The 2 Mistakes You’re Probably Making

A reader just lately requested me the next query…

“I’m using a calorie calculator to figure out how many calories I need to eat to lose weight. My question is, should I use this same calculator to recalculate my calories whenever my progress stalls? And then use it again when I finish losing weight and want to go back to maintenance or into a surplus to build muscle?”

No, no, and no.

Let me clear one thing up about calorie calculators.

In truth, let’s make this a enjoyable little DOs and DON’Ts factor.

I name it…

Calorie Calculator DOs and DON’TS

DO: Use a calorie calculator if you’re first beginning out that can assist you provide you with an estimated start line for what number of energy it’s essential eat per day in your objective (reducing weight, constructing muscle, and many others.).

DON’T: Use a calorie calculator for actually the rest ever once more.

What I imply is…

Don’t use a calorie calculator to make changes when your progress stalls.Don’t use a calorie calculator to seek out your new upkeep degree on the finish of a fats loss or muscle constructing part.Don’t use a calorie calculator to determine what number of energy it’s essential eat to get right into a surplus after being in a deficit (or vice versa).Don’t use a calorie calculator with the intention of getting a quantity that will likely be 100% completely correct for you.

Here’s why.

1. It’s Always Just An Estimate

All calorie calculators, regardless of how correct they declare to be, are nothing greater than a fast and simple method to provide you with some type of estimated start line for what your calorie consumption ought to be.

And whereas all of us hope this estimate is the tremendous correct quantity we’d like, it’s often not.

Don’t get me unsuitable. It might typically be kinda shut, which might could be implausible, as “kinda close” is essentially the most real looking best-case state of affairs you may hope for.

But it might simply as doubtless be tons of of energy off.

And that’s sufficient to place you at upkeep and even right into a surplus moderately than the deficit you’re aiming for (or vice versa).

That’s why it’s essential consider calculators solely as a device for getting an estimated start line, not a device that can let you know for positive what calorie consumption is assured to be just right for you.

Here’s A Problem Calorie Calculators Cause

Because what finally ends up taking place – and I’ve seen this many instances – is that somebody will use some calculator to determine they should eat 2000 energy a day to drop a few pounds (simply an instance).

And they’ll assume this can be a magical all-knowing calculator that may’t probably be unsuitable, subsequently 2000 is certainly the proper calorie consumption for them.

So they’ll begin consuming 2000 energy a day for a few weeks after which… nothing.

No weight reduction. No progress. No something.

This particular person will then say “I tried counting calories but it didn’t work!” Or, even worse, (*2*)

And then they’ll change to some myth-based weight loss plan that additionally claims weight reduction is about one thing aside from energy (just like the low carb weight loss plan), and so they’ll proceed not making any progress with that weight loss plan both.

The Estimate Wasn’t Accurate

In actuality, after all, weight reduction is at all times about energy.

So why didn’t this particular person drop a few pounds though they ate the quantity the calculator mentioned they wanted to eat to drop a few pounds?

Well, assuming they really ate that quantity within the first place (enjoyable truth: most individuals eat greater than they understand, which is a standard drawback I cowl right here: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?), the issue is that the calorie consumption this calculator gave them merely wasn’t correct.

If no weight reduction occurred, it’s assured proof that the estimate was greater than it wanted to be, and a deficit didn’t exist.

And when a deficit doesn’t exist, weight reduction doesn’t occur.

How To Make It Accurate

Luckily, that is a straightforward drawback to repair.

All you want is a few trial and error, and somewhat persistence. Specifically…

Eat the quantity of energy the calculator estimates for you, and observe what occurs together with your physique weight over the following 3-4 weeks.If it’s doing what you need it to do, you’re good. Keep consuming that quantity.But if it’s not, make a small adjustment (e.g. 250-500 energy at a time), observe your physique weight over the following 3-4 weeks, and see what occurs then.Is your weight doing what you need it to do? If so, superior. If not, repeat this course of once more till it’s.

Whether we prefer it or not, that is the one and solely method to discover the correct calorie consumption we’d like.

Calorie calculators are solely helpful for giving us that preliminary estimated quantity to begin with originally of the method.

Which brings me to my subsequent level…

2. You Only Need A Calculator ONE Time

Once you’ve used a calorie calculator one time to provide you with your estimated start line, you’re formally achieved utilizing calorie calculators.


Because now you’re going to be consuming this estimated quantity of energy persistently, and also you’re additionally going to be monitoring what your physique weight does over time when consuming this quantity.

And it’s this knowledge that’s going to be the important thing to all the things it’s essential know going ahead.

This knowledge is what you’re going to make use of to precisely discover your new upkeep degree, and make changes when progress stalls, and actually another change it’s essential make to your calorie consumption from this level on.

How To Use Your Real-World Data

So as an alternative of counting on a calculator, you’re going to regulate your present calorie consumption based mostly on what your weight is or isn’t doing on the time in the true world.

For instance, in case you’re attempting to drop a few pounds and also you’re consuming 2500 energy a day however your weight has been the identical for a month… you don’t want a calculator to provide you with the “right” quantity of energy for you.

You simply have to eat 250-500 energy lower than the 2500 you’re at the moment consuming.

Simple as that.

Here’s one other instance.

Need to seek out your new upkeep degree after a fats loss part? Increase your calorie consumption by about 250 energy for each 0.5lb you’re shedding per week on the time.

So in case you’ve been shedding 1lb per week for the final 4 weeks, you’d enhance your day by day calorie consumption by about 500 energy to get fairly near your new upkeep degree.

(Why? Because there are roughly 3500 energy in 1 pound of fats, and 500 extra energy per day x 7 days = 3500.)

These are nonetheless simply estimates, and so they could typically nonetheless require further changes based mostly on what does or doesn’t occur.

But, it’s going to be considerably extra correct than any calorie calculator you discover.

Which is why utilizing a calorie calculator to provide you with an estimate when you have already got MUCH MORE ACCURATE real-world knowledge accessible is like placing coaching wheels again in your bike after you already discovered to experience it.

It’s one thing to do if you need assistance getting began. But when you’ve gotten began, it’s not one thing you ever have to do once more.

What’s Next?

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