposite in your proper, after which bend ahead permitting your torso to come down so you’re parallel with the ground.
Once you lean ahead, your arms ought to hold straight down holding your dumbbells with a impartial grip and a slight bend in your elbows.
Pull the dumbbells again and towards the ceiling whereas preserving your shoulder blades pulled again.
Continue till your arms attain the extent of your again after which slowly decrease to the beginning place.

How To Train The Arms

Remember that the arms are already skilled with each single upper-body compound motion. This signifies that in actuality, you do not even want to use arm-specific workouts to create large, sturdy arms. But it additionally does not harm.

That stated, we do not imagine in using an arm-specific day (aside from just a few remoted events). To practice the arms optimally, add 2 to 4 workouts for every arm muscle per week into your exercise break up. Keep in thoughts that extra superior lifters will want extra quantity whereas newbie lifters may get away with much less isolation work. Further, we like to rotate our arm workouts recurrently.

While it is crucial to observe the progress of your bigger lifts, it isn’t as very important on your arm coaching. While you need to see gradual progress, your main objective along with your arm coaching is to deliver every set to momentary failure.

The majority of your work needs to be within the 8 to 12 rep vary however you possibly can go a bit heavier (particularly with the triceps and shoulder) or lighter on occasion with some 20 plus reps.

Add Some Mass And Strength To Your Arms

We simply laid out the 12 finest dumbbell arm workouts there are. Plus, we even gave you some recommendations on how to alter a few of them to offer you much more choices. Just ensure you use mild dumbbells when wanted so that you do the workouts appropriately. And should you spend money on adjustable dumbbells or a dumbbell rack, you will find a way to use these exercise concepts from the comfort of your own home.

In different phrases, you haven’t any extra excuses to be strolling round with small arms 3 months after studying this sentence. The clock is ticking, so go begin coaching!

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