The Best Legs And Shoulder Workout

Legs and shoulders will be two of the more durable muscle teams to construct, however oh-so-rewarding to see develop. In reality, growing muscle for the legs and shoulders is commonly the lacking piece of the puzzle for a well-rounded physique. Capped boulder shoulders, tree trunk legs, and softball calves will at all times draw consideration to your hard-earned work. Nobody needs to be the man who seems to be like he completely trains his biceps.

Unfortunately, because of genetics, these muscle teams will be tougher for some lifters to develop. But that does not imply quit and resign your self to rooster legs! It simply means they might require some additional consideration. And when you’re offering that additional consideration to every, why not simply group the 2 collectively for one muscle-building routine?

Yes, that is proper. We’re suggesting you attempt a legs and shoulder exercise.

While extra of an unconventional break up, once you prepare these non-competing muscle teams collectively, you may make critical positive factors. Don’t fear, we’ll present you tips on how to and clarify why it really works so properly.

This article will focus on:

Whether you may pair legs and shoulders collectively
Pros and cons of leg and shoulder exercises
Programming choices for leg and shoulder day
Best workouts for a leg and shoulder routine
Ultimate legs and shoulder exercise for hypertrophy and power

Ready to work these shoulder and leg muscular tissues like by no means earlier than? Let’s go!

Can I Workout Legs and Shoulders Together?

Absolutely! These muscle teams don’t compete with one another, which suggests which you can prepare them collectively with out one affecting the opposite. When figuring out whether or not you may pair sure muscular tissues on the identical coaching day, it is vital to consider how they will be labored throughout the whole routine.

For instance, your legs could also be drained from these intense dumbbell leg workouts, however their fatigue is not going to have an effect on your shoulder press, lateral increase, rear delt flies, or some other shoulder workouts it’s possible you’ll select. This means you can work each muscle teams equally laborious, regardless of each being in the identical routine. Because even when your decrease physique is fatigued, your higher physique will nonetheless really feel contemporary and able to use correct type as you goal the shoulder muscular tissues.

This opens up a world of alternative for what you are able to do with a leg and shoulder exercise. Let’s look at the professionals and cons that can assist you perceive if this can be a good match for you.

Pros of Leg and Shoulder Workouts

Let’s first focus on the professionals of performing a leg and shoulder exercise. Spoiler alert: There are some nice advantages!

1. Saves time:

Any time you may hit two muscle teams in a session, you are going to get extra out of that exercise. We will contact on this extra shortly, however be sure to are superior sufficient as a lifter to deal with this. Pairing muscle teams collectively naturally makes for a tougher routine.

Whether you’re restricted on coaching time or days or need to get a muscle group in a number of instances every week, combining the 2 is extra time efficient than having a whole day devoted to every.

2. Increases frequency:

Along with saving time, relating to how typically to coach, hitting these physique components twice weekly will get you double the shoulders and legs classes. And lifters with some expertise typically see extra outcomes from hitting a muscle group twice a week1.

legs and shoulders dumbbell workout

3. Increases work capability:

There are some ways to construction this exercise, however irrespective of the way you slice it, coaching two muscle teams will likely be extra work than one. By doing this, you’ll elevate the variety of units and reps your physique can deal with per exercise. As a muscle grows in dimension with progressive overload, your physique will be capable to take extra every session, resulting in extra general positive factors.

4. Helps construct lagging muscle teams:

If your shoulders or legs are weaker or underdeveloped, then all the advantages we simply lined will enable you to develop them. By saving time and condensing these two muscular tissues into one exercise, you may hit them a number of instances every week, making certain they develop, night out your symmetry and muscular imbalances, in addition to enhancing your fitness center efficiency.

Cons of Leg and Shoulder Workouts

The small listing of cons all roll into one common idea. If you’re a newer lifter, this can be an excessive amount of quantity to your physique to deal with.

Build your work capability first by both specializing in one muscle group at a time or hitting your whole muscular tissues with a full-body exercise that does not concentrate on as a lot quantity per muscle group. When you’re prepared to mix legs and shoulders into one exercise, thus rising your exercise frequency and depth, this routine will likely be ready for you.

Remember, including extra units and reps every week is correct progressive weight coaching, identical to including weight, so begin with what you may deal with. Too a lot is not at all times a superb factor.

It additionally could also be overwhelming to decipher tips on how to construct this exercise. Should you alternate? How do you prioritize strikes? Do you hit one muscle in its entirety earlier than the opposite?

Remember that this is not going to be mixed along with your typical leg day or shoulder day. The exercise will likely be structured in a different way to make sure you are getting outcomes. Don’t stress! We’ll go over that shortly.

shoulder and leg workout routine

Essential Considerations for Shoulder and Leg Workouts

If you’re prepared to leap into this combo exercise, then there are some issues it’s good to first contemplate. If you’re a novice lifter, preserve progressing along with your single physique half break up or a full-body routine. You may select to proceed with the shoulder and leg break up, however it’s possible you’ll need to begin along with your physique weight first.

If you want to maximize outcomes or save time by combining these two muscle teams, then let’s focus on what it is best to contemplate when planning and implementing your exercise.

shoulder level

Should You Train Legs or Shoulders first?

By now, you doubtless know that questions like this typically are answered with “it depends”. Here are a couple of concerns that can enable you to determine.

1. Which Muscle Group is Lagging extra?

An straightforward approach to decipher that is to take a look at your physique. Which of those muscle teams is lagging behind the remainder of your physique? Whichever one you determine wants somewhat extra consideration ought to be completed first.

When you get in your automobile and have a full tank of fuel, it is possible for you to to journey the farthest distance, proper? When you begin your exercise, your fuel tank is full. This is the place you determine what’s most important and prepare it when you’ve probably the most power.

If you need to construct muscle in your shoulders, begin along with your essential shoulder compound motion and so forth down your listing of shoulder workouts. If it seems to be such as you’ve been skipping leg day, it’s a protected wager to arrange for squats first to be sure to do them if you find yourself contemporary.

And don’t fret, whichever you begin with, you’ll nonetheless have some fuel within the tank to your different workouts. Keep in thoughts that over time, it is possible for you to to modify this up based mostly on what works for you or in case your objectives change.

feet shoulder width

2. Are You Currently Training Legs and Shoulders Together?

If you’ve already been coaching legs and shoulders collectively they usually’re each pretty developed, then you definately’ve bought choices. If you are equally joyful along with your muscle mass and muscular power for each teams, you may decide whichever you would like to guide with.

Or, you may even alternate which muscle group you begin with month-to-month or weekly based mostly on choice. Just take note what your final objective with this break up is when figuring out which to concentrate on first.

Other Leg and Shoulder Workout Options:

There are a number of methods you may strategy a leg and shoulder exercise. Depending on which you select, you may both add some selection to your routine or save time.

Alternating muscle teams:

This can break up the monotony of doing a number of workouts in a row for a similar muscle group. It additionally provides your muscular tissues some additional relaxation time. Let’s say you have simply completed a brutal set of squats. Your legs are fatigued, however your shoulder muscular tissues are able to go. By alternating, your legs get additional relaxation as you soar proper into your higher physique.

It will be exhausting to destroy one whole muscle group after which must go torch one other, which is why alternating works so properly.

A fast instance can be first doing rear delt workouts earlier than your again squats. By performing the strikes on this order, your shoulders will likely be good and heat, which will be useful for individuals who battle with tight shoulders and holding the barbell throughout again squats.

leg and shoulder combo exercises


If you’re on a time-crunch or are somebody who can’t sit nonetheless, supersets work rather well in a shoulder and leg exercise. This goes to let you preserve working virtually nonstop.

As we mentioned, most of those workouts is not going to have an effect on your potential to work the opposite muscle group. You’ll get into your leg beginning place, carry out your transfer after which soar proper right into a shoulder train.

The solely con to control is with compound lifts. If you discover that you’re operating out of fuel or struggling to keep up type throughout your squats or overhead presses (or whichever compound transfer you select), it’s possible you’ll need to choose a special superset. The very last thing you need is to be too fatigued to do something greater than knees barely bent throughout your squats – that is not going to get you the positive factors you are on the lookout for.

Listen to your physique and watch your efficiency to see what works greatest for you. Keep in thoughts which you can superset the whole exercise or simply a number of the isolation workouts, just like the leg press, on the finish of your session.

For instance, quad extensions adopted by lateral raises will lower down in your whole exercise time, and it is vitally doable to alternate these with little to no relaxation. To comply with the superset methodology, decide a leg train adopted instantly by a shoulder train, or vice versa, with minimal relaxation in between.

leg building

Programming Options That Include A Leg and Shoulder Day

Programming goes to have a whole lot of variables for every lifter. It will depend upon objectives, expertise, and out there time. Here are some choices for understanding the place a leg and shoulder day can match.

3-Day Split:

A 3-day break up is greatest for a more moderen lifter who can’t deal with as many days or somebody with restricted availability for exercises trying to save time. For these on this break up, your 3 days and muscle pairings would appear like this:


4-Day Split:

The 4-day break up is nice for intermediate lifters or anybody on the lookout for extra frequency and quantity for his or her legs and shoulders. Here’s an thought of how you could possibly break up up your muscle teams and coaching days:


5-Day Split:

A 5-day break up is often extra of a bodybuilding fashion break up for superior lifters who need much more frequency. Here’s what this break up may appear like:


leg and shoulder day

Best Exercises to Include in a Leg and Shoulder Routine

There are limitless workouts that are perfect for each of those muscle teams. To slender it down so you are not making an attempt to select from a protracted listing of barbell shoulder workouts, we have included the strikes that provides you with probably the most bang to your buck. The exercises we’ll get into in a second comply with a easy but efficient methodology of specializing in order of significance.

Compound workouts that work a number of muscular tissues are first, and isolation actions will spherical out the exercise towards the tip.

Leg Exercises:

Barbell Back Squats
Front Squats
Conventional Deadlifts
Romanian Deadlifts
Dumbbell Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
Dumbbell Walking Lunges
Isolation Accessory Machine Movements (Quad Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Leg Presses)
Standing or Seated Calf Raises

Shoulder Exercises:

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Standing Barbell Shoulder Press
Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press
Lateral Raises (Dumbbell or Cable)
Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs
Dumbbell Bent-Over Rear Delt Flies

legs and shoulders workout at home


We’ve bought three nice routines for you. If you are making an attempt to realize power, the strength-focused plan is for you. If you are making an attempt to construct muscle, the muscle hypertrophy program will get you greatest outcomes.

And for fitness center goers brief on time, the superset focus is strictly what you are on the lookout for. If you are performing the superset routine, begin with train 1, comply with instantly with train 2, after which take the really helpful relaxation earlier than repeating every transfer once more for the desired variety of units.

Strength Workout:



Rest time

Barbell Back Squats


2 minutes max

Barbell Romanian Deadlift


2 minutes max

DB Walking Lunge

3×10 every leg

1 minute max

Barbell Shoulder Press


2 minutes max

DB Arnold Press

3×10 every arm

1 minute max

DB Lateral Raise


1 minute max

Hypertrophy Workout:



Rest time

Front Squats


2 minutes max

Barbell Romanian Deadlift


2 minutes max

Bulgarian Split Squats

2×10 per leg

1 minute max

Quad Extensions


45 seconds max

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl


45 seconds max

Standing DB Shoulder Press


1:30 max

Cable Lateral Raises


30 seconds max

Plate Overhead Raises


30 seconds max

Push-Ups and Bodyweight Squats Ladder

1 rep of every, constantly as much as 10 of every

No relaxation

Time Saver Superset Workout:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Sets/Reps for every

Rest Time

Goblet Squat

Standing DB Shoulder Press

3×10 for every train

1:30 max

DB Romanian Deadlift

DB Lateral Raises

3×8 and 3×12

1 minute max

DB Step Ups

DB Front Raises

2×8 every leg and 3×12

1 minute max

DB Back Lunge

DB Shrugs

2×8 every leg and 2×10 sluggish tempo reps

1 minute max

Quad Extension Machine

Band Shoulder Press

2xFail for every train

No Rest

Lying Hamstring Curls

Push Ups

2xFail for every train

No Rest

Legs and Shoulders: The Muscle Pairing Dream Team

Whew. That went as quick as supersetting legs and shoulders. You now have the information, workouts, exercise break up choices, and applications to soundly and successfully mix these muscle teams for excellent outcomes. Just keep in mind your intentions for combining these strikes into one routine, and also you’ll be capable to decide one of the best plan for you.



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Dankel SJ, Mattocks KT, Jessee MB, et al. Frequency: The Overlooked Resistance Training Variable for Inducing Muscle Hypertrophy? Sports Medicine. 2016;47(5):799-805. doi:10.1007/s40279-016-0640-8

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