What Happens When You Stop Taking Creatine?

Results-driven dietary supplements are nice, however one of many greatest fears many lifters have is shedding all their muscle beneficial properties as soon as they cease taking them. Creatine, a beloved product within the power and conditioning world, is a kind of dietary supplements.

It’s nice if you’re taking it every day, however what occurs if you cease? Are your outcomes gone inside a couple of weeks? Or, does your physique maintain on to the beneficial properties you made when taking creatine?

Let’s talk about. This put up will cowl:

Creatine: What it’s and the way it works
Whether taking creatine causes water weight acquire
Do you lose the advantages of creatine if you cease taking it?
How a lot creatine do you want for outcomes?
How lengthy are you able to safely take creatine? 

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound saved in skeletal muscle within the type of creatine phosphate. Additionally, smaller quantities are discovered within the mind and testes.

Without supplementing with creatine, the typical particular person will eat 1-2 grams of creatine every day, primarily present in pink meat and fish¹. In addition, one other 1-2 grams of your individual creatine is synthesized internally by the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine throughout pure creatine manufacturing.

Before supplementing, an individual’s pure creatine shops are round 100 to 120 mmol per kg of physique weight, equating to their creatine ranges being simply 60-80% full. This means there’s actually room for extra creatine shops, ideally resulting in extra muscle beneficial properties as you sort out your 7-day exercise break up.

How Does Creatine Work?

Creatine phosphate is utilized by the ATP-CP/Phophagen metabolic system to assist resynthesize the high-energy compound ATP. Known as adenosine triphosphate (triphosphate= 3 phosphates), ATP is the physique’s “energy currency” and is used to produce vitality for a number of reactions, processes, and muscle contractions.

During high-intensity actions corresponding to lifting weights and HIIT exercises, the physique requires ATP quick to gas the muscular tissues. To present vitality, ATP goes by a response through which considered one of its phosphate molecules breaks off. This creates vitality together with one other compound generally known as adenosine diphosphate (diphopshate= 2 phosphates).

At this level, creatine phosphate is used to supply considered one of its phosphate teams to ADP, thus turning into one other molecule of ATP.

does creatine water retention go away

What Does Creatine Supplementation Do?

The majority of individuals’s creatine ranges are beneath their most ranges. This may be the results of quite a few elements, but an individual’s weight loss plan usually performs a big half.

Regardless, taking probably the greatest creatine dietary supplements fills these creatine ranges to 100% full. As a end result, the physique is ready to higher stand up to strenuous train in addition to carry out extra work.

People normally see speedy weight acquire in the course of the first month of supplementing, which equates to 1-2kg. After that, the burden acquire turns into much less drastic and evens out.

What Is Creatine Loading?

The advantages of a creatine complement don’t happen till the creatine degree begins to rise. While you may simply take a small dose of three grams every day, this might take a complete month.

This is why when somebody first begins taking creatine, it is really helpful they comply with a loading protocol. By doing so, they’re able to get their shops full shortly and begin reaping the advantages.

Most sports activities researchers will recommend a 5-7 day interval through which an individual takes 20-25 grams per day². This may be damaged up into smaller doses as nicely.

Does Taking Creatine Cause Weight Gain?

Many individuals are involved that creatine causes weight acquire. We will go over this extra beneath however for now, sure. This is because of extra muscle mass together with water retention.

However, we promise this is not a nasty factor. In reality, it contributes to muscle fullness. We’ll clarify quickly.

how to get rid of creatine water weight

Does Taking Creatine Help With Fat Loss?

There are many nice dietary supplements accessible that can assist you burn fats, however creatine just isn’t considered one of them – at the very least in a roundabout way. While fats loss and an improved physique fats proportion normally accompany creatine ingestion, and we do suggest taking creatine whereas reducing, this is because of greater work output and weight loss plan.

Benefits Of Taking Creatine Supplements

Above we spoke of how taking the dietary supplements boosts your creatine ranges. That’s what occurs physiologically. Due to this modification of creatine ranges, the physique can carry out at a better degree. It’s this greater depth that yields outcomes.

Just a few of the widespread results of creatine supplementation embody elevated muscle hypertrophy and power beneficial properties, improved physique composition, higher endurance, and a capability to generate a better workload².

Does Creatine Ingestion Cause Water Retention?

A standard “myth” that’s perpetuated with a creatine monohydrate complement is that your weight acquire is definitely simply water weight. There is a few reality to this, however it’s misunderstood.

Creatine is an osmotic compound, that means it attracts water into cells. Being that 95% of creatine is saved within the muscle, creatine will draw water into the muscle cells. For instance, a research measuring the degrees of whole physique water, in addition to intracellular and extracellular water ranges after the usage of creatine, discovered that individuals gained 0.9 liters of whole physique water³.

However, when this was in contrast with intracellular water retention, the ratio remained the identical. And after the loading section and upkeep phases have been accomplished, the individuals gained weight by growing their physique mass.

The ISSN’s stand on supplementation notes the same response². While it’s possible you’ll acquire water weight throughout creatine loading, in the long term this typically evens out to match the acquire in physique mass.

Water Weight Gain Is Actually Good

It’s vital to notice that water weight from creatine is not essentially a nasty factor. Keep in thoughts that the muscle is 79% water anyway, so that you need it to be hydrated.

Further tremendous hydrated muscular tissues have been discovered to be extra anabolic (learn up on anabolic vs. catabolic right here) and extra immune to strenuous train. At the tip of the day, the water weight concern should not actually be a priority in any respect.

What Happens When You Stop Taking Creatine?

So this leaves us to the principle level of this text: What will occur if you cease taking creatine? Will the entire progress you made throughout your 6-day break up disappear?

Pause for dramatic impact.

Sorry, that is going to be anticlimactic, however it’s actually not a serious deal.

There are a couple of results that could be of concern. That mentioned, folks will reply very in another way, so hold that in thoughts. Here are a couple of potential issues to maintain a watch out for.

1. Your Creatine Levels Drop.

Obviously, the very first thing we will assure will occur is that your ranges of creatine saved are going to drop right down to the unique ranges. However, this doesn’t drop in a single day. Not even shut.

A research analyzing this discovered that after taking 5 grams of creatine for 10 weeks, individuals’ ranges have been nonetheless barely elevated after 4 weeks⁴.

2. Decreased Creatine Intake May Cause A Loss In Muscle Strength.

Because power is pushed by neurological elements, it is arduous to say how a lot muscle it’s possible you’ll lose or what it means for muscle weak spot. In the research talked about above, no power was misplaced throughout your complete 4 weeks of no supplementation. This means we have now no purpose to consider the beneficial properties you made throughout your power coaching program will disappear.

We’ll talk about this extra beneath together with lack of muscle.

3. It presumably Decreases Muscle Mass.

Similar to shedding power, it is arduous to say if you’ll lose lean muscle mass. But, the muscle measurement will seemingly seem smaller on account of shedding the water weight acquire.

A loss in muscle tissue happens for a couple of different causes as nicely, together with low-calorie diets and sickness.

While you may lose muscle mass on account of a lower in coaching, this really takes a really very long time, assuming you are still coaching with depth. The mechanisms to construct muscle are far more troublesome to attain than simply sustaining.

For instance, this research discovered that resistance-trained people have been capable of preserve skeletal muscle and muscular power for 32 weeks with coaching as soon as per week⁵!

Therefore, it is arduous for us to consider you are actually going to drop a considerable quantity of lean muscle mass any time quickly after quitting creatine supplementation. Therefore, hold coaching arduous, and it’s best to preserve that muscle acquire. Don’t neglect to eat meals for muscle as nicely.

4. You’ll lose Body Weight.

As talked about, with decreased creatine manufacturing, you are going to drop some weight, however it will largely be partially on account of a loss in water weight. When you’re taking creatine monohydrate, greater quantities are saved within the muscular tissues.

Due to their osmotic nature, they trigger extra water retention within the cells. When you cease, these creatine ranges drop together with water weight.

5. It Possibly Decreases Activation In Creatine Transport.

Excessive, steady ingestion of creatine has been discovered to presumably have a destructive impact in your creatine transport system, that means that there’s potential it may cut back pure creatine manufacturing. Well, not your creatine transport system particularly, however the research discovered this led to decrease pure creatine manufacturing in rats.

Rats are generally utilized in research earlier than people, in order that’s not too unusual and positively not the research’s fault. However, utilizing these research to extrapolate to people is a matter. And we should always notice that this research particularly mentioned that no dangerous results of any kind, together with decrease activation of creatine transport programs, have been present in humans⁶.

creatine withdrawal

How To Decrease Any Loss Of Benefits

One research examined the results of creatine cessation on older males, 83 years old⁷. Participants adopted a coaching plan for 12 weeks whereas taking creatine, then following 12 weeks of coaching with 33% lowered quantity.

During the second 12 weeks, some males give up supplementing whereas the opposite group continued. After, they found that no lower in power or lack of muscle mass was present in both group and there was the same lower in muscular endurance.

This appears to recommend that sustaining coaching is vital and that sustaining is far simpler than gaining. Again, this was an older demographic so it will not be apples-to-apples, however the outcomes appear to point that persevering with coaching is vital. 

Can You Take Creatine Supplements Forever?

Despite what many naysayers will declare, there have been quite a few long-term research starting from 5 to 10 plus years which have seemed on the security of creatine². Most of those have been completed with creatine monohydrate and have concluded no severe long-term results are related to supplementation.

Further, creatine has been utilized in nearly each inhabitants you may consider:

And so on…

Creatine supplementation has proven no unwell results in any of those teams.

A group that completely should not be taking creatine long-term is these with kidney points. And should you ever have any issues with taking a complement, all the time converse along with your physician first.

How Much Creatine Should You Take If You Don’t Want To Stop?

If you resolve that as a substitute of stopping, you wish to take creatine long-term, there are a number of ideas given. One suggestion is that it’s best to cycle creatine. However, there is no arduous proof to again this or recommend a biking schedule to comply with.

We spoke to Dr. Jose Antonio from ISSN, and his ideas lined up with our inclination that it does not make sense to cycle creatine. Instead of getting fixed fluctuations in your creatine ranges, he steered taking a smaller dose as a substitute.

While 5 grams a day may fit initially or for the short-term, it is an excessive amount of and never wanted should you plan to make use of it chronically. Therefore, Dr. Antonio steered taking a decrease dose of three grams, or presumably even decrease for smaller people. Pair your smaller doses with an efficient program, and we wager you’ll enhance your muscular power.

what happens when you stop creatine

How To Mitigate Adverse Effects From Creatine

First, regardless of what some sources attempt to declare, there are only a few adversarial results on people. That mentioned, there are a couple of. The mostly reported are gastrointestinal misery, water weight acquire, and creatine bloating.

None of those are ultimate, however we already defined the difficulty with water weight acquire. When it involves the opposite two, they’re typically accompanied when people load with excessive doses.

Even those that do expertise destructive results report them subsiding as soon as they start a decrease dose. If you are involved about these results, you may simply begin with a decrease dose to start with, skipping the loading section completely. It might take longer to fill your ranges however you will not really feel dangerous.

Creatine Supplementation Vs. Anabolic Steroids

The impact of creatine supplementation just isn’t the identical as taking steroids. This contains the results after stopping,

While creatine does assist improve muscle measurement and muscle power, it does so inside your genetic potential. What this implies is that you possibly can improve your creatine naturally by dialing in your weight loss plan, consuming the very best meals earlier than a exercise and after a exercise, and maximizing your potential.

However, steroids take your hormone ranges waaaaay previous regular. Therefore, if you cease, it is unimaginable to take care of your acquire. This is assuming you skilled previous your pure means. This is as a result of as a substitute of maximizing you are potential, you are growing your potential.

Stopping Creatine: Our Final Suggestions

If you wish to take a break from creatine or simply cease altogether, by all means. However, if you wish to cease on account of supposed water retention that causes weight acquire, we would recommend you rethink it.

If you acquire weight, you may relaxation assured it isn’t fats. You’ll really discover a rise in arm measurement in addition to higher efficiency. Prepare to progressive overload!

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what happens to muscles when you stop taking creatine


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